How to Cook Turkey & Make Gravy in a Slow Cooker

Alright, so if you’ve seen my latest video, you know, we had a little bit of luck in the field. We got a gobbler! Since then, all I’ve done is I’ve breasted this out and taken the legs I put them in these baggies, filled it with water and put some salt in there – about half a cup of salt – brine them for a period of two days and Since then, I’ve rinsed them off and this is what we have here. So Today, I’m just gonna be making one of these turkey breasts We’ll get started! So if you haven’t seen that that turkey hunt I’ll put the link up here (pointing) You can check that out. Also in the past, I’ve done a Fried turkey bites recipe that was really good! So if you want Perhaps to check that out. I’ll also put that up top These breasts, they’re about three pounds each. One of them is a little bit more, one was a little bit less. So six pounds of meat is quite a bit! So, what I have here, I’ve got some chicken broth. I have about two cups of chicken broth I have about a tbsp of salt, a tbsp of cracked pepper fresh cracked pepper I have a cup of flour. I have three bay leaves and some thyme and some butter Now, my great-aunt…she would make this for us when we were young and She since passed. I don’t have the exact recipe, but man it was so good! And I think I can get close to it. So let’s try this now! She usually uses the oven, but I’m going to be using the the slow cooker today But I think it’ll turn out just the same. The first thing we’re gonna do is Put our chicken broth and our slow cooker Two cups of that. I’m going to add salt and we don’t need a whole lot of salt because we’ve already We’ve already brined these. We’ll add some pepper Put our bay leaves and thyme in I’m gonna mix that up now I’ll bring you closer. Next, we’re gonna put Three tbsp of butter in. Mix this up (stirring) Let it melt a little bit And then we’ll slowly add some flour to get it to the consistency we want So I added… I added 3/4 of a cup. I don’t know if I said a half cup before or not Okay, so now this is ready for our turkey breast. If you like you can also add Potatoes cut up some potatoes and put in there. I’m just going to keep this simple for today It’s just me and my little buddy eating She should be by later on. So that’s all I’m gonna add and then I’m gonna slow cook this for about 5 hours As I mentioned I’m going to Check back in later on When it’s near completion, I’m gonna give this a little bit of a taste test I might try to add a little wine. I’m not sure yet All right, so I’m gonna make some noodles to put the turkey and gravy on top of. I like these Inn Maid Noodles But any egg noodles or Amish noodles or anything like that work out well Cook those for about 10 minutes Our noodles have been going for 10 minutes. They’re now ready so we’ll strain them Okay, so it’s been about 5.5 hours. So I let it go a little bit longer. I decided not to do… I said I may add some wine. I decided not to do that. I really like the taste of this gravy as is. I didn’t think it needed anything The only thing I did off-camera was add about another 1/4 cup of flour (1 cup total) Make it a little a little thicker consistency So I’m gonna pull this out. We’ll plate it and see what it looks like! So I know this was tender when I pulled it out. It was starting to fall apart, so What I’m gonna do now, I’m just gonna cut it up into some slices And then we’ll plate it with the noodles All right, so here’s the real test. I’m here with my little buddy and supervisor! Tell everybody what your name is My name is Annie! Okay, this is Annie and she’s gonna let us know how it turned out Do you like it? You said you weren’t going to like turkey! Do you like it? Mmm Hmm (nodding) This is really good! Really tender! It reminds me a lot of my Great Aunt’s turkey. It was so good! The gravy has a… Distinct pepper flavor, it’s not overpowering or anything like that. But you know, that’s where all the flavor seems to come from This is just a good home-cooked meal here! You know where where everything comes from Annie: And everything is good!!! Yeah! So I’ve done a video Making it like this in the slow cooker. I’ve done a video for fried turkey bites Honestly, I like both of them! It’s good to mix it up both ways to be quite honest. I think it’s a hit for both of us. I think you guys should definitely check it out! Give it a try! So thank you guys for watching! If you haven’t done so already subscribe and hit that Bell button for notifications of future videos. Thanks again! You going to say bye?
Annie: (waving) Good?
Annie: Yeah Annie: Dad you cook the best food ever! I do?

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