How To Clean Sheet Pans

How to clean sheet pans? What is the best
way to clean sheet pans, whether they are aluminum or stainless steel. Some people
call them cookie sheets. Well what is the best way to clean a sheet pan? well for
years I have been using an overlooked product that’s readily available in the
grocery store, and by the way it’s not dryer sheets. But I have been using a
product that when you see it you’ll say, why didn’t I think of that? And I’m gonna
share that with you, coming up! Hi folks it’s Mike with
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search for how to clean sheet pans, or what is the best way to clean sheet pans,
you’ll get a wide variety of ideas that range from using dryer sheets, to baking
soda, and hydrogen peroxide. On this video, we’re gonna take a different approach. I
borrowed this pan from a neighbor and as you can see it has some pretty baked on
grime or grit, dirt or whatever you want to call it it. Also has some
oxidation in it from having been in the dishwasher. Well we’re going to clean
half of this pan using the method that I have been using for years and we’re
going to show you how to get this half of the pan, as spotless as this half of
the pan. As you can see from the picture on your screen, the pan that I decided to
clean is absolutely filthy, with caked burnt on, I don’t even know what that is!
In my experience baking soda or dryer sheets just won’t
remove this kind of heavy baked-on crud. Now the first thing we want to do is put
the sheet pan in the sink and give it a good spray with our cleaning solution. I
am only going to clean half this pan so that you can see the contrast between
the clean and dirty side. Next we will let the sheet pan rest in the
sink for about 15 minutes. After 15 or 20 minutes you want to take an SOS pad or a
brillo pad, and scrub off the remaining sticky stuff. And because this sheet pan
is very filthy with burnt on food, it’s going to take a little bit of extra
elbow grease to get it clean. Now all we need to do is take some hot water and
rinse this pan clean and then take some regular dish detergent and rinse off any
of the leftover residue. As you can see the pan is nice and clean
and almost new looking on one side. Now the reason I waited to show you exactly
what it is I use is because I use a product that some folks might consider
controversial. I use Easy Off oven cleaner and have been using it with
no problems for about 25 years. The manufacturer of Easy Off says they don’t
recommend using it on aluminum because it may pit it or cause discoloration. But
that has never been my experience because I only leave it on about 15 or
20 minutes. And also I rinse it thoroughly with soap and water so that
the pan is nice and clean. If you have a method of cleaning your sheet pans that
you would like to share, please tell us in the comment section. Well there you go
folks now you know how to get your sheet pans or cookie sheets as clean as the
day you bought them. Now if you think we did a good job here, a thumbs up would be
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