How to Can Fruits & Vegetables : Tips on Using a Pressure Cooker for Home Canning

The most important element for canning is
a pressure cooker. It is so because the way a pressure cooker seals when you put it on
your stove. It will build up pressure inside that will mean higher temperature for what
is cooking inside. When proper pressure is reached, the little top on the pressure cooker
will whistle. You will know at that moment that you have reached the highest temperature
that you can get, and it’s higher than what you can get on a normal pot. This is important
because we want to get rid of all the bacteria in our food when we’re doing preserve because
if we have any bacteria left, it will multiply and grow and, well, ruin our preserve. In
normal cooking that is so important because we eat the food immediately. But if we’re
going to be keeping something for weeks or months or years, it’s important that we
get rid of all the bacteria. The higher temperatures that you can reach with your pressure cooker
is going to make that possible.

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  1. Shannon Williams says:

    Thank you for explaining that!

  2. ka7wyf says:

    138551 vids??? wow man, does youtube take good care of u?????

  3. Mey Love says:

    This pressure canner was very easy to use!>>> All parts included, shipped on time as expected. This has a bit of weight to it so when using on glass tops be careful. It looks and feels built to last.?

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