how to cook Best Baby back ribs

– Hello, and welcome to this
episode of Cooking with Rod. So today we’re gonna be making ribs. But I wanna do something
a little different. Yes, I know you like to make those brines, you know, salt brines or
marinade, but I’m going to show you how to prepare these ribs. I’m gonna give you a secret
ingredient to make ’em tender the next time you grill. Coming up. (upbeat music) So what we want to do
first, is remove the fascia from the back of our ribs. That’s that thin layer,
so you wanna find an area of your meat where it’s
coming up a little bit. You just want to pick at it to get it up. This may be a little difficult,
some recommend you get a paper towel, but sometimes
you can just grab it. So you can I’m not having
very much luck at the moment. But hey, maybe you’ll have more luck than I’m having right now. Oh, it’s coming up, oh,
there it is, it’s coming up. Flip that around. Just get a little bit up
and you should be able to just grab it and
pull it off, like that. This little fascia behind,
you just wanna pull that off. Excellent. Alright, so once we get
all the fascia pulled off, or the back connective
tissue, if you will. We want to soak this in
a baking soda solution. Baking soda neutralizes
the acid on the surface of your meat, causing
the pH level to rise, and what it does is it inhibits
the proteins from bonding or constricting when you
add heat to your meat. So all you need to do is soak
it in a baking soda solution for about 15 minutes, so
it can raise the pH level or increase the alkaline on
your meat, so when you cook it, it doesn’t cause the muscle to constrict. Let me just put it in
our baking soda solution, and we’re gonna let
that sit for 15 minutes. What’s up? So our ribs have been soaking
in our baking soda water solution for about 15 minutes or so. We’re gonna come over here to the sink. We’re gonna rinse ’em out. (dripping water) You wanna make sure you
rinse them really well. ‘Cause you don’t want your
meat tasting like baking soda, so you wanna rinse that
solution off really well. (water spraying) Just take it, a piece of
meat and rinse it thoroughly. Alright, once that’s done, (pouring water) We can pour this down the drain, ’cause we don’t need it anymore. (water spraying)
Rinse it out a little bit. I’m gonna rinse the ribs
again, just in case a little baking soda water got
on them ’cause we don’t that to taste like baking soda. I’ll give them another quick rinse. Like that, alright. And we’ll take these and
put ’em back in our pan so we can go and season ’em up. Look at that right there,
that just looks delicious. Got a few bones, as well. Yes, yes. Put those over here,
wash my hands real quick. (water running) Alright. Alright, so we’re gonna go back over here, and we’re gonna do our seasoning. Just gonna pare our meat down, so you make whatever kind of rub you choose. Or you can put any kind
of seasoning on it, there’s really no standard
type of seasoning, really. You could really use whatever you want, because it’s your meat. Don’t let people try to tell
you, oh you gotta use this seasoning, it’s the best in the world. So I got some chili powder,
some granulated garlic, and some steakhouse
seasoning, nothing too fancy. I throw my steakhouse seasoning
on like this, ooh wee! (shaking) So this has a bit of a spice
to it, so if you don’t like spice, I would not recommend
you use a whole lot of that. It’s not really hot, it just
has a, well, I guess you could say a peppery taste to it. (shaking) So I throw my chili powder
on there, like that. Get my garlic. (shaking) Simple fella, that’s it,
I’m just a simple guy, who likes to eat, well,
who likes to cook and eat. So what I wanna do is I
wanna put something on the back side of this, so
normally I would flip it over, but all I’m gonna do is take
the bottom, and sat on top. Just like that, just so
I can get a little bit of seasoning on the bottom of it. And some may say, “Why would you do that?” “You’re taking the seasoning off the top.” Well, not really, actually
that’s not working out too well. So what we’ll do is we’ll
go ahead and turn it over. Like that, let me rinse
my hands off again. (water running)
See, this what happens when you really don’t edit your video ’cause I want you to see
what I actually go through. I know, all these cooking shows, they get to edit their video which
I could, but this one, Why? ‘Cause this is me, yes, this
is me, this is how I cook. I don’t know how you cook in your kitchen, but I just wanna be real, ’cause that’s me. I’m authentic, I have
nothin’ to hide, prove. Because I just like to cook. I’m gonna flip this back over. Looka there, still nice and
seasoned, oh man, look at that. Looka that, looka that,
still nice and seasoned. Look at that, mmm-hmmm,
so it’s not even cooked and it’s mouth-watering, right? I know, right? My wood chips, I just soak
them in water, that’s it. That’s it, soakin’ ’em in some water. Them I’m gonna put ’em in my box so they, I can lay them on top of the grill. (clanking) Alright, so we just take our slabs of meat and we just gonna put ’em right there. I use a grill, excuse me,
a grate that’s raised up over a cookie sheet so the
cookie sheet can catch the drop, the liquid that falls off
the meat as it’s cooking. Alright, let me rinse my hands off again. (water running) Alright, so let’s take this, we’re gonna set this on
the grill, just like this. (sliding) Alright, so what we wanna do is we wanna, we wanna work around the
temperature between, let’s see, 220, 225, and 300 degrees, ’cause I wanna be able to
cook this for a few hours. Anything hotter, you
might run into some issues with toughness, I don’t
know, because I don’t cook my ribs that high, on the grill. So I’m gonna sit this
directly on there like that, and that’s it, folks, I’m gonna come back and check the temperature of
my grill and see what it say ’cause I don’t want it to cook too high, and if I need to turn it down more, I’ll go ahead and turn it down more. I can’t wait to see what it
looks like when it’s done. I coulda put smoked rub, on my ribs. (thudding) Oh well. Well folks, smoked rub,
next time you barbecue. From Weber, try it. I’m not endorsing them,
I don’t get a kickback or anything, it’s just
some good seasoning. Alright, so what we’re
gonna do is we are going to half shuck some corn,
well what does that mean? It means we’re gonna have to
take half the crap on it off. Some might say, “Why just half?” ‘Cause I want to. No, I pull half of it off,
then I’m gonna rinse ’em off after I’m done, that way if
I, when I put them directly on the grill, my corn is
covered but my top is open. So right now, I’m just
pulling half of it off. Half of it off, then I’ll rinse ’em off and we will move forward. So what do you like most about the corn that comes on a cob? Oh wait, that’s the only way
it comes, right, is on a cob. So do you like to eat it off the cob? Do you cut it off the cob, or
do you like it from the can? Feel free to put your comments below, of how you like to eat
your corn, or prepare it. I’m curious, and I’m sure
you want to share with me how you prepare your sweet corn. Who out there likes creamed corn? My wife hates creamed corn,
but it’s a good reason I didn’t marry her because of
her likeness of corn, right? Yeah, she’s still a wonderful lady, and she still enjoy my cookin’. Oh, did you notice the kitchen? Yeah, you know it’s almost done. If you’ve watched my other
videos, I’ve shown you what the backsplash
looks like, you’ve gotten a close-up view of the
backsplash of the kitchen. I tell you what, the wife
hooked this thing up. Hook it up. Alright, so we got these
shucked, alright come on around here to the sink, we’re
just gonna rinse ’em off. We’ll go like this. (water running) We go here, we pull the,
pull this back a little bit just to expose the corn and
get all that stuff off of it. Flip it back up, grab another. All I’m doing is just
tryin’ to get these little scraggly pieces off and
putting them down the drain. It’s probably not the
best thing to do, but I won’t do, I’ll put ’em there, so I can throw them away later, yep. See this is how we cook when, in the non-professional kitchen, you know? We don’t have the, what do you call it? The top-of-the-line cookware, but we got top-of-the-line heart
ware, you know, heart ware. You’ll get that later,
(laughs) don’t worry about it. But cooking comes from
the heart, you know? And it’s your expression,
or your interpretation, and basically you’re
trying to tell a story to whoever will listen. Those that eat your cookin’,
gonna give you that feedback that’s them tellin’ you how
well your story is told. Or, in this case, how
well your ingredients work or however you wanna put
that, basically, telling a story is your story
brand, just like when you’re you know, your internet presence. People say, well I don’t, I’m not branded. Well, if you’ve ever posted
something on the internet, you are branded and
you gotta ask yourself, how do you want to be branded? Do you wanna be the person
that is sincere and authentic? Or do you want to be that guy that, you know, no one can trust? So, just remember that when
you start posting stuff on any social media, if you’re, what do they say? Flame spread or dogging
somebody else, just, you know that stuff can
follow you know, and so I, when you guys
leave comments, you know, even if they’re negative
words, I try to respond in a manner that I don’t flame spread, ’cause people can be pretty mean. Alright, so we got those rinsed off. Gonna go back over here. I got some regular Lawry
old seasoning salt, I’m gonna dash on that a little bit. That’s a little bit, and
before I stick ’em on, I’m gonna put butter, I’m gonna
throw some butter in there and I’ll show you where when I do it. Just a little bit, and
you can even, if you wanna get over the whole thing,
you can just pull that back and toss some on the back,
that’s all you gotta do. You wanna meet some of my family members? They don’t wanna be on camera, but I’m gonna put ’em on
camera anyway, come on. This is my daughter, Jeanie,
call her Jeanie-Bean, that’s Jeanie-Bean, this is
my wife, Estie, she’s the beautiful one that installs
all the great stuff you see on the YouTube channel, and of course, I’m your host, Rod Elmore,
and I wanna give a shout-out to my cameraman, Dave Muntz, say hi, Dave. – Hi. – See. – And me. – Oh, there’s my son, this
is my little assistant that helped me on the
orange chicken video. – But I abandoned him
like half way through. – Yeah, he bailed on
me and went to go play with his friend, but whatever. I’m about ready to put
this corn onto the grill. So what I wanna do is I’m gonna
spread butter on this sucker like that, I’m just gonna
be generous with it, if you’re health-conscious
about butter, you can use Ghee butter, you can use
no butter, or you can use whatever other kind of butter
is out there for good eatin’, you know, that people like
more than the Country Crock or this stuff here, so I
don’t eat it every day, but when I do, I enjoy it. We’re just gonna give it
a generous amount, on it, before it stick it on the grill. Mmm-hmm, I don’t know about
you but I can smell the barbecue that’s outside,
comin’ in the house. I am ready to see what’s
under the hood of this grill. You ready? Oh, my, does that look amazing or what? Some may say, or what, but I say amazing. I’m gonna move my smoke box outta the way. Pull this out so you can see it. Mmm, still gotta take these inside and let it rest for a little bit. Check this out, come
closer, check this out. (television characters talking) Mmm, that’s caramelized on the outside. Mmm. So if you have not
subscribed to my channel, go ahead and subscribe to my channel. If you have any questions or comments, go leave them at the
bottom, make sure you hit the bell so you get notified
every time I upload a video. What are you waiting for? Subscribe. – They’re right here. – Oh, okay. – [Daughter] Jeanie, can you Moonwalk? – Hand me that, rinse that
bowl out and bring it here. I’m behind you. – Excuse me. (water running) So that a dry. I’m gonna brush these. Oh, bless you. – [Daughter] Mom, can you Moonwalk? – Here, do you want this? – Oh. – Dad, can you Moonwalk? – Can I Moonwalk? Some people put it back
in the oven after they put the sauce on it. Put it back in the oven, but you can, you don’t have to. – It is frozen. – Everyone has their own way
of doing it, this is my way. – That is incredibly no good. – What’s that? – I’m the one eatin’
it, and everybody else that I’m feedin’. – Grandma can you Moonwalk? – [Grandma] What? – Moonwalk? – Not right now, my knees hurt. – Michael Jackson. – Alright. – Eeh, hee. (family talking) (slow, elegant music) (family talking) – It’s good, it’s good. (slow, elegant music) (dialogue obscured by eating) (soft dance music)

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