How To Clean Enamel Cast Iron Pots And Pans

how to clean enamel cast iron pots and pans cleaning care tips tricks what is safe to use on enamel cast iron to clean remove burned on food how to care for enamel cast iron how to wash cast iron hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper do you have enamel cast iron pots or pans well they have all the great cooking qualities of cast iron without some of the cleaning dilemmas that we face when we use cast iron you need to always cool cast iron before you try to clean it a and then are allowed to use warm soapy water which is nice because you are not supposed to do that with regular cast iron pots and pans but things still get stuck in here how do you get them off well you are allowed to use a nylon scrubby or a nylon brush don’t ever use scouring pad or anything abrasive or metallic because you can damage the enamel finish and then your enameled cast iron pot doesn’t work very well so you can see that I have some stains and stuck on food on this enamel cast iron because I just cooked some onions and peppers in this so I am going to show you how to get these things out of my pan clean the cast iron without damaging it you can try it to clean your enamel cast iron one of the problems of cast iron in a white sink is that when I put metallic things down in here it makes icky black marks so I always put it on a cloth when I am getting ready to clean it fill it with soapy water and scrub it around and try to remove the stuck on bits and grits of food scrub and release all that you can let it soak for a little while and scrub you can see that took most of it off so now I am going to scrub it with baking soda scrub it some more use a soft sponge never use steel wool on enamel cast iron if you still have stuck and burned on food on your enamel cast iron add some water get it dissolved put the pan on the stove and heat it up for a few minutes scrub with a brush but do not allow the brush to melt everything should get loosened up let it boil and simmer for a few minutes and turn it off let is soak then allow it to cool rinse there you have a clean enameled cast iron pan clean and ready to cook again I have had this pan for many years so you can see it has a few scratches and a few dings remember to just use wooden utensils or plastic utensils on your enamel cast iron cookware metal will scratch the enamel don’t bang or drop it you can use it on an electric stove gas stove ceramic stove in the oven use to marinate leave them in the refrigerator get them out and put them into the oven to continue cooking not recommended that you should not use enamel on the barbecue the enamel do not use to cook outdoors it will damage them on the barbecue or campfire use regular cast iron for outdoor cooking try these tips to clean your enamel cast iron cookware learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

11 comments on “How To Clean Enamel Cast Iron Pots And Pans”

  1. Zoy Vegan says:

    hi! I love your videos. I want to know what's the size of the skillet. what kind of meals have you cooked in it? inspiration? 🙂 thanks!

  2. Charlot123 says:

    Pots and pins…..Americans;)

  3. trudaroof says:

    Grany????? She looks hot to me.

  4. Shelly Stephen says:

    I made a mistake of running my hot pot under cold water it cased hair line cracks in my pot….is my pot still safe to use.

  5. Charles Kenyon says:

    I have a cast iron grill and have not been able to get it to clean. These bits of food were cooked on at over 500 degrees. Thank you for the ideas. By the way, you can use these on induction stovetops as well.

  6. Vividly Variegated says:

    My lovely (and clean) neighbours left a beautiful yet lightly stained Cuisinart enamel pot in the hallway, and I happily lugged it home. They are major meat-eaters, and I mostly eat an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, so I wanted to remove most of the "critter" residue. I tried many of the suggested methods, and "Alaska Granny" has the right idea. Perfect results came from:
    4 tbsp liquid oxygen bleach + 3 tbsp baking soda + 1/4 freshly cut lemon + scrubbing.
    Lemon seemed to be the missing link, and I squeezed the heck out of it, and pressed the rind along the stained surfaces. Also used a plastic scouring sponge, and added some muscle and a dash of sweat. If lemon ruins these pots, please let me know. It looks great though. Another reason to always keep a few lemons and limes in my fridge!

  7. Mike Roberti says:

    To me the enameled pan is more fussy work. A well seasoned pan will not stick to most foods, and if anything does stick, wash it off with hot water, a paper towel, and salt. Rinse with hot water. Dry the pan, then put it back on the stove and heat it to drive off any remaining water, wipe with a lightly oiled paper towel while it’s hot, heat that oil for a few minutes , put it away when it cools. .

  8. Sara says:

    Hi, Alaska Granny!  I am a Pennsylvania Granny.  I bought a second-hand enamel cast iron pan that has some scuffy areas on the inside, not dirty, but I can see the finish is worn-off in spots.  How can I restore the finish? . . .  that's of course if it can be restored. . . . . Thank You!!!!!!  . .  PS: I love how you share your instructions.

  9. OpinionatedJackAss says:

    good lord she's cute!

  10. Elsa&lisa says:

    You also need to make sure the bottom isn’t enamelled I put a le creuset casserole on an electric stove and it stuck to the burner.

  11. Mountana Berry says:

    How can you restore the Coat on the side of that pans
    oh well, thanks for the video

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