How to cook an authentic Risotto ai Funghi (Mushroom risotto).

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Cooking with Gunnar. I’m Gunnar and today we’re going to make this lovely Risotto al Funghi. All
that we need are 50 grams of dried porcini mushrooms, 300 grams of risotto
rice, arborio rice for example It’s important that this is risotto rice
otherwise, the whole thing doesn’t go creamy – so don’t use jasmine or basmati.
About 50 grams of grated Parmesan one large diced onion, in this case I used
shallots, I find they give it a little bit more
flavor. I used three shallots, finely diced, 25 grams of butter – maybe a little
bit more – but around 25 grams of butter 250 grams of finely sliced chestnut
mushrooms. You can also use something else, some olive oil, a stock cube, and 175
milliliters of white wine – which is for cooking and not for drinking while you
cook! And these are the ingredients to make a Risotto ai Funghi. The first
thing we’re going to do is soak our porcini mushrooms in 1 liter of boiling
water. So, we’ll put them in a in a big bowl and add 1 liter of boiling water. Give it a little stir and let it soak
for 20 minutes. Now that the porcini mushrooms have soaked for 20 minutes we need to drain them. So, I’m going to get another bowl, a strainer, and then just
start pouring the whole mixture in leaving just the last little bit. Give it a bit of a shake and then you just squeeze – this is a bit hot – so you
just squeeze the rest of the juice (don’t forget to wash your hands before) so
that you squeeze all that good juice So now we have our Puccini mushrooms in
our broth we take this stock cube and we just break it apart into the broth, give
it a bit of a stir and leave that to rest for now. To make our risotto we
take a nice big pan. You can also take a deep pot we put on a high heat add about
two tablespoons of olive oil. When the oil is hot you can see that it swirls
around a lot easier. We add the onions give it a nice sizzle and give them a
good stir. We’re going to leave the onions until they’re translucent – so
about four or five minutes. Now that the onions have gone this nice translucent
gold, we add the mushrooms and our dried porcini mushrooms from earlier giving
this a good stir and we season it with salt and pepper. Stir for about seven
to eight minutes until the mushrooms have softened up and released some of
their delicious juices. I think that’s about right, so the
mushrooms have softened up nicely the next thing we want to do is to add our
risotto rice to the mix. Just pour it over, give it a good stir, and just let it
soak up some of those juices from the mushrooms and some of those oils for
about a minute. After a minute, once the rice has soaked up these lovely
oils, we’re going to add our white wine. So a hundred seventy-five mil, a small
glass, of white wine. Stir it around until all of the alcohol has evaporated. This
will give it a nice body a nice richness to the whole dish. It will make it shine
make it pop. Now that the wine has pretty much soaked up and evaporated comes the
key part to a successful risotto. This is our stock from earlier. The juice from
the mushrooms. We’re going to add about two ladles of the stock to our mixture
and the key to good risotto is to constantly stir this mixture until all
of the juice is soaked up. As you can see most of the stock has now been soaked up
so we’re going to add another two ladles. Give it a nice stir and continue
stirring it. So again a lot of the stock is gone. We add some more and continue
stir. You keep repeating this process. When the stock has evaporated
and soaked up into the rice you just keep adding the stock until there’s none
left. When there’s none left, you taste the risotto and it should be ready.
This looks nearly ready. I’m going to have a little taste now just to see what
the rice is like. If you find that the rice is still a little bit hard you can
add a touch of boiling water. Keep stirring it and then taste it again in a
few minutes time. The risotto is now ready. I’m going to at this point add the
butter and I’m going to add half of the parmesan, so about 25 grams of parmesan. The next step is to turn down the heat
and just let it rest for a few minutes. And there we have it – super simple Risotto
ai Funghi! All that we need to do now is serve it up and enjoy. Take a little
bit – if only you could smell this it’s wonderful – sprinkle a little bit
more of parmesan over the top and there we go. A wonderful Risotto ai Funghi. If, like always, you liked what you saw today and you want to see more you want to see
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  1. Puku 282 says:

    It was delicious Gunnar!! I can smell that mushroom's perfume from here! I will definitely try this.

    What about something sweeter next time? I would like to see some desserts too!

  2. Rachael Osguthorpe says:

    Well I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

  3. Narg Ali says:

    I'm definitely going to try this,I need to use up some mushrooms! Also would be great to see a simple aubergine parmigiana recipe, my 2nd favourite!

  4. Jonathan Aitken says:

    Excellent, great work Gunnar, definitely going to have a go!

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