How To Boil Rice Perfectly | How To Cook Rice In a Pot By Draining Method | Basic Cooking

keep a wok with 5 cups/1 liter of water on high heat and let the water come to a rolling boil once the water starts to a boil put in the rice this is 1 cup of rice washed a few times and soaked in water for 15 minutes, the soaking water discarded before putting it in the wok reduce the heat to low-medium also put in the juice of 1/2 a lemon lemon juice helps to maintain the white color of the rice also add 1/2 tsp salt salt helps to cook the rice faster as well as flavor it a little stir to mix add about 1/2 tsp oil this will prevent the rice from becoming sticky mix again and let the rice cook check after 3 minutes we will keep checking the rice 2-3 times while it is cooking in this way cook the rice until it is completely cooked checking after 6 minutes the rice needs a couple of minutes more of cooking after 8-9 minutes our rice is 80% cooked. since we are preparing lemon rice with this rice we will strain out the water if you are cooking rice to have with dal or any gravy then cook for a couple of minutes more until it is fully cooked for lemon rice, fried rice, biryani or pulao you need rice about 80% cooked so you can take it off the heat it at this time remove the rice and drain out the water stir gently a few times and the spread it on a tray then keep it under a running fan to cool it fast and prevent it from getting over cooked once the rice is cold transfer to a plate and use it as you wish we are going to prepare lemon rice with this rice. the lemon rice video link will be uploaded in 2 days do try our method of boiling/cooking rice by draining method and give your feedback if you like the video please share it and subscribe to our channel. press the bell icon so you get our new video notifications. thanks for watching have boiled rice with any gravy but in that case, you will need it to cook a bit more until it is completely soft since we are preparing lemon rice we have cooked it until it is 80% done thank you for watching

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