How to Cook Bacon in the Oven | Cooking for a Large Family!

– Good morning friends. It’s only about 7:30 here. It’s actually Saturday
when I’m filming this and I thought I would tackle today, doing bacon in the oven. I know many of you have shared with me your tips and tricks and helpful pointers on how to make a large
family amount of bacon and that’s what I have needed. I know I kind of gave up making
bacon about a year or so ago because we need several pounds at meal because everybody loves it. And it’s always a mess
to cook on the stove and it’s always very overwhelming
to cook in the microwave. And the last couple times
I attempted to make it, I just ended up burning it a whole lot. So, you know, burnt bacon
and then no one would eat it and I had wasted all that time. So this morning I’m gonna give a go at making bacon in the oven. And a couple hundred of
you said it was great, so we’re gonna give it a try. Right now no one is up yet and I’m just making my coffee. I’m gonna try to slip
out on the front porch and have a little bit
of Bible reading time. And somewhere within all
that, get my makeup on and then we will work on making a nice big Saturday morning breakfast. How it’s worked out is we actually have some leftovers right now as
far as our other meals today. I have some pizza bagels leftover and I have a pan of our baked spaghetti. See if I can say that right at 7:30. And I’ll put a picture up
on the screen for you now. What I like to do with our spaghetti is I’ll make spaghetti one night and then the next night
I put it in baking dishes and I layer some, let’s see, I don’t think I
can count my coffee scoops while I talk, so let’s say six. Slow down Jamerrill, seven. Okay, there we go. Now I can function. So I make spaghetti the first night and of course we have
it hot off the stove. Well another thing I have run into, is that when I go to reheat
spaghetti on the second night, it again is very taxing
and time consuming, trying to get it all reheated. So what I have been doing in recent months is on the second night when we go to have our spaghetti leftovers is I pour it all into baking dishes, layer it with cheese, sometimes
I’ll top it with pepperonis or maybe some other
crumbled meat or something if I happen to have it and then I’ll reserve it the second night. So we’ve got a pan of that
actually left from last night and some pizza bagels and
some various odds and ends so I think that tonight is gonna
turn into a leftover night. Good morning beautiful. Good morning, two beautiful girls are up. And tomorrow we’ll end up doing our, moving our weekend chili
over to Sunday and Monday. Now I’ve read from
several different comments and several of ’em, I
think the majority say about using foil for the bacon. I’m gonna actually use parchment paper. I believe that one viewer mentioned to me about parchment paper and then I just Googled
some recipes online and there were a few different methods, just the same thing as using foil, except it was with parchment paper. Getting some ice here. Gotta get Amelia a cup of water. And parchment paper is what I have. So it’s not a big scientific reasoning on why I’m using parchment
paper versus foil, it’s just I totally forgot to
get foil and Aldi yesterday, so I’m using parchment paper and we’re just gonna see how this goes. So I pulled out my parchment paper. I’m gonna line my pans in it. I’ve got two big baking
pans I’m gonna use here and I’ve set my oven on 400. Now mostly from what I’ve read and from what you guys have told me in about 15 to 20 minutes,
the bacon should be perfect. So we’re just gonna see. (upbeat music) So here’s how the bacon
turned out in the pans of getting it in the oven. It’s not done yet done, of course, So here’s a look. I lined two pans up. Now I’m gonna stick this
in the oven at 400 degrees and we’re just gonna
see how this turns out. I do have a little bit of bacon left. I’ll probably get a third pan lined with parchment paper too. Get in the oven. There we go. And then get my other pan goin’. (metal clanking together) And there’s a look at it. Actually this oven is a lot smaller than my oven at the other house. Eventually I’ll switch it out, but for now I can still
fit two pans in there. Okay, so what happened is, I think my oven timer went off
about five or 10 minutes ago so the bacon stayed in a
little longer than I wanted to. It still looks fantastic, but there are a few pieces on the end that I’m gonna show you that
were in a little too long. So here’s how it looks when I took it out. And now I’m gonna get the other pan out. So now we’re gonna get out the other pan and this pan was on the bottom. So the bacon has turned out like a dream and I am making everyone
bacon, egg, and cheese bagels for breakfast. And I’m gonna show you real quick though, that it’s all true. It is easy cleanup. Have a look at this. So with the parchment paper
we got the big yucky pan, but then look, all clean. And that’s just my rusted
old pans underneath. So it’s funny, I don’t know
if you’re the same way, I’ll use things for 10,
15, almost 20 years. I think our can opener
my husband and I got way back before we were getting married, like I don’t know, 18 years ago or so. So we need a new can opener. Need new pans. But the pan is now perfectly clean. (paper rustling) So now I can just bundle up my bacon mess and get it in the trash. (upbeat music) So guys, thank you for
watching me fumble around and cook bacon today. If you click the link in
the description below, you’ll go over to the
Encouraging Home School Mom Blog where I share a lot more details and more pictures of our
breakfast this morning and how I did bacon in the oven. Also be sure to subscribe, not only to the YouTube channel, but to the Encouraging
Home School Mom Newsletter where I send out a personal
newsletter every week with more tips and resources and things that I have
found on the internet that are helpful for me as a mom of a large and growing family. And as you see Daniel here, hey Daniel. Daniel’s here in my hair. We’re getting ready to go on a hike all around our property, which will take a good
hour, maybe hour and a half if we end up going down
to our mailbox too. What did you think Daniel? And we’ll see you next time
with another brand new video. Bye, bye.

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  1. Lottie Faith says:

    Were you able to save the grease? I've wondered about this method.

  2. Sofia Romero says:

    I love that your Kids help you….awesome family….kisses from argentina 🌎 😘

  3. Helen says:

    Those sandwiches look delicious !!! Can you be my mom!!

  4. Sherry Hefner says:

    I love all your videos Jamerrill!!

  5. mom of 4 gutierrez says:

    omg baby Daniel is adorable such a happy baby good job mommy😄😃

  6. Dani Ash says:

    Love cooking Bacon in the oven. My mom found out about that tip from Rachel Ray, talk about a life saver. The most we have ever made Bacon for was 6 adults. I usually do tin foil on the sheets and then 425F and about 20 Mins. We did Bacon at my old work for about 100 kids and that was fun. We used parchment paper and I want to say about 12 minutes for the fancy oven.

  7. Terry Dunn says:

    I wanted to try bacon in the oven but was afraid grease would spatter all over. Did you find it left your oven a mess? My kids are grown and I didn't home school but for some reason I find your videos so interesting.

  8. Inanna08 says:

    When you use aluminum, the fat is easier to control.

  9. Mama Jenn says:

    Haha! No shame in functioning(but not "still new" looking) cook and bakeware! Mine looks beat up but I just say it was seasoned with love…over many, many years lol.
    Glad the tip worked for you!
    Hope you have a blessed day!

  10. Caroline Garrison says:

    This will be a off video question but how do you decide what parts of the bible to read? I really want to get back into it but always feel a little lost as to where to start. Thank you! Love your videos!

  11. Caleb Shipley says:

    I use parchment paper for backing bacon all the time. 🙂

  12. DEE TALKS DAILY says:

    I always bake my bacon but I put it on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet so it doesn't sit in the fay

  13. Astacia Lloyd says:

    I did it once like you did & it was delicious, but my oven was soooo greasy & the house was smoked out…it took several weeks to dissipate…disappointing because it was so great & easy other side…my bacon was even low grease…maybe I needed bigger pieces of parchment…hmmm.

  14. Hailey Good says:

    looks super easy! i dont have a large family on earth with me but we all love our bacon here! looks like less work!!:) thanks so much!

  15. Leslie Johnson says:

    I always save my bacon grease to cook with later that day, or the next. In the south, bacon grease is "liquid gold"!

  16. Cottage on Walnut says:

    Love your vlogs 🙂 Looking forward to the next front porch chat. 🙂

  17. Kristy Jeske says:

    I've been doing it this way for a long time as well, it's so much easier! We have been using turkey bacon though and now that we're switching back to "regular" bacon, it's nice to see the time adjustment needed. I giggled watching your assembly line breakfast station since that is exactly how I do many meals as well! With 8 kiddos, so far, everything is assembly line it seems. LOL!

  18. adjones87 says:

    I put my bacon on a cooling rack on top of a baking sheet. That way it sits up out of the grease and is much healthier…I mean, as healthy as bacon can

  19. Mrs. C says:

    Just a suggestion 🙂 The shorter wall with the "pretend family" photos (where the grey tubs are) you should move all of those photos over to where you have the other photo collage (by the windows) and have that wall only be the display of photos aka the "gallery wall" and then place a nice big mirror on that wall (where the grey tubs are) and a nice little cabinet under neath (ie:with that big mirror above the cabinet) with two lamps on each side and whatever odds and ends you want to display. A mirror would open that area up so much! 🙂 🙂 loving the new hone

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  22. Skyhawk1987Turbo says:

    I use a baking sheet with foil but a rack to but the bacon on..375 until my likeness, about 30 minutes.

  23. Brandy Nicole says:

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    LOL! its like a mini production line assembling all those meals! 🙂 I know I struggle to cook a full English breakfast for 4 people on my little stove, you have this down!lol

  26. Debbie Reeves says:

    I cooked bacon in the oven recently for my mom. Now I'm hooked. She layers the cooked bacon between paper towels on a paper plate and then in a gallon size zip bag. She has bacon ready for her BLT sandwiches. :o)  I saw a video recently where a lady cooked her eggs in a cupcake pan. She sprayed each  cupcake well with Pam and cracked an egg into each well. Baked in an oven. They turned out really good. I'm going to try that next time I cook breakfast for a crowd. LOL  I love your vids and how much you love your family. The best time of my life was raising my children. :o)

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    Thank you for your time and I hope this did not offend you in any way.

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