How to Cook Rotisserie Chicken : How to Cook a Rotisserie Chicken

Hi, I’m Scott for Expert Village and today
I’m going to teach you how to make a rotisserie chicken. So before we even throw the chicken
into the rotisserie, we have to tie it up. If you don’t have bakery string on you, they
also sell at stores these little surgical pins. They have little hooks on them so if
you need to put it around something bigger you can actually tie the string around that.
So the way that we use these is we take the chicken leg and pull it in towards the body.
Put the pin straight through it, straight down and it will hold the leg in place, just
like that. Lastly, we have to put another pin straight through the middle here to hold
all our ingredients in. Always remember it is important to keep washing your hands while
you’re doing this. ‘Cause the next step that we’re going to do now is actually put it on
the rotisserie. You don’t want to spread any of this to the outside of the rotisserie machine
because when you come over to check it, you don’t want to be touching any of that in case
you touch your face or there’s a little baby around. There we go. So you go back over here
for now and we’ll take our axel rotisserie here. The side disconnects and it has these
sharp little prongs on it. It makes it nice and simple to put the chicken on. I’ll take
the whole chicken now. You want to try to penetrate the chicken just between the bottom
of the tail section, right in these areas, and have it come out on top of the chest.
Here goes nothing. Here we go. We’re almost there. The last part we have to do now is
to take the other side of the rotisserie and place it back onto these rods. This will hold
it in place while it’s inside of the rotisserie machine. You’ll see now that if we stand it
up, the chicken is just going to hand on there. You want to try to center it on these rods.
Just slide it in place and it’s all ready to go into the machine. We’ll just pick the
whole thing up, take it over to the machine now, where it has the resting place where
you can put it down. You make sure that the chicken is centered and it’s all set. You
pick it up, center it in the machine and there it is.

43 comments on “How to Cook Rotisserie Chicken : How to Cook a Rotisserie Chicken”

  1. ForestLogic says:

    Rotisserie never goes for $4, dunno where the hell you're buying it from. Besides, the benefits of cooking at home gives you the ability to actually flavor it yourself rather than plain, shitty, boring chicken, as well as you knowing exactly what's going into the food. seriously, what're you trying to prove by mindlessly trolling this video?

  2. OneDayAfterAnother says:

    I have a countertop toaster oven which can be used as a rotisserie. I want to try this, but my main concern is the clean up. Is there major cleanup involved with drippings getting ALL over the oven etc?

  3. CxCPromoter says:

    @mark40511 Just put a small pan or something below it, if it will fit, and you can put tin foil on the pan just so the clean up is even easier.

  4. Benjamin Barnett says:

    Hi! The chicken sure looks delicious and the process is fairly simple. I find this video very useful!

  5. Bulwark coco says:

    my right ear feels neglected.

  6. Deborah Barber says:

    Those pins are useless trust me because as the chicken turns and cooks the chicken may and it has happened to me before not work as the chicken gets done. I cant find cotton string so I came up with a great idea…I used a old pure cotton pillow case and cut it in small strips shake it well for any loose threads and tie up my chicken around the wings, thigh area and I tie the legs at the bottom knuckle part.

  7. Deborah Barber says:

    My rotisserie convection oven cost me at wally world…lol on sale $50.00 and it cooks up to a 5lb chicken. Mine is the same size as what shows in the video but only has 1 spit and it has the skewer and screws to poke in the chicken on both ends to hole into place. I love this because I can cook chicken much healthy and inside.

  8. Deborah Barber says:

    As for the ingredients he used thats just common sense and its basically what you like in seasoning and herbs. He didnt add anything wet on the chicken like I do. I pat the chicken lightly with oil and then sprinkle my seasoning on it and the oil helps the chicken retain its inside juices and I never poke any holes in a chicken because then you can and probably will lose its inside juices while cooking and it will become dry.

  9. Deborah Barber says:

    As for the clean up my oven came with a bottom pan and I just line it with foil and when done I just throw it away …that easy but as for the sides and top it will get spitted on and you just have to use a soapy sponge and wipe it down as best as you can.

  10. Tommy Harris says:

    Would you say a rotisserie is the best way to cook a chicken

  11. Mick Lasry says:

    You should have labeled this video something else. Anyone can figure out how to place the chicken in the rotisserie. But what about prep? Oil? Spices? Cook time? I'm sorry but this isn't an expert…

  12. Amber Podhola says:

    Time and temp are important if you're labeling it as 'How to Cook'. This video is only showing us how to put it in the machine.

  13. steve steve says:

    what the fuck happened to your head?

  14. melissa says:


  15. Angela Ponder says:

    How long do you set the timer for??

  16. seygra20 says:

    What a useless video.

  17. Chicagoman36 says:

    Whats that Metal Pin called he uses for the Chicken? Where can buy them?

  18. sandyann27 says:

    Thank you for this! I was given a rotisserie today and it didn't have the instructions. After fighting with the chicken for 30 min I found this video. Boom in an hour will have chicken πŸ™‚

  19. PACOPACO22 says:

    this video say anything… :/

  20. restorationsolution says:

    next time upload the result

  21. Paul Garcia says:

    This video should be titled "How to load your chicken in a Ronco Showtime Rostisserie Oven."

  22. Threering Circus says:

    he was so beautiful before the accident…

  23. FJRGD says:

    Hmmm… Wonder if Hillary or Donald could cook a chicken like this?

  24. Good human be happy says:

    thanks scott

  25. Pam Mobley says:

    Best explanation on how to scewer the chicken! Couldn't figure it out until it was shown very well. Thank you!

  26. Denzels Dellla says:

    how to avoid being eviction

  27. Denzels Dellla says:

    assembly info is needed

  28. deecali818 vene says:

    what did u put in there?

  29. BBQ Spit Rotisseries says:

    great video

  30. ks s says:

    cool ! thank you

  31. Olivia's Sunny day says:

    either wrong video or wrong title….hmmmm

  32. Zak White says:

    Wear disposable gloves people!

  33. Easy roasted says:

    Rotisserie Oven | Comparison and Reviews

  34. anonimo yo says:

    I cant believe i was going to write what a useless video and someone else had done it already.

  35. L says:

    Want to know why you have so many thumbs downs? Maybe if you titled your video properly you would have better results. You are not showing HOW to cook rotisserie chicken. You are showing how to mount it to put it in the machine.

  36. Meggie B says:

    Well the fact that you have it under a microwave and on top of a NON-FLAT surface no one should take advice as those are 2 things listed as not to do on page 1 of the manual

  37. 9,999,999,999 views says:

    This feels like the 90s

  38. Emrah Ekinci says:

    No offense but he looks like a serial killer πŸ˜€

  39. Unframe of Mind says:

    Video should be titled: How to put a chicken into a rotisserie oven

  40. Mohammad Ashraf says:

    Not even marinated properly lol

  41. lazy carper says:


  42. Scott Larson says:

    The text covered up the chicken throughout your video so I couldn't really see what you were doing.

  43. Jay Kidd says:

    Cross contamination starting at .43 seconds

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