How to CLEAN Your Instant Pot (Episode 6 of Healthy Instant Pot Series)

– Hey guys, welcome to iFOODreal, where we make healthy
dinner easy and delicious. And many of our dinners
are made with Instant Pot. I love my Instant Pot, and one of the reasons
I didn’t wanna buy it, I was terrified of cleaning
it, and I like my things clean. But, let me tell you. It is easier than you think,
and today I’m gonna show you how to clean the Instant Pot. It is super, super easy. You clean it just like you clean your dishes, pots and babies. So, all we’ll need today is, dish cloth, regular cleaning cloth, dish soap, just cleaning spray, I’m
just using water with vinegar and sometimes essential
oils when I’m super fancy. This is not what’s here, I
just like to reuse the bottles, Ukrainian in me. And baking soda, baking soda, and there is one secret cleaner
if you want your inner pot super, super shiny, so make
sure you watch us till the end. And let’s clean the Instant Pot. So after each use on a daily basis, I just clean the lid, oh look we cooked chicken with the trivet, trivet and pot. Just with the dish soap. (upbeat music) To clean Instant Pot, if
you were using trivet, remove the trivet, down
whatever was there, rinse, and just use the dish cloth with dish soap. (upbeat music) And you do the same with outside. And now, trivet, you can do the same, you just clean it. To wash the trivet, you just
wash it with cloth and soap. (upbeat music) Easy peasy. And now the lid. What I do after each use,
I just wash everything, the same dish cloth and soap. See, inside and outside. This valve comes off easily, and you can just wash here. (upbeat music) Once in a while, I
remove the silicone ring to clean underneath it. There is some build up, and you just scrub it. Now the trick about
silicone ring, was time, it absorbs the smell and changes color, see how yellowish. Dish soap doesn’t really
get rid of that smell, but the good news is, it really doesn’t effect the food taste even if you use the same ring for oatmeal, it’s going to be fine, in my experience. If you would like to get rid of the smell in the silicone ring, huh, (laughs) of course, it works, soak it overnight in cold
water mixed with white vinegar. (upbeat music) That’s all. (upbeat music) Okay, so this is the
pin that shows you when pressure is up or down. You can remove this silicone cover, and it falls out and you can clean it. To be honest, I think that’s
my second time in two years cleaning it, so you don’t have
to do it on a regular basis. And this is the valve
for pressure release. So this is the one that could get clogged, with let’s say if you’re
releasing too starchy food, like pasta, quick enough, but again, it never happened to me, so I just clean everything with dish soap. No special treatment. So after you clean the silicone ring, it is super important
you put it back properly, because if you don’t, your Instant Pot will
not come to pressure. This is what seals the pot. Just make sure really to go around. See, it’s easy peasy. (upbeat music) Okay, this is what Instant Pot looks like after cleaning with dish soap. See that discoloration? It is quite normal for stainless steel, and sometimes you can try to
clean it with baking soda, and it does work. We’re gonna try and see what happens. (upbeat music) It worked! Baking soda worked! Yay! But sometimes when I use it really a lot, and haven’t cleaned with
soda for a few times, the discoloration is really strong. Actually see there are
some, still some spots, so that’s when I have a
magic cleaner for you to use. So, Bar Keepers Friend works
really well on stainless steel. And we’re gonna try it and
see if it’s gonna be better. And you can do the same outside, see how it gets yellow
from the heating elements? (upbeat music) Yep, I definitely see
how Bar Keepers Friend did a little bit better
job than baking soda, and it took off the
remaining discoloration spots completely, and it’s nice and clean here. Easy peasy. So after each use, once
the inner pot is out, I like to clean this ring. It does collect some
food leftovers and steam, so just wipe it with wet cloth, and it helps just to
kinda like push it around. (upbeat music). And, ta-da. So this is a steam collector,
it collects the steam through this hole. When you do natural
release and quick release, you can just pop it out like this, rinse under water, and put it back. And to clean outside the
cooking pot, I just use a cloth, dry cloth, with a little bit
of spray, and wipe around. This ensures no streaks. You could use wet cloth, and it’s fine, it’s just not gonna be as pretty. (laughs) So if you want really shiny
Instant Pot, just wipe it. It wipes really easily,
and you don’t need any specialty stainless steel cleaners. And now, for the most shocking part, (laughing) you can put
everything in the dishwasher. That’s how easy it is. If you have a tall tub dishwasher, that’s how they make them now, the inner pot, the trivet and the lid. Don’t remove anything. Don’t remove silicone ring or the valve, but I mean you can if you want to. Everything can go in the dishwasher, haha! (upbeat music) Ta-da. Easy peasy. So that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed. Please let me know if
there’s anything else you would like me to cover about Instant Pot. And now, if you don’t have Instant Pot, you have to buy one ASAP,
because see how it is easy. It’s easy. Bye. (upbeat music)

4 comments on “How to CLEAN Your Instant Pot (Episode 6 of Healthy Instant Pot Series)”

  1. Tania Laskov says:

    Super clean 🛀 👍

  2. Carie Morgan Graff says:

    Thanks for this video. I would like to see more IP meals. I am going on a Alaska cruise next month. I see you live in Vancouver. Our ship is leaving from there ❤️😊

  3. Marge Teilhaber says:

    Great tutorial! I've never taken my silicone ring off because I was afraid I couldn't get it back on and yours is the first demo of taking it on and off! So I'll buy a pack of new ones. After 2 years of very regular use, it's pretty dark and one could say gross. Thanks, Olena!

  4. Tamalita May says:

    Thanks so much, this is very helpful. Duh, I didn't even think about the lid! The whole lid! Awesome.

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