How Safe Are Electric Pressure Cookers

hi folks it’s Mike from, with the answer to a question that a lot of folks have, are electric pressure cookers safe? And if so, are they safer than the old-style pressure cooker that you put on top of the stove . You might be asking yourself, what makes me qualified to answer those two questions? Well I can tell you this, I worked in the appliance repair and parts business for 30-plus years. I worked for a large appliance manufacturer at one point, where I trained technicians from Costa Rica to Seattle and most parts in between. In addition to that I worked as an instructor in the Florida public school system where I trained raw technicians from the ground up how to repair appliances. On your screen now is an old-style pressure cooker. It requires an external heat source to do the cooking. Now these old-style pressure cookers need to vent through the entire cooking cycle. And that’s because the elements beneath it has the potential to build up a lot of pressure if it didn’t vent. And if it did vent the potential is you could build up enough pressure inside to create a very serious problem in the kitchen. On your screen now you see an electric pressure cooker. This one happens to be an instant pot, but all electric pressure cookers work the same. Electric pressure cookers have an internal heat source that is not near as powerful as the cooking element on a typical stovetop. Therefore we don’t have to worry about an electric pressure cooker building up too much pressure. Mostly because the element isn’t powerful enough, but also because there are many built-in safeguards. Electric pressure cookers have multiple safety thermostats in them. And temperature sensitive thermostats that in the event of any kind of failure, those thermostats interrupt the electricity to the element. The bottom line is, if you own an electric pressure cooker, it happens to be one of the safest appliances in your kitchen. Well there you go folks, now you know electric pressure cookers are extremely safe and much better suited for folks with busy lives. Now if you learn something today, I invite you to subscribe so that when we post another video, you will be notified. Thanks for watching ♥

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  1. Get My Tips says:

    Are you thinking about getting an electric pressure? Watching this video will answer most of your questions. If you know someone who is afraid of pressure cookers, you might want to share this video with them. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks ♥

  2. Sixstringer Xx says:

    Thank you for your video. My wife and i were a little weary of buying a electric pressure cooker, but with you video we feel that we would be comfortable with getting one now. Thanks again👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Oliver Timonera says:

    Can you pressure cook without liquid? For example, chicken wings with dry rub seasoning. To be deep-fried after.

  4. TehVirus says:

    Informative and straight to the point! I've been interested in the Instant Pot brand for awhile, but was worried about any potential pressure mishaps, which seems more common for the classic stovetop cookers. Thanks for clearing that up! Makes me want to get an Instant Pot even more!

  5. Kent Harris says:

    You being an Appliance repair trainer. What type of Microprocessor or Micro-Controller does the Instant Pot use? I used to be in the HP Printer repair business and the HP P4015 uses a Motorola ColdFire 5e 540 MHz Microprocessor which cost about $30.00. Some Microwave ovens use the Intel 8051, 8 bit Micro-controller, 11.0592 MHz which costs about $1.86.

  6. Sashine B. says:

    I have a Lagostina 9-litre pressure cooker (stovetop) that I really like. But every now and then, I hear of cookers exploding, including an incident this week in Australia, and also in America with the electric ones (Tristar). Thankfully, I've never had any incidents, and I use mine often.

  7. unconteur says:

    Thanks for the vid! I was wondering about safety… on one hand all food I've tried made from pressure cookers has been AMAZING, but on the other, my mother passed on to me her paranoia of potential danger. Now I'll actually consider buying one!

  8. CodeNameBravo says:

    I worked as a rocket scientist a geologist a historian and even trained students in MIT a gas engineer and believe it or not a lion tamer.

  9. supernana says:

    Thank you so much. I love my pressure cooker but Im so scared of it my whole family laughs every time I use it. Thanks for easing my mind.

  10. reekaree says:

    great, thank u for this! that instant pot is the todays special value on qvc right now, amazing deal but i was wary, u helped me decide so thank u 🙂

  11. Ranoucha bee says:

    thank you very much for this video

  12. JOHN MENUIS says:

    Your qualifications are not important. All that is important is are electric pressure cooker safe? Yes or no and why.

  13. Rachael Kobin says:

    Very good video, answered my questions, thank you!

  14. Tarah Thomas says:

    Can it b plug into a power strip or no it shud b same plug as refrig I don't have counter near plug can b used on stove sit there or no thanks

  15. Tarah Thomas says:

    Can i plug up pressure cooker into a power strip or do it have b directly in the wall also i don't have counter by the 1 plug in the kitchen i have microwave and stove can it sit on eother 1 of those or no thanks ..if not i may need to return it smh

  16. Tarah Thomas says:

    Im having a time determining wjere i can sit it safely there is no plug by my counter .i know it say don't use extension and umm a powerstrip i have but it's by microwave i also can plug in wall i assume the same plug for refrig is ok ?but can ot sit on microwave or not so thankyou i really need to know

  17. Tarah Thomas says:

    Thanks !!!alot that helps i know it gets hot but i wasnt sure if it gets hot like to the touch outside of the unit and wud like damage something ..i omow om stove it wudnt b flat ok yea i wudnt use at same time yes my refrig in the wall and the microwave in powerstrip i wasnt sure if cud use cooker in a strip or if it had to be certain kimd of power strip cause of the voltage i was reading about 120 v AC and all that i guess i cud plug it in wall ti there by microwave to huh ?hmm well they r taken up anyway so I m glad power strip is good ..thanks i have a bella pro series i just got .i hoping it is a good one thanks fir help if i have any other questions i will ask thanls again

  18. Vernon MacDonald says:

    thankyou for you video

  19. Ambers favorite hobby says:

    Thank you!!!

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