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Barbecued Oysters Hi I’m John finger, founder and an owner here
at Hog Island Oyster Company with Pottery Barn, and today we’re going to talk about once you’ve
purchased oysters, how to care for them, how to open them, and then a few different ways of preparing them. If you purchased oysters the next thing you need
to be aware of is how to care for them to make sure that they’re gonna stay alive. Cold and damp,
those are the two things, so either in a cooler with some ice or in the refrigerator. You want to make sure they have
a damn cloth over the top of them and preferably you have them in some kind of shallow bowl,
cupside down. A quick lesson on shucking oysters – you are going
to use some sort of kitchen towel on a flat surface. An oyster knife is of course a very necessary
tool in all of this. At the pointed end the two shells come together, and there’s a little bit of a gap or a ligament, and that’s where you’re going to insert the knife. So what you’re going to do is using a kitchen towel
as a nest and over the top of it is you’re going to insert the knife at that hinge point and you’re gonna apply pressure and twist at the
same time back and forth until the point of the knife engages in there. And you’re gonna twist and there’s a pop. So then what you’re gonna do is sliding the knife
against the top shell you’re gonna reach across that muscle there and slice that muscle and then you’re gonna pull the top shell off and the last thing is here’s that muscle, loosen
that muscle so the meat is all nice and loose in their. If you’re
gonna have them raw you’re gonna serve them on ice for
instance in these great Pottery barn bowls here.
So now we’ve got our oysters sucked, I’m going to show you a quick little sauce
that we do that’s very popular called hogwash for raw oysters. We start off with rice vincegar, we use half seasoned, half unseasoned, then we use chopped up cilantro, the lime juice some jalapeno peppers, and some shallots. That’s it. It’s just real simple, here it is we have some here In another great Pottery Barn bowl, um Hogwash all made up here. You just want to spoon a little bit on your oyster, um and the best way if you don’t have an oyster
fork to do this is you hold it by the pointed end with your thumb and middle finger, leaving your index
finger free to push the oyster out. What’s really popular in northern California that
a lot of people don’t do in other parts of the country is barbecuing oysters. When you barbecue
oysters you want to use a slightly bigger oyster. You want to do that because they tend to shrink down when
they cook a little bit. We have two sauces here to try today. This first
one is a real traditional recipe. This is casino butter here. Uh so obviously it has butter in it, um it also has paprika, and bacon and shallots. A nice traditional shellfish recipe. And another one that’s real popular
that we make in our restaurants is, um, harissa which is a kyu pepper blend a little olive oil, cumin, and coriander in it as well. You don’t want to put too much on there that you
totally overwhelm the oyster. What you want to watch for is for the sauce to start bubbling and and the
oyster meat to start bubbling around the edges. Some people like theirs a little more well done
than other people but three to five minutes. Okay, so now our barbecue oysters are done you can see they’re bubbling the meat’s
plumped up a little bit, I don’t like mine too overly done. We’re gonna take them off and put them on this great Pottery Barn
platter with some rock salt, and just nestle them in there like that. These are our casino – you can see the little bits of bacon in there.
And if you really want to keep it hot for a longer period time you can preheat the rock
salt. And then these are our Harissa. And of course you can always put a little dash of lemon on there uh, as you’re having them to augment the flavors.
Whatever I’m barbecuing oysters I want to make sure I’ve got some great crusty France bread around,
to sop up that sauce. It’s too good to go to waste. And some lemons. Just all simple, simple complimentary
things. I like an ice-cold Pilsner, or Sauvignon Blanc, or dry Muscadet, some
good simple clean beverages to go with it. That’s it. I mean you don’t want to overdo it,
so have some family and friends over and have a great time. Thanks. Please visit for
more tips on fresh oysters.

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  1. Ember Embalmer says:

    man that looks great!
    …i have to try oysters before i die!

  2. gamx123 says:

    great video, thanks!

  3. Doeray says:

    Oysters Kilpatrick, little cheese + crumbled bacon (just a sprinkling) = delicious.

  4. Gilchrist's GreatGrates says:

    Yum. I'm going to try you BBQ tip using my GreatGrate so I can cook and serve easier. Thanks

  5. Kiernan Zumwalt says:

    for sauce u can just use ketchup and horse radish. east coast style much simpler

  6. AV says:

    damnnnnn YUMMMMMMM!

  7. julian2745 says:

    Hog Island…Oyster Company. Very interesting sounding island to have oyster farms 🙂

  8. Isabel Aasen says:

    Ok, I,m sooo hungry for oysters right now. I don,t know why I do this to myself as i live in Norway and these little beauts are 5 bucks a peice and on order lists only!!! Plus, what to do if you have NO oyster knife? I have a set of 3, VERY expensive knives,bead,meat and paring knives. Do i dare use the paring knife as an oyster knife? It costs about 200 daollars. What else can i use? Just buy a cheap paring knife? I WANT an oyster!!!! Can somebody please tell me what to do?

  9. Kim says:

    i went on vacation to the grand palladium in jamaica and had oysters jamaicans know how to cook i should know cuz im 100% jamican

  10. MWH says:

    that sure was.

  11. P R I M E says:

    mmmm YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. AM HAPPY says:

    Nice oyster work! When ever I'm in Northern Cali i love! AM HAPPY Check out my channel for some glorious eats!

  13. XSevenSonata says:

    Kosner, Sauvignon Blanc, and Moskately are wine varieties. Spelling and pronunciation varies based on origin or preference. Please, no one correct my grammar.

  14. dick tracy says:

    I love to grill, but I must say, there's nothing like a big, fat, RAW oyster in a shooter which my version includes fresh, ice-cold oysters surrounded by chilled cocktail sauce (1 cup ketchup, 2 tbls. horse radish, 1 tbls. lemon juice, 1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 tsp. salt and a dash of black pepper). I always have plenty of fresh lemon wedges on hand to squeeze over each shooter served in a chilled glass tumbler. YUM! Oysters are also loaded with healthy nutrients, great for the body.

  15. dick tracy says:

    A standard tip screw driver works about as well. You should start your own oyster farm in Norway, as I have plenty of oyster seeds I can send to you.

  16. Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis says:

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    3:49 I misheard "to hog-ment the flavors"


    John finger lol

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    i have a question what is better to increase penis size cooked oysters or raw

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