How To: Chili for Two

Today we’re going to make chili for two.
As I mentioned in the grocery store, beans are a very very great source of protein and
fiber. So canned beans can contain a lot of extra sodium but what you can do if you’re
going to use canned beans if you open the can and you place them in a colander and rinse
water over them to get rid of some of that extra salt. Or if you’re going to use dry
beans you have to soak them usually overnight so they’re soft enough. So right here I
have a half cup of black beans and a half cup of chickpeas or garbanzo beans. I’ve
already done the meat ahead of time to save us some time. So I used extra lean ground
turkey which is very very low in fat. This whole recipe is 240 calories, 2 grams of fat
and 9 grams of fiber, so very very high in fiber. So what I’ve done here is I’ve
already done step one which is cooking the ground turkey and adding the onion. So all
we’re going to do now is combine everything into a pan and heat it. So let’s turn on
the heat here. So we’ve got the turkey with the onion. We’ve got the salsa which salsa
can be a little higher in salt but that’s why we’re not adding any additional salt
to this recipe. And the salsa is going to kind of act as the base to this chili. And
the great thing about making a small portion of chili is that if you’re living alone
or if you’re living with just one other person, you can make this chili for two people
and you don’t have to make some whole Crockpot of chili that you’re not going to eat or
it’s going to be hard to save. So this is a great recipe for a small amount. So we’re
going to add the beans in there add the tomato, stir that up. And then we have cayenne pepper
to season it. Now you might not need that if you don’t like spice, I like things real
spicy so I’m going to add that in. But if you don’t like too much spice you don’t
have to add the cayenne. And now we’re just going to let this heat until its pretty hot
and steamy then we’re going to serve it up. Ok, so we have everything heated up here
and because we cooked that turkey ahead of time you’re not waiting on anything that
needs to cook. You’re just waiting until it’s just heated all the way through. So
as I mentioned this is two servings and I’m going to put half of it into a bowl here.
And like I said, one serving is 240 calories, 9 grams of fiber and 2 grams of fat. So there’s
half of it there. And we will try this. Tastes great, it definitely has some kick to it.
So if you don’t like spice you might not want to add that cayenne pepper. Thanks.

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