How To Cook the Perfect Prime Rib Roast

Hey everybody, thanks for joining us here
at T-ROY Cooks, we really appreciate it. We’re cooking the perfect Prime Rib Roast
for you and this Prime Rib is a 10-pound USDA Prime Dry-Aged Rib Roast from Lobel’s of New
York. Y’all go check them out, And I’m going to show you how we’re going to throw this together. Again, its going to be the perfect prime rib
roast. Y’all stick around. I just to show you what we’re working with. This is a five bone, approximately 10 pound,
check out that nice marbling, USDA Prime and also dry-aged, you can see it’s dry aged by
the way the outer skin looks, its gorgeous folks. And again, the butchers at Lobel’s, they trim
the rib off and retied it because its best to cook with the rib meat with the ribs on
there if you can, it gives a lot better flavor. So let me show you what we’re going to do
with this. I’ve got, let me back you out here, got the
mirepoix here. You can use just a plain rack and sit the
rib roast on the rack in your roasting pan or you can sit it on a bed of carrots, onion,
celery and that’s what I’ve done here. And I put some garlic in there as well. So I’ll transfer the rib roast right over
here, you want to put it fat side up. You want to add in about a 1/2 inch to a 1/3
inch of liquid. I’m going to use some beef broth and a little
bit of red wine but you can also use just beef broth or throw some water in there if
you like, just like so. A little red wine in there, Merlot or Cabernet
Sauvignon would work. It’s going to give it a really nice flavor,
oh yeah really, really nice. When this is roasting you don’t want to let
this pan run dry so if you need to add more liquid during the roasting process that’s
what you need to do. Alright, let me show you the next step. I’d get you a nice saucepan put it over a
nice medium to medium-high heat. Got this nice extra virgin olive oil. Use the best olive oil that you can find,
you want to put about a quarter of a cup in there. And this is what we’re going to baste
onto the rib roast, that’s probably good. I’ve got four cloves of garlic here. I’m just going to bruise them real quick,
there we go. I’m going to toss these into that oil and
we’re just going to saute these a little bit until they start to turn a little bit of golden
brown. That’s going to help infuse that oil with
a nice garlic flavor. Alright man this is really smelling good,
its been a few minutes now, you can start to see some brown on the garlic, that’s what
we’re looking for. At this point you want to add a little bit
of salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Turn the heat off and this is what we’re going
to brush on that roast. Take that olive oil that you just made, spoon
this or not spoon it but I guess you could spoon it, brush it all over the outside of
this roast and were going to let this roast sit out and come up to room temperature which
you know for, depending on the size of the roast you have is going to be two to four
hours and this is a nice ten pound one so I am going to let this go for probably about three and a half, four hours. Alright everybody, its been three and a half
hours, let me show you what we’re going to work with here now. My oven is preheated to 450. I’m going on with some salt, this is a big
hunk of meat so go ahead and salt it up really good, fresh cracked black pepper, and I’ve
got this Bittersweet Farms, this is a zesty garlicky type sauce, its kind of like, I mean
not sauce, herbs mixture blend. It’s kind of like herbs de Provence I believe
but it’s got a lot of garlic as you can see and this is also available at if
you want some. Alright everybody my ovens again 450 Fahrenheit,
I just popped that roast in there. We’re going to let it go about 10 minutes
uncovered and then we’ll turn the oven down to 350 Fahrenheit and we’re going to let it
finish cooking. Now generally you need to let it cook for
about 12 to 13 minutes per pound. This is a 10 pound roast, we’re looking at
about 120 minutes to get it to a nice rare temp, which that’s about 130 Fahrenheit internal
temp but you want to pull it about 5 degrees before it reaches that final internal temp
that you’re wanting so I’m going to pull this one at about 125 Fahrenheit. Then we’re going to tent it, let it rest for
about a good 20 – 30 minutes and it should come out nice, y’all stick around. Alright everybody, I pulled this roast out
it hit 125 internal temp and it took right at 2 hours which we were expecting so I’m
going to take it out of this. I’m going to put this over on this cutting
board. We’re just going to tent this with some foil,
we’re going to let this rest and all of this pan dripping we’re going to make some nice
au jus out of this. As you can see here I pulled out all my veggies
here, the mirepoix, and the reason I use the mirepoix instead of just using a plain rack,
I like to have a little flavor in my au jus so carrots, onion, celery, that’s good stuff. Its going to help really flavor this au jus. Now what I’m going to do I’m going to strain
this a little bit and separate the oil so I pour this, these pan drippings into this
separator which separates the fat from the rest of it and give us a couple of minutes,
let all those pan drippings separate. We’ll be right back. Alright everybody, just bringing you back
up to speed. This fat separator here, I’m left with the
fat in here and I poured off the actual pan drippings without the fat so what I’m going
to do is take, oh I don’t know couple, two or three tablespoons of this fat, like that,
I’m going to warm this up, I’ve got this over a nice medium-high flame, let this get kind
of warm. Alright this is coming up to a little boil,
we’re going to throw in a little bit of flour. Don’t need a whole lot, maybe a teaspoon and
a half or so, a couple teaspoons. That should be good. What you want to do is mix this flour with
that fat and just let it cook for 2-3 minutes, kind of get that flour taste out and then
we’re going to add those pan drippings. Alright everybody it’s been a couple minutes
or so, let’s go ahead and start adding in these pan drippings here. And you want your au jus to be kind of thin,
that’s the reason I didn’t put a whole lot of roux in here or didn’t make a large roux
anyway. Just incorporate all this. Get a whisk if you need to. And I will bring you back here in a little
bit. And its probably going to take about ten minutes
and I’m going to slowly add more of these pan drippings as I need to. Alright as you can see my au jus is just starting
to come up to a little boil. When it does that go ahead and turn the heat
off and taste it. If it needs more salt and pepper or anything
else go ahead and add it at that point. Just let it cool off a little bit and you’re
ready to serve it with your rib roast. Here’s your rib roast. It’s rested for about a half hour. I’m going to go ahead and flip it over. Again because this is a boned and tied rib
roast, we need to cut the string off here. So just do this real quick. There we are. Now what you’re left with is the bones that
should come free off of this roast. Just like that, there we go and then I need a little
bit of help I think. Oh yeah, here we go, perfect. Now you can take these ribs, put them back
in the oven and let them finish cooking and get tender. That’s fabulous right there, beef ribs, its
good stuff so sit these off to the side. Flip this roast back over, pull all the string
off. Let’s see if we can cut some of this for you
just to see what it looks like. Oh yeah, beautiful, beautiful. You can cut these as thick or as thin as you’d
like. Smells, perfect, smells absolutely fantastic
folks, my goodness I wish y’all were here. This is awesome, oh yeah perfect prime rib
folks. Check that out, isn’t that gorgeous? Absolutely amazing, perfectly cooked. There you go, perfect, perfect, perfect. We’re going to plate some of this up and we’re
going to give it a taste. This is our final plate folks. Y’all check it out, this gorgeous prime rib
roast, took a slice of it and got some au jus homemade over the top of it, got a nice
horseradish sauce I made. Also Karen made some of these fingerling potatoes
and some of the green beans and we used that butter infused or garlic infused butter for
the veggies here. This is gorgeous. I just must have to say this is absolutely
amazing. I’m going to go ahead and take me a little
bit of this rib cap, this is my favorite part right here. I’m going to take some of this and we’re fixing
to taste this. Oh yeah, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Let’s give this prime rib roast a try. I put a little bit of that horseradish sauce
on here and it’s got that au jus on top of it and it smells fantastic. I wish y’all could smell this, oh my gosh. USDA Prime Dry-Aged, it doesn’t get any better
than that. That is fabulous folks so tender, so juicy. Hope y’all go to, give it a try. And folks if y’all like this y’all give me
a thumbs up and I hope you share this video and when you do, please tell all your friends
that T-ROY Cooks responsibly. We’ll see y’all next time everybody.

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