How to Cook 40 FREEZER MEALS for New Moms in ONE Evening!!

(easy guitar music) – Okay friends, so it is going down today. You know it has been several months since I have been able to really,
really, really, really, I wanna say since this fall since I got super mega freezer cooking going down. I did get a small freezer
cooking day of Januaryish, I got like four hours of
dedicated freezer cooking time which was great. I love big-batch cooking it is so helpful for feeding all my people. And in today’s video we’re gonna help feed some other people. I have two home-school mama friends, one just had her baby,
one is a few days past due with her baby. And so what I’m doing is I am cooking up my Large Family Freezer Meals, Pack Two, and by cooking that pack I’m
gonna get 35 to 40 post-partum, we’re gonna call it, freezer
meals and I’m going to give each of those family a
big stack of freezer meals for all these coming weeks. They have other people bringing ’em meals and the mamas have also
prepped ahead meals, but when you have a new
baby you can always use 10 or 12 extra pans of something-something in your freezer or bags to go in your slow cooker real
quick it’s just super helpful. I’m probably gonna keep
about 10 or so pans of various recipes for my own family to start building back my freezer stash since we just finished a three-week pantry and freezer challenge
where we got everything pretty much bare and my
freezer is in the garage and that is a great place to be. I did this grocery shopping
haul the other day, that’ll be linked in the description below if you’d like to see it. I think I came in about
$279 and when you break down all the meals it makes it
just a little over six bucks per large-family meal and then with that you can add applesauce, salad,
jazz it up anyway you want or sometimes all a mama can do, or someone helping that mama, is just scoop out some lasagna, have a slice of buttered
bread and we’re good to go, call it good. So let’s, let’s get started. This is a lot, but I’m
gonna open up my own Large Family Freezer Meals, Pack Two, I’m gonna use the Big-Batch Cooking Guide that is included and I’m
gonna follow my own directions and that’s gonna make this
a lot easier ’cause I, the thinking is already done, now I just need to walk it out. We interrupt this with lunch break. This is a quick throw
together snacky lunch for seven kiddos. Benjamin is down for his
nap so everyone’s gettin’ a bowl of applesauce,
that’s why I keep this unsweetened applesauce
on hand and a banana and then if they want anything else they can certainly get something else, but this is my attempt to feed
them so I can start cooking. Amelia, she gets my new, silence is golden unless you have children
then silence is suspicious. That’s my new favorite
cup, but my joke is, it’ll last a week. Daniel and then we have probably Jaden, we still feed him too, Jaden,
Zion, Naomi, Gabriel, Liam. Put spoons in everything and
then I’ll hand out a banana and then I’ll say, okay, let your mama start frying some food now. Here’s my little list. So I have my Large Family
Freezer Meals, Pack Two pulled up on my phone ready to go, used it to do my grocery
shopping, but I also, just being the super
visual person that I am like to have my meals
listed out on my whiteboard. So I kinda divided it up
in meals that are bakes or casseroles, then
meals I just need to prep and they’re done, and
then slow cooker meals. So in the bake category
we’re making four Taco Bakes, we’re making seven,
because this stuff grows and that’s just how my recipes go. Chick, Broccoli and Alfredo Bake and this is a Noodle Bake,
it’s not the low-carb version that I had that recipe
come out a few weeks ago. This one has good ole noodles in it and that’s how it stretches so far. We’re gonna do three of the
Ham and Cheese Potato Bakes, those are so yummy. This might actually be
what I end up giving my kids for dinner tonight. Gonna do four pans of Beef Stroganoff, this is with rice and ground beef. Four pans of Baked Ziti,
another big favorite and four Chicken Tater Tot Casseroles. Then I’m going to prep a
whole bunch of Tuna Cakes for the freezer and then there’s gonna be three slow cooker meals, Meatloaves Garlic and Lemon Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki and so this should come in right at about 40 post-partum
freezer meals ready to go. I need to cook 8 1/2 pounds of ground beef and that is done because I
had ground beef in the freezer and I’ve set it out so I’m gonna use that. It says, cook and shred nine
pounds of chicken breasts so I will get those going in
the electric pressure cooker. Chop onions, chop green
pepper, cook all the rice and dice the fully-cooked ham. So I’m gonna get on this now. Okay so I got all those
veggies chopped ready to go, got the rice in the pot it’s boiling. The chicken’s going. My ground beef that I already precooked, I don’t know, a month or so ago, it’s loose, but it’s not fully defrosted how I need to work with it
to make these various meals. So I’m going to put
these in the microwave, it’ll be free again here in a moment and get those defrosted. Also, super cute, I’ll link
this in the description below. I have been watching some
of my like very first freezer-cooking videos
from almost five years ago and they’re just so, so cute, so, it’s, I’m wearing baby Daniel. So I will link these down
in the description below. So now I have a fully cooked ham. Now that ham was accidentally
put in the freezer, did not mean for that to happen. So I have been defrosting it with the cold-water defrost
method in my sink there. Now it’s defrosted enough I can chop it up and that is gonna go in
the Ham and Potato Bakes that are oh so good. Okay, so with the meat that I’ve defrosted this last little bit
of pre-cooked hamburger is still frozen from the middle so I’m gonna put this
back in the microwave and then I think we can
start putting meals together. A whole lot of meal
assembly is going down. The last thing is the
noodles for the Baked Ziti and I need to drain those in a moment. I was just, I wanted them
to sit another minute, part of my eyeballing school that I do. Anyhoo I’m gonna start
assembling these meals. We’re starting with the Taco Bake first. Now in a perfect world
it would have been lovely to have precooked that ground
beef with the taco seasoning, but I didn’t do it that way. The meat was already
cooked, but I’m still gonna mix it in it’ll still add the flavor it’ll still be okay. So we got four cans of corn,
four cans of black beans, and four cans of diced tomatoes. Okay, so I just added in 10
cups of the precooked rice and we have our ground beef
in here, our taco seasoning, corn, black beans and
tomatoes and now I’m going to mix it all together. A lot of sour cream,
20 cups of sour cream. But remember we are doing four
big pans and so that means each pan has the equivalent
of five cups of sour cream. So don’t worry I’m not force-feeding any poor innocent people
20 cups of sour cream at one time. Okay, so with this Taco Bake
I made my four planned pans and I’m going to see, ’cause I like to see if I can push it, if I can get a fifth. I think I can. I put my next biggest size
bowl inside my mega bowl to help with my countertop space, but we are rolling now. All I have to do, I’ve
got everything done. I just have to put these
meals together now. Putting them together should take, should maybe take an hour at the most. So that was about an hour and
a half, to possibly two hours, of prep time total. I did not have to put the time into cooking the ground beef
because I had that done and batched cooked and in the freezer, but there were some other things. Like my ham accidentally being frozen and things like that that wasn’t planned that took up that time. Now I have been asked several times are the shells crunchy? So, no, the shells are not
crunchy in these bakes, but they don’t, you don’t
feel like you’re eating mushy shelves, shelves,
you don’t eat shelves, it doesn’t, you’re not
taking bites and saying, man, these are mushy
shelves, I did it again, I said shelves again, mushy shells. You are taking bites and
you’re thinking, man, this is an awesome Taco Bake,
that’s all you’re thinking. I also get questions a lot
about freezing sour cream. Anytime I freeze sour
cream, if it is in a baked or a prepared meal like
this, it’s prefect, no issues whatsoever. Yay, five pans, exciting. Okay so, I usually have
Zion do this for me, but I’m hoofing it to the garage myself. (upbeat guitar music) So what I have been working on is the Chicken Broccoli
Alfredo Noodle Bake. I ended up with five pans of it. That’s because I made
a little less noodles then what is on my Large Family Freezer
Meals Plan direction. I just used one of the five pound bags, anyway it normally makes up seven pans, but I kinda make up for that
’cause I made an extra pan of my Taco Bake. So, anyway, super yummy. Gonna wrap it up now and label
it and while I’m doing this I am watching my old
freezer cooking videos. This is when oops, oops now,
you know I’m talking about you silly TV, there you go. This is when I was pregnant with Benjamin and I did a 100 Plus Freezer
Meals For Big Families, Six Week’s Worth, and
boy were those helpful. There we go. This is all five of the Chicken
Broccoli and Alfredo Bakes. I kept the directions
really easy, defrost, bake at 400 for an hour
or until hot and bubbly, put the date on there, five of ’em. Still watching my other
freezer cooking videos. Gonna get these out in the garage now. So here’s a look at how
the freezer is filling up. You know from my recent
pantry and freezer challenges this freezer is pretty much bare. I mean I do have a whole
freezer door dedicated to short ribs and bones for bone broth, excuse me while my dogs
bark at me, it’s okay. So I’ve got these pans in here. This is the Taco Bake,
this is the Alfredo Bake. I have some big bags there I can put into another freezer if I need to, but we are gonna have
this thing pretty full by the time we are done
with this assembly, but remember 2/3 of what I’m
making isn’t staying here it’ll just be here for a few days until we can get it dropped off. Okay, so this is what is going down for the Ham and Cheese Potato Bakes. I have three bags of these
hash brown style potatoes, got a whole bowl, all of
that ham is all sliced up. I also put the ham bone that
still had some meat in it in another freezer bag,
put that in the freezer, labeled it and dated it because I will do some sort of soup with that at some point. So we got sour cream, we have three cans of cream of chicken soup,
and then shredded cheese. So I’m going to mix all
of this in my big bowl then we’ll fill it in
pans, top with more cheese, label it and it’ll be ready to go. So here is how the Ham
and Potato Bake looks all mixed up and now
we’ll put it in the pans. Okay, so here are the
Ham and Potato Bakes. Gonna get these labeled
and in the freezer now. Okay so kids have headed off to bed. Actually Daniel is still
up with me finishing a bowl of late-night applesauce,
but while they were saying their goodnights, et
cetera, I wasn’t filming. Hey sweetie you done with that, good job, but a, anyway all that to
say I just made several pans of this Beef Stroganoff I’m
gonna put, oh, oh, oh, hi. Look I got. (lips smooching and giggling) – And I’m gonna put cheese on it now. Okay, I love you, mmmmmaaaaaa, good night. – [Daniel] Not on my face. – Okay I’ll see ya in the
morning, see ya in the morning, okay, but now we’re gonna
put cheese on these. Okay, so these are all ready
to be taken out to the freezer. This is the stack of Beef Stroganoffs and then here I have the five Baked Zitis all wrapped up so yeah let’s
go shove this in the freezer then when we get back in it’s the Chicken Tater Tot Casserole. After that it’s three Slow Cooker Meals and those Tuna Cakes and we’re done, but I know there’s still a lot between here and there,
but we’re gettin’ there. Here’s how the freezer
is looking at this point. Like I said, we have the
Chicken Tater Tot Bake to go in here and then those
Slow Cooker Freezer Meals and then the Tuna Cakes. So we still have room we can make it work. I already moved over some bags of fruits and frozen veggies I had
into my little top freezer. Okay, so here are four pans of
Chicken Tater Tot Casserole. I have kids already excited
that we are gonna have a pan or two of this in
the freezer ready to go ’cause it’s a big favorite. So here is the pile of
Freezer Slow Cooker Meals that are going out to the freezer. We have four of these Meatloaves, four bags of Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki and for of these mamas I
put lots more directions, but I can also just pass these directions on their drop off. And we also have four bags of
the Lemon and Garlic Chicken with directions too. Hi, happy day. I slept after all that cooking. All of those Slow Cooker
Freezer Meals I did last night I just put in my house refrigerator. Just now moved ’em out to one
of my garage beast freezers. So just saying when you see
’em they’re not frozen yet ’cause they’ve been in
here all of 30 seconds. Okay, ♪ glory of glories, ah. ♪ I feel like we should sing the, some sort of beautiful chorus, but yes, still all those ribs and you all are gonna tell me your rib recipes right? Don’t, don’t leave me hanging. But anyway all the dinners,
tons of dinners, tons, and wait there’s more,
even more, tons of dinners. And then the Slow Cooker Freezer Meals, I’ve got two of the Meatloaves here, two there and then whenever I
put these bag meals out here I put them on a baking pan first I have made the mistake before. If you put these bags with liquid on these types of shelves
they, more likely than not, are gonna push through and freeze around these metal bars. So I can even stack them up like this because I didn’t have
room for a second pan. So these are the Chicken Teriyaki
Slow Cooker Freezer Meals, under them are the Lemon and
Garlic Chicken Freezer Meals, and in a day or so, I mean when they’re completely rock solid then I can stack ’em and take this pan out. But yes, here’s a look, glory-glory. So if you would like to fill your freezer with these same exact
meals all you need to do is get my Large Family
Freezer Meals, Pack Number Two and remember when you through the link over to my shop I have a little
special 20% off coupon code listed over there that is good off of your first order. In addition to this I will have all of the recipes that I used
liked in a blog post over on The benefit to the Freezer Meal Pack is you have the shopping
list, the Batch Cooking Guide which holds your hands
through every step of the way. So I got these 40 freezer meals done, large family style, in one evening thanks to all that good organization. Whenever I am doing my
recipes off the top of my head without the Batch Cooking Guide and the step-by-step hand holding. Even when I’m holding my own hand because we make these
packs it takes me longer you can tell by my other
Freezer Cooking videos. So I was happy to get all this done one dedicated evening, 40 meals, yeah. And I will talk to you
in those comments below. Bye-bye.

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