Honey Garlic Chicken Instant Pot| Easy and QUICK

hi i’m Debra and i have a great honey garlic chicken recipe for y’all today! I love this recipe because not only does
it taste wonderful but it also has only four ingredients, so I’m so excited to share this with you
and we are gonna get started. Let’s first share what our ingredients are
we’re gonna have: a half of a large white onion, we’re going to use three teaspoons
of minced garlic, we are going to use a half a cup (120ml) of honey and a quarter cup (60ml) of
soy sauce. That’s about it! I need a little bit of oil to saute my onions
with the garlic, and I need a little bit of salt for the chicken prep, that’s it,
so let’s get started by sauteing our onions. After we do that then we’ll put
all the ingredients in and we’ll pressure cook and we’ll have dinner
ready. Okay yes and I know there are tons of tricks to avoid the watering eyes
while you’re chopping onion but who’s got time for that? I know, so I just
chop and deal with it and hope my mascara doesn’t run. So okay that’s it
1/2 a large white onion and I’m going to put my instant pot to saute, and it’s on
medium and we don’t need to worry about the time because we’re just
gonna saute for the amount of time to cook down these onions with the garlic.
so I’m going to add a couple of tablespoons, 1 to 2 tablespoons or so of
olive oil…. all right I’m just gonna stir all of this in and you just want to make
sure you have enough oil to cover your onion to cook it in. You can always add a
little bit more if you need to. About 3 teaspoons of minced garlic. This dish
with the soy sauce likes garlic so I don’t go too shy on that, it’s gonna
really have a great flavor combination, so then once the garlic’s in there
you’re gonna really want to stir it so that your garlic doesn’t burn because
the garlic can burn fairly easily. So one of the things I love about this recipe
like most of the recipes I share with you all is that I’m able to pull
things from the pantry. I don’t have to go get any kind of gourmet anything
extra. This is such a simple honey garlic chicken! If you have some soy sauce on
hand some garlic and some honey chicken you’re good!
so it doesn’t require twenty other ingredients for a delicious tasting
Asian fare. So at this point my onions are basically where I want them to be
I’m gonna hit cancel on my instant pot to turn off that saute but it’s going to
stay hot, so while it’s hot I’m just gonna kind of push everything over to
the side here, so doesn’t cook too much. So there’s like that and now we’re
going to do… we’re gonna butterfly the chicken breasts. And by that I simply
mean we’re just opening your chicken breasts. it just needs to be kind of thinner but not
crazy thin and the reason we want to do that is so we’ll be able to cook it
quickly without drying it out. And so first I rinsed and patted dry I’ll just
double check is it pretty dry. So I’m working with about two pounds of chicken
breasts, and this is such a quick thing and it’s such a great thing to do.
Butterflying it out allows you to you know to have more surface
area of the chicken to take on the flavors I also butterfly whenever I do…. like ….you
know…. grilled chicken on the panini or whatever on the panini grill, because it
cooks faster and it doesn’t dry out the chicken. So just kind of open it a little
and take your knife and just gently cut down and it will open up for you while
you’re slicing it okay so there’s our chicken. We’re gonna just put a little
salt I don’t measure it, I just kind of just give it a little
generous sweeping of salt over that. Then I’m gonna give a nice rub and you’ll
notice in the bottom of your pot that it’s turned a little bit brown. When you
do this so which is totally fine you’re just gonna use your spoon to kind of
scrape up those bits. This adds to the flavor. So good… okay
all right, turn this back on and hit we’re already on saute. The pot remembers where
you were so we just hit start again and then… here we go…
this is such a simple thing, two steps really easy and if you’re not
comfortable with butterflying you can do that before you get started. So
they’re ready to go. We are not going to leave this on sear for too long, we
just want to sear the outside. We’re not looking to cook the chicken through
we’re just doing a quick sear so as soon as you see that it’s kind of cooked a
little bit on the outside you’re gonna flip it. Let the other side get seared
up and if it’s too crowded in there you can move them around . Do what you
need to do just to get that nice seared outside on both sides so that’s almost
done. It’s really like maybe a minute and a half or so and not even maybe a minute
or two on each side of the chicken. That’s it, now I press cancel and I’m
ready to add my other ingredients. I’m just going to use my spoon to make sure
nothing else is stuck to the bottom. Now I’m going to make sure I’ve got all my
onions down and where I want them okay so we now are going to add our honey and
our soy sauce. I am so excited to share this with y’all. it’s so good my kids
gobbled this up! The onions cook so tender that you know they’re in there
but your kids don’t my kids didn’t even see them and the
flavors! Just these few ingredients is all it needs
you don’t need tons and tons of extra spices and other things to pull
out a really great flavor. The next step is the soy sauce and the other
thing I love about this recipe is, I’m not adding any other liquid, this is it.
so just spread that in there. I’m wearing white and I’m just pouring soy sauce
that was brave right ? Okay now we are going to only cook this on high
for 10 minutes because we pre-seared the chicken, we’ve got it somewhat cooked, we
only need to go 10 minutes on this so I’m going to move my selection to
pressure-cook which is your manual and make sure you are on 10 minutes so it’s on
pressure cook. Hit your enter button as long as you’re on 10 and high you’re
good to go. We’re gonna hit start, don’t forget to
hit start and make sure you’re in sealing. Look at that! It was set on venting so we’re in sealing now. Even the ultra sometimes needs a little check.
Hit start and when this is done in two minutes we’ll show you what we’ve got. I am gonna add one other ingredient to thicken up our sauce and show you this
delicious honey garlic chicken. All right after our quick release we are going to
open it up. Smells so good! I guessed that! It’s completely worth it
because this is the make-it-or-break-it on this dish.
So I’m pulling the chicken out and I’m going to add a touch of cornstarch. You
can use whatever thickening agent you like but cornstarch I like to use it.
doesn’t require very much and it thickens the sauce, so 2 teaspoons of
cornstarch in a little bit of water cornstarch is funny, you’ve got to put
it in cold water first or you’ll never un-clump it in your hot liquid. We do need
the heat for this to thicken up so I’m gonna go ahead and put this back on
saute for just a minute. Look how pretty that is
oh my goodness look it’s perfectly cooked. Look at that! And it is juicy, not
dry, browned on the outside and in a minute we’re going to plate this with the
thicker sauce and I’m gonna plate it with some brown rice because I
personally think that this dish goes really well with whole grain
brown rice. So once this sauce starts really getting, you know, boiling, kind of
like a high simmer, you want to make sure you’re really stirring it well so we
don’t get it stuck we don’t want it to burn. It doesn’t take very long for it to
thicken but you do want to pay attention to it while it’s getting to the right
consistency. Okay once the sauce is thickened up and you can tell because
you’re… when you’re stirring in here…. you can see it kind of because there’s kind
of a “ribbon” effect as you’re moving it around. Then you want to go ahead and
cancel your saute, and then we’re gonna add our chicken.
if you don’t do rice you’ve got a perfectly… you know … beautiful chicken
that you can serve with simply the drizzling of the sauce over it and
whatever other side that you like. I’m going to show it to you both ways if
you like rice with your honey garlic chicken, like I said, the whole grain
brown rice I recommend, I’m going to show you that . When I serve it on rice I go
ahead and cut it up. I love the color of this chicken. It’s beautiful!
Okay so there we go and this, my friends, is honey garlic chicken with just a few
simple ingredients, a couple minutes or so of some prep time and dinner ready to
go! Stay home eat in eat homemade, this you can do! It’s delicious!
Okay let’s give this a try this is worthy of staying home and
eating this. I’d choose this over going out for Chinese. This is delicious
Wow! So a few ingredients and you have this honey garlic chicken made at home.
If you do make it let me know, leave me a comment, let me know how it goes. If
you’re new here, please subscribe, hit that red button and don’t forget to ring the
bell to be notified of our future episodes. My name is Debra, my channel
is The Last Minute Cook. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll catch you next

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