How To Cook A Ham In The Oven

hey spices so since Christmas is about
three weeks away it’s time to start thinking about the holiday meal for our
family we always cook a ham so I’m going to show you how to cook a ham in the
oven with a beautiful brown sugar glaze so let’s go spice things up alright guys
so what we have here is a six and a half pound ham so it’s kind of a small ham
and we’re going to take it and put it in our roasting pan okay so I took the
plastic off of the ham and I’m going to do the flat side down and just put it in
the roasting pan of course if you did not have a roasting pan you can just
take a regular pan and put foil over it but I’m cheating so I’m using a roasting
pan I will link the roasting pan below if you want to buy it and I have the
oven set at 350 okay so into the oven for one hour it
goes and we will come back and put the glaze on it in one hour it is almost
time to put the glaze on so we better make the glaze so you want to add one
cup of brown sugar to a saucepan and two tablespoons of yellow mustard of course
you want to stir that right away so nothing burns and basically you’re just
melting this down to turn it into a glaze this is good all right it has been an
hour look at this beautiful ham now we are going to take our glaze and just put
the glaze over the ham if some of your family members don’t like a sweet ham
you can always just take this glaze and just put it on the side and let people
put it over their ham you don’t have to cook it on your ham my dad usually just
puts it on the side alright perfect so now we are putting the ham back in
the oven for another hour uncovered so we’ll come back after an hour so it’s
been an hour it has a beautiful glaze on it and it is done and your family will
love it alright guys this ham turned out
beautiful and it’s time to give it a try mmm lots of flavor nice and moist it is
so good not only am I so excited for the ham but I also love to use the ham
leftovers so a lot of times I will make a potato casserole and also with the ham
bone I will cook soups such as split pea soup which I will link that above or a
lot of times I will make beans and rice and they are so good I’m looking forward
to the holidays comment below what your favorite part about Christmas is thank
you guys so much bye and see you in the next video

23 comments on “How To Cook A Ham In The Oven”

  1. Chris M. says:

    I really need to try that glaze. i’ve never did mustard and brown sugar before but i bet it tastes good on the meat.
    Split peas soups sounds awesome. i made it when i was there😆
    except it was completely vegan.

    Thank you for the Brown sugar and mustard glaze idea i will try it on our ham this Christmas ^_^

  2. Cindys Home Kitchen says:

    Love this ham girl, excellent work! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  3. 레미Remy says:

    Hello! I'm watching your delicious video! I want to be a channel that can grow together~!! Come and see me on my channel!! 🙂
    Like & Subscription is LOVE~~😆

  4. Phil N Florence says:


  5. Catherine's Plates says:

    Love ham for Christmas. Your glass looks amazing.😊

  6. Chicken Fried BBQ says:

    Great looking ham!!!

  7. DaBomb Smokes says:

    An oven? Oh YEAHH! That’s that compartment underneath your stove that you bake stuff in!
    All jokes aside…that ham and glaze are making me drool big time!
    I think I’ll be doing that soon!
    Really enjoyed the video and your rosy red cheeks 👍
    My favorite part of the holidays is when family gets together, which is not often these days. The children have grown and moved away and some family members are no longer with us. 🙁 One of my favorite memories is when my beautiful mother-in-law (who has since passed) used to bring her gigantic plate of homemade candies. She would also bring her homegrown green beans and some fatback to fry for the beans. I would eat the fatback almost as quick as she fried it! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing sweetheart and happy holidays to you and your family 😎

  8. What's New BBQ says:

    That turned out looking great! Good job buddy

  9. David's Fish Tanks says:

    yum I like Ham Thanks for sharing !

  10. B.C. Benny-TANK TOP COOKING says:

    Tasty looking good!! 🙂

  11. Fishing /Cooking with Mike Chavez says:

    Hey there Miss Melissa…I just love sweet ham..This looks fantastic..Of course my favorite part about Christmas is getting together with the family and feasting….I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

  12. Rich's River Smokers West Virginia says:

    Hey Spice this ham looks great! You can see the moisture in it! That glaze looked awesome to! Great video!

  13. Beth Bartlett says:

    Use ham bone and make rolled dumplings – oh yea – yep you will so thank me!

    Greens and Cornbread.


  14. Y&S FOOD! says:

    Superb online video! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to find this sort of contents. We produce Travel & Food films too, around the world, so we are often seeking out inspirations and concepts. Thank You.

  15. Pedro Matos says:

    Hi Melissa! Really loved this ham recipe!!

    Ty for another 5 min of happyness! ❤
    Wish you and your family a great day!☺❤

  16. madmike madmike says:

    i have a 10 pound ham do i need to make any changes to your receipt?

  17. madmike madmike says:

    also should i add a bit of water?

  18. DeOndrea Walker says:


  19. Jane Peterson says:

    Was the ham frozen???

  20. Luis Arturo Saavedra-Williams says:

    Nice short n sweet! Like the ham. Lol

  21. Luis Arturo Saavedra-Williams says:

    I tried your recipe today it was delicious thank you very much quick n easy!
    Love it

  22. Vincent Ortega says:

    Thanks, Melissa, excellent instruction.

  23. Juan Bautista says:

    I wanna eat ur ham

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