How to cook the WORLD’S BEST BEEF – Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!

This is Japanese Wagyu a5 the best and
highest grading beef in the world. As you can see the marbling is absolutely
incredible. I got a great deal on the steaks from
Grand Western Steak. To enjoy this wonderful piece of meat you must know
the best way how to. From previous videos I just cooked the whole thing as a
regular steak but today I’m gonna show you the best way to enjoy Japanese Wagyu
A5. This is a steak to be shared and even though it is expensive one steak is
enough for a family of five I know that sounds crazy but if you cook the way I
did I can guarantee you you will be a hit with your family and when you’re
taking consideration an expensive steak like this split with five family
members it is expensive but not that bad. When opening the bag it is an experience
by itself forget about your regular steak from
your grocery store. As soon as you put it in your hand the steak starts melting
and it feels just like butter. As you can see the marbling is ridiculous. And for
today I’m going to show you how to prepare this wonderful steak for a
family of five. So let’s do it! For this Wagyu experience I am
going to show you how to have Wagyu three different ways. And to start I
sous-vide some eggs at 135 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour and what this
does is it a hundred percent pasteurized the eggs
leaving the yolk nice and creamy so we can have it with our Wagyu. Once it was
completely pasteurized I removed all the egg whites and just kept the yolk and
our first preparation was done, it doesn’t get any easier than that. Even
though I am cooking the eggs for a hundred and thirty-five degrees
Fahrenheit for one hour you are welcome to leave the eggs in there up to eight
hours and you will not change its texture. That’s fantastic because it
gives you enough time to prepare that wonderful Wagyu. For cooking for my
second preparation I am using this Japanese rice. I have to confess with you
that I learned this from Master Sushi Chef Hiro and when he cooked it there
for me I was in love with it and lucky me he taught me how to do it and I’m
gonna show you guys how. As you can see the grain of this rice is different from
any other rice I’ve ever cooked look how small and thick it is it is a premium
rice from Japan and when eating this rice the texture is quite unique
it’s kind of chewy soft and delicious. It is hard to describe do not think that
your regular rice at home is the same because it is not trust me. And if you’re
interested in getting this rice remember everything is always on the description
down below another thing I learned from Chef Hiro was a vinegar sushi rice.
I’ve tried regular sushi rice vinegar from my supermarket and always hated the
taste but this one is different and even Angel that hates every type of vinegar
loved this seasoning, and this is the one I’m using today. Another thing I learned
was to cook rice properly. I’ve always cooked my rice in a regular pan with
boiling water and steaming it after and it comes out pretty good. But Chef Hiro
recommended me to get a rice cooker so I did. And this one was only like
20-something bucks on Amazon and he said their life is a lot easier when you use
a rice cooker and he was right. To cook the rice I started off by using three
cups of rice filled all the way to the top then I washed it about four to five
times into the water was clear. By the way it will never get a hundred percent
clear just a little clearer than the beginning. Once washed
I immediately drained it and put it on the rice cooker. Now this is probably the
most critical part that I learned from Chef Hiro it is important to use one cup
of rice with one cup of water, any more or less it won’t be the right texture.
After that all there’s left to do is put your rice cooker to cook. Once cooked I
was rewarded with perfectly cooked rice To finish it off all you have to do is
put the rice on a bowl and your sushi vinegar mix it well and your rice is
done, To enjoy this rice with our wonderful beef i shaped it up into sushi
style shapes and it’s pretty simple and easy to do just use cold water and shape
it in your hand as best as you can. As you can see by no means in am i a sushi
chef master but I’ll tell you what they did turn out pretty good. Check it out. Now that we have our eggs and rice ready it is time to get back to the king of
the show. I started off by removing the fat which will be used for several
different things. I even showed you how to make Japanese
Wagyu a5 fried rice, if you haven’t seen that video make sure you check it out.
Then I split the rest in three different pieces Now that I got these beautiful pieces
the very first one I am going to be slicing very very thin. From previous
experience the best way to slice it thin is by first freezing it a little bit, so
I am going to put it on my freezer for no longer than 45 minutes. And the second
one I am going to be doing the same exact thing as well, I’m going to be
slicing it very very thin so that we can enjoy it in different ways. Now this
piece here which is mostly fat as you can see we still have a little bit of
meat on it and I’m gonna slice it off so that we can enjoy that piece as well. The
fat there’s several different uses for it besides making Japanese Wagyu fried
rice today I am going to be using it to grease up my grill. For the last piece I
am going to be cooking it as a regular steak. I’m just inserting my thermometer
to ensure I cook it at perfect doneness. Today I am shooting for a hundred and
fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. I wanted rare to medium-rare. I’m also not seasoning
anything only until the end when we’re ready for tasting. After 40 minutes of
being in the freezer my steaks were ready to be sliced. Check it out! Now that we have everything ready
including this beautiful steak it is time to cook it. I am going to be
reversed searing the regular steak like I always do.
The thin ones I am cooking at a very high heat on my grill grates which goes
right on top of my slow and sear. But enough talking it is time to cook them. So let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our wonderful
Wagyu experience here. You’re ready Angela? I’m ready but there’s one part
that looks a little bit weird to me. I know you think that the egg is kind of
funny so do I but I’ve seen a lot of people eat it in Japan and I said it
must be good, if they all eat it. I’m down to try it bro. But we did pasteurize
the egg. Yeah, yeah the egg is completely pasterized. We are careful! Even though eating
raw egg is not a big deal but some for some places it is. But I say enough
talking, which one would you like to try first. That one. I know cuz this is what we
already know it’s gonna be good . Yeah kets go with that one. You want to try this one first.
Yeah. All right. I got a little egg on the chop stick. You got un poquito de egg on the
chopstick. We’re gonna put a little bit of salt,
yeah. This one is what we’re normally used to. I gotta go bro. Enjoy my brother
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it. Tell me how you like that one. Huh
how is it Angel? Its been a while that I don’t eat some Wagyu everybody it isincredible. I haven’t had steak in a while either, but right now I just put it in my mouth and I just first chew just shhhh the juices. Big explosion in
your mouth everybody this is incredible this is what we’re used to and it’s
fantastic. I knew it Which one let’s go for the rice. I knew it! ou you
want to go over the or you want to go with egg on the rice? Let’s get over it
bro let’s go for the egg. Go for the egg, go for it Angel, Tell me what you think. oh all right fine
oh all right fine it’s good all right well it’s amazing okay fine.
Wow are you as surprised as I am Wow it’s so creamy everybody it gives a
creamy texture. Yeah you guys got me. Wow this one is good
what are you doing Angel, you ate it already? Oh you even putting it back on
the egg! Guys I recommend it with the sous vide egg it is fantastic, fantastic. Wow
I didn’t expect it to be that good. If all right if you like eggs and you like
steak… Steak and eggs! Steak and egg Angel. This is incredible. I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t think it was gonna be that good I promise you everybody I didn’t think was gonna be
that good that is incredible. I have to decide which one is the best one,
hmm let’s go for the last one. All right you ready for the last one? I don’t think
there’s any way that just can be better than this one. I’m not that great with
chopsticks I’m not gonna lie. You gonna go with the hand.
I’m gonna try I’m gonna try it with my chopsticks. You gonna try it with a
chopsticks okay go for it buddy. I’m not Jackie Chang. This is a wagyu experience
so are we just gonna go straight forward we’re gonna dip it on the egg? I feel
like I want to deep it on the egg No lets go like this man, straightforward go for it that rice is fantastic though. Ah Angel?
It fell in my hand man. It fell in your hand, go for it. See but now since it broke in half I can try something. Put it in there. I can try
something. Wow that is incredible! So now we have to pick a winner Angel,
which one did you like the best out of all of them? It’s hard though because
they’re always hard it’s not hard is just I can’t believe it.
Oh which one? The one with the egg . The one with the egg ! I was talking the most
trash about that. He said oh the egg looks weird and it doesn’t look that
good, but guys eating it with the egg it is incredible. I wonder if any other
steak would taste just as good probably will be good as well. A prime? Yeah like a
prime steak if you don’t have Wagyu everybody try it with any steak. I would
say pet pasteurize it though. Yeah no definitely pasteurize, just be
safe about it. Because what happened is very, very creamy, right? This egg is 135
degrees Fahrenheit for one hour it’s super creamy and it is incredible it
gives a very unique flavor. I’m so happy I gave this a try. Anyway as you guys saw
it we have a lot more steaks to cook for our family members they want to enjoy it
as well. This is a Wagyu experience not only for me and you but also for the
family everybody. Guys… there’s two other eggs and everything so they can try that too. So yeah
we got more eggs as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do enjoy it
make sure you give it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber be sure to
subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use
everything is always on the description down below thank you so much for
watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one everybody. Can you believe you
like the egg better, can you believe this? Okay
I’m what what I’m not a kidding bro look I went all out I probably I drowned it.
You drowned it in the egg the egg is incredible. Im gonna do something else I’m gonna
do something I’m gonna just dip the whole thing. oh yeah I mean you have to
live it now you broke the whole thing. I know right my sushi rice. Hiro I’m
sorry Hiro I tried right Angel? I tried Yea we tried. But the flavor
the sushi rice with the sushi vinegar the vinegar doesn’t taste like vinegar,
let me tell you, it is a special vinegar thank you so much Hiro for teaching me
how to make this rice this rice is amazing everybody. Oh my god this is
delicious mmm I’m gonna do something I’ll be right
back. what are you doing? You’re cheating! You are already heating it up. nothing happens you cheat him you put it
on there barbecue I’m sorry your life Nothing happened, You cheated, he heated up a little
bit more everybody guys will have more family members ready to try we’ll see
you on the next one take care bye bye. Do that egg that egg is amazing. Do the
egg. Do, do the egg! All right, I’m doing this again.

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