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hi everyone welcome to Lanie Cooks on
today’s video I’m going to show you how to make Can Ga Chien which is also
known as chicken wings and fish sauce stay tuned today what we’re gonna do is
chicken wings and fish sauce and I have already gotten some chicken wings I have
already washed them and then dry them I patted them dry with a paper towel it is
really important to do that because you do not want to fry up some wet chicken
wings so be sure that that part is dry also what you’re also going to need is
some cornstarch these two are optional but I’m going to throw them in there I’m
gonna garnish with Thai chilies and green onions at the end I also have my
Big Mama sauce that I’m going to be putting the chicken wings in if you guys
want the recipe to this be sure to click on the link above and this jar will be
good for the next two to three month depending on how fast you eat it so I
like to keep my fish sauce on hand and this is gonna be coming in handy with
this recipe today you would need some black pepper some salt and some chicken
powder for this I also have a fry daddy here that already has oil in it I fried
some egg rolls in this before so I the oil would not dirty yet I want to reuse
it again to fry our chicken wing today and be sure to check out more videos
because I will have a egg roll recipe for you coming out soon I also have a
ziploc bag that we are going to put the cornstarch in and we’re going to coat
the chicken wings with a chip just some gadgets I have is my tongs I have a
tablespoon here and then I have the fry daddy slotted spatulas that you’re going
to need to help scoop it out if you guys want to know where I got this you can
buy this at Walmart around Christmas time this becomes like 19 20 bucks it’s
a really good buy and you can save the oil time after
again and use it over to cook whatever you need and you can also put these
chicken wings in a pan too so all right we’re gonna get started so what I’m
gonna do first is I’m going to season our chicken wings with a little bit of
black pepper and salt and then some chicken powder
there’s no precise measurements here I’m just going to make sure these are like a
little bit coated that way we’ll have some flavor when we bite into it chicken
powder here alright so what I’m going to do now I’m going to use my hand I’ve
already washed my hands we’re just gonna like make sure this is coated back and
forth rub it on your chicken and prior to this my fry daddy is already plugged
in and I have been letting it heat up the oil for the last 15 minutes now so
it should be nice and hot and ready to go and this is why I love the fried
adding so much because it is quick it’s easy you don’t have to waste oil after
every cooking and then you can just put it away up in your cabinet once it cools
down so it’s a good investment alright as you can see I am rubbing the black
pepper salt and chicken powder into my chicken wings here this is a simple and
easy recipe guide that it’s just so flavorful and delicious and this makes a
good beer food too if you’re ever looking for some beer food good for
appetizers good for parties alright so now that my chicken is all nice and
coated I’m going to wash my yes so now we are going to go ahead and coat our
chicken wing I have a ziploc bag here a gallon one and I’m gonna put a few
spoons of my cornstarch into this bag you guys can also use tapioca starch
with this on hand whichever one works fine I have
this I’m going to use this I bought this much right here for my chicken wings it
should be enough we don’t want to over coat it this is just going to give it a
nice little batter so I’m gonna use my tongs and we’re going to put the chicken
wings in here and we’re going to cook them all at once and then once we coat
these we are going to shake it up and then put them into our fried outta here
I won’t let it go for six to eight minutes that way being nice and cooked
and then we’re going to take them out and let them step on a paper towel for
all the excess oil and then I’ll show you how to do it with a fish sauce okay
so just the amount of chicken wing that I had for the cornstarch is plenty cuz I
still have like a whole bunch of it but we’re just going to do it give it a nice
shake and let that pepper and the salt and the
chicken powder inside that should give the chicken a nice flavor when you bite
into it all right so that is done look how nice and coated that is you guys
that is beautiful okay like I said you can use corn starch
or you can use tapioca starch for this chicken wings alright so now I’m going
to take this one by one and I’m gonna stick in there but we don’t want to
overcrowd they fry daddy because we want them to cook nice and evenly so I’m just
gonna put enough chicken wings in there I know it won’t over crowd the fryer I
got one to eight minutes eight minutes in the fryer just to make sure that
gives a nice golden brown color normally if the chicken kind of done a start
boiling to the top so we’ll let that dry and without trying I’m going to get our
ready all right so let’s go ahead check on our legs
it’s been about a dirty statement that those names have been flying as you can
see like I said four wins in there alright so let me
show you how this is done while still nice and hot we’re going to go ahead and
take our wing and then we’re gonna dip it in our fish sauce just like this give
it a good nice toss and swirl and I’m gonna take it and transfer it over here
to our plate we’re gonna do that with the rest of these wings roast them for
you guys again like I said my nick mom video is it’s already been made if you
guys want to check it out and make yourself some fish sauce like this go
ahead and be sure to watch that video I give you how to from beginning to end
look at that you guys oh my goodness is delicious alright so what I’m gonna keep
on doing is I’m gonna go ahead and put the rest of our wings into the fry daddy
and again like I said before do not overcrowd them okay you don’t want to
overcrowd it because you want to cook nice and evenly and as I’m putting them
in there did I give this I know there’s six to eight minutes to cook and then as
soon as they come out of fire we are gonna go ahead and we’re going to take
it out right away alright so I’ve got to fry all of my chicken wings and then now
we are going to go ahead and garnish it with some green onions like I said this
is optional and then we’re gonna put a little bit of Thai chilies that I have
chopped up on here just for a little bit of spice if you have children eating
this you can omit this part but this is so delicious look how yummy that
okay guys there you have it here is my chicken wings with fish sauce
which was also known as getting good mum you saw how easy and simple that was you
guys just would be great for like parties get-togethers and hey hey what
heard of you guys brought this to your Thanksgiving get-together I’m sure it’d
be a big hit so let’s go ahead and try it and see oh my gosh you’re just so
delicious so there you have it guys this is getting Kachemak mom chicken wings
and fish sauce if you guys like this be sure to subscribe give us a thumbs up
and thanks for watching and have a great day

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