How To Cook Oxtails – Easy Oxtails and Gravy Recipe

what everybody this is Lyle no hippie
BBQ when every Megan today is gonna be some southern style braised oxtails this recipe is
in collaboration with another YouTube channel that many of you guys already
follow name of that channel is daddy cooks I’m gonna leave a link to that
channel not part of both and description below in case you’re not familiar with
them anyway a little backstory on this recipe about a year and a half before I
started my youtube channel maybe about a year I was looking for an easy oxtail recipe
and ran across one of daddy cooks –is oxtail recipes I’m going to leave a link
to that recipe in the iCard above so you can kind of see but anyway that video
right there is really what gave me the inspiration to start my youtube channel
so I figured we bring this around full circle do a collaboration on it go from
there anyway when’s my Asian market got some beautiful oxtail we’re gonna go
ahead and season them up I’m gonna be doing this recipe in step since its it’s
not really involved it’s actually one of the more simple oxtail recipes but
rather than showing you all the ingredients at once we’re just going to
go ahead and knock them out as we go anyway my first step is going to be to
season up these oxtails we’re gonna let them kind of sit in that seasoning for
about an hour and a half two hours before we get on to our next step so
let’s start with that seasoning goes I’m just gonna be using a seasoning called
slap your mama use whatever seasoning you want we just want to get this coated
up kind of generously now for those of you guys that have only watched daddy
cooks recently I’m telling you if you click on that link that I left an iCard
about the recipe that kind of inspired me to start my youtube channel you’re
gonna see that he was far from being you know the editor that he is now because
he was straight-up gangster in that video and one of the things about that video
that made me start my youtube channel was you know is one of those videos that
really wasn’t overwhelming you know you didn’t look at it and feel like it
wasn’t something that you could do so I watched one of his more recent videos I
may not have actually started my youtube channel so these look good to me I just
pulled these up pulled these out of the refrigerator so I’m just going to cover
these up let them sit on the counter for about an hour and a half then we’ll get
on to our next step he’s sitting in that seasoning for a
couple hours now it’s time for us to go ahead and kind of sear it off now I’m
going to be cooking this in a Dutch oven if you don’t have a Dutch oven you can
use a skillet and then put it in a casserole dish later on we’re going to
be searing him we’re gonna be cooking everything in the Dutch oven and we’re
gonna throw it in the oven now I’m going to be using the same slap your mama
seasoning that I had earlier and we’re just gonna be eyeballing this and we’re
adding this to our flour and we don’t need to go too heavy since our meat is
already seasoned but we don’t want it to be bland now that we got that handle
we’re gonna go ahead flour generously as generously as you can these short ribs
let’s just do a couple of time then we’re going to start searing it off in
our Dutch oven and we’re gonna sear all sides please all browned up what we’re gonna
do is we’re just going to go ahead and set them aside now you know I was
thinking I was gonna go ahead and cook this with like some rice or something
like that I have some left over polenta from another recipe
this is almost gonna be like oxtail and grits just about so that’s we’re gonna
be doing on this and once we have this all set aside I’m gonna go ahead and get
the rest of my ingredients and then we’ll start getting this put together
yes we’re gonna be using I have some diced up onions some sliced mushrooms
some Cabernet wine some fresh basil and this is the whole leaf we haven’t
chopped it or anything I have some Thai chili peppers garlic and bay leaves we
also have some beef broth as far as the recipe goes I will leave kind of an
approximate recipe but like some of my other recipes this is just something to
kind of throw together anyway let’s go ahead and add our onions might as well add our mushrooms to I’m just going to give it a quick stir and the reason I still have it on this
heat is we are gonna kind of bring this up to a boil or just let her boil just
to speed up the cooking time we’re going to add our short ribs back in now as far as these vegetables go and
herbs we’re just gonna throw them in hold and we’re gonna be blending this up
down the road and that’s gonna kind of make our gravy it’s not gonna be a thick
gravy you got our garlic whole as well my Bailey’s now what we’re gonna do is
add equal parts beef broth and we want it to be almost covering our short ribs
but not quite and our wine you don’t let’s add a little bit more looks like I got just the right amount
now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna I don’t have a lid for this Dutch oven
we’re gonna go ahead and cover it with some foil we’re gonna throw it in our
oven at 350 degrees for about three and a half hours once this starts to simmer
a little bit looking like after being in the oven for about three-and-a-half
hours I’m gonna go ahead and separate out these short ribs now remember I left
some of those vegetables in there completely whole those were gonna throw
into our blender and we’re gonna blend those up as far as the mushrooms I do
want to leave as many of the mushrooms in this pot as possible go ahead and
pull out some of these vegetables I’m going to try to leave as many of the
mushroom slices in there as possible it looks like most of those other things
dissolve down pretty good so I may not really have to worry about that much but
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead pull all these peppers out any of the
whole garlic cloves then I’m gonna take a little bit of this liquid and then
we’re gonna blend it up and then add it back into this mixture now working with
this I think I’m gonna change up what I’m gonna do I did go ahead and pull out
all the long strings of basil that was in there and any other like thicker
vegetables that didn’t get kind of reduced down but this gravy is looking
awesome I’m gonna leave that the same the garlic that I saw in there I just
went in smash set up and left it in there but this is looking great as is so
we can skip that step right there what we’re gonna do now something go ahead
and add my beef short ribs back in and I’m just gonna throw them back in the
oven just to kind of get them heat it again we’re gonna throw them back in for
about another 25 minutes and then we’ll be it’ll be time to plate up I did go
ahead and make some cheese polenta which should go great with this, Oxtails with Rice would be good also. so I’ll see
you back in a little bit so we’re ready to plate it up I’m telling you this
looks as fantastic go ahead and get some of this
the lint in here and then just add a little bit of this
gray view to it and it’s time to eat so before I get into this I do want to
remind you please stop by check out daddy cooks if you’re not subscribed to
his channel like I said Lisa’s channel is going to
be an icon above and description below and if you are subscribed to him I’m
gonna leave that old-school oxtail video that he did that came out in around 2012
so you could get a good laugh out of that anyway let me get into this right
now this should be for tender policy boom tender that gravy that it
made excellent I don’t know why don’t make this more often
well yeah I do these ops hills were expensive right here bad boy anyway man
try this out can’t get much simpler than this
Thank You stun by no hippie BBQ I appreciate it
comment subscribe and I’m out. I’m thinking about making jamaican oxtails

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