Hot Dog Sandwich

Mmm-hmm, check out this hot dog sandwich.
This may be the easiest hot dog sandwich recipe you have ever seen. Hi folks it’s
Mike with Kitchen Tips OnLine, the place where the smartest people on YouTube
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in the kitchen. And to my subscribers I’d like to say, welcome back guys ♥ On this
video I’m gonna show you how to make an easy hot dog sandwich recipe. And this
hot dog sandwich is so delicious, I bet it’s gonna become a family favorite. Now
those of you who are regular subscribers have already seen the videos on the best
way to cook hot dogs in a frying pan, and the best way to cook hot dogs on the
grill. On this video, I’m going to demonstrate my hot dog sandwich recipe.
And you may just stop buying hot dog buns after this. We’re going to begin by
toasting some regular sandwich bread. Now you can use ciabatta bread, or some fancy
bread if you want, but sandwich bread works fine for me. We’re gonna take our
hot dogs, these are inexpensive hot dogs by the way, we’re gonna take the hot dogs
and we’re going to slice them in half so that the inside of the hotdog is exposed
to the heat. Notice how I sliced the ends of the
hotdogs all the way through, and then I make a slice about halfway through the
center of the hotdog. Splitting the hotdogs in half like this
allows us to put the inside of the hotdog directly on the grill or griddle.
This allows the fat that’s inside the hotdog to come in direct contact with
the heat. And that causes it to melt and caramelize, bumping up the flavor of our
inexpensive hotdogs. We’re gonna cook our hot dogs on this Cuisinart rectangular
griddle. Then we’re gonna use this heavy-duty cast iron grill press to
smoosh the hot dogs down. This reduces the cooking time and also makes them
nice and crispy on the bottom. Yeah you guessed it, it’s available on our website
store♥ While our sandwich bread is toasting, we’re gonna mix a little butter and some
garlic salt. Now you can use garlic powder if you want, just remember a
little bit goes a long way. You should probably taste it before you
add too much. Now it’s time to flip our hotdogs over, and keep in mind that most
hot dogs sold in the United States are already fully cooked. This means that you
don’t have to burn them to a crisp to make sure they’re safe. Just check the
package and make sure you see the words, fully cooked, before you eat one right
out of the package. Once you’re satisfied the hot dogs are ready to go, add some of
the garlic butter to one side of the bread. Then you can add some cheese.
Whatever kind you like, we’re gonna use Kraft American singles simulated cheese. The next step is to layer the hotdogs on
top of the cheese, then you can add some more cheese to the top of that. Because
obviously you can’t have too much cheese! Add some garlic butter to the other
toasted piece of bread and put it on top. Then you can give it another minute or
so to make sure that the cheese is melted and the toast is nice and crispy
on the outside. We’ll put the hamburger press back on to smush everything down
so that we wind up with essentially a hotdog grilled cheese sandwich. Well
there you go folks, now you know how to make a delicious hot dog grilled cheese
sandwich. And if you think we did a good job on this video, a thumbs up would
certainly be appreciated, thank you very much. And if you’re not a subscriber and
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