How to eat Marmite: 4 easy, delicious ways

Hey! Guy from Midwinter Minis here. Now
I know what you’re thinking “wait, you paint little models on your channel, why are
you showing us how eat Marmite?” Good question. I recently did a collaboration
video with an American friend of mine and along with some models to paint I
sent Brent from Goobertown Hobbies some Marmite because… you know… thinly veiled
imperialism. Anyway, long story short, bless his heart, he committed this
terrible crime on my beloved brown gold. Now my first instinct was obviously to
alert the Queen, but I thought that the best course of action would be to show
all you newcomers to the world of Marmite how it’s done so hopefully you
can actually enjoy it if you ever get sent some, or feel a bit adventurous if
you visit the UK. So let’s start with the easiest and arguably best method:
Marmite on toast. Just three ingredients needed: bread, butter, and of course Marmite. Toast your bread however you want I prefer mine slightly browned with a
bit of give, but my girlfriend prefers it firm and golden brown. No giggling at the
back, thank you. Butter your toast, real butter and plenty of it… none of that low-fat vegetable oil nonsense. Finally a small amount of Marmite, evenly spread.
Enjoy with tea, coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. For maximum
Britishness discuss the weather while you eat it. Recipe number two: super cheese on toast again just three ingredients needed:
bread, Marmite, and your preferred cheese no butter required for this recipe as
the fat from that melting cheese will provide all that oily moisture we need.
Lightly toast your bread, but stop short of when you’d usually call it done.
we’re going to toast it a little more in a minute so you don’t want to burn it.
spread a little Marmite straight onto your bread again, don’t go nuts, just a
small amount will do, and then load up with your favorite cheese. The most
popular choices are firm sharp tasting local cheeses like Cheddar, Double
Gloucester, Wensleydale and Red Leicester and yes we do name all our cheeses after
the towns they come from… good job they don’t make cheese in Fingringhoe.
Now pop your toast cheese side up under your grill or broiler and cook until the
cheese is nice and gooey. Again, when you take it out is up to you,
some prefer it just melted, others like it crispy and brown on top, A perfect
afternoon snack for lazy weekends. Enjoy with the glass of Port, a sherry, or a
cheeky whisky . If you’re a bit more adventurous with your cheese, or just a
pervert like me, swap out your Cheddar for a creamy mild blue cheese like St
Agur or Danish Blue.. now that tastes seriously naughty. Number three is super
quick and it’s not really a recipe more a recommendation: Marmite
stock. Marmite is a great way of adding a salty savory umami punch to any dish
that calls for stock or bullion. It’s also pretty practical because you won’t
be adding more moisture to your dish just the flavour. A teaspoon is usually
enough for a dish for two or three people and you can obviously add more if
you like. Marmite has a really unique almost meaty flavor even though it’s
totally vegan, and that makes it perfect for making wholesome vegetarian dishes a bit more robust and punchy. Pasta sauces, stews, soups, stir in a spoon of Marmite
and change your life for the better. Finally, here’s one hardly any British
people know about: Marmite and honey glaze. So let’s say you’ve made some
delicious fried chicken, or maybe slow cooked ribs, a roasted duck perhaps, or
something that isn’t a cute but delicious dead thing. You’re gonna want to glaze
that, right? I mean, you’re not a monster. Heat a pan and mix in one part of
Marmite to three parts of runny honey heat it until it starts to bubble and
slightly caramelise then toss your food in it and serve. Salty, savoury, sweet, tangy probably the best thing ever. All things considered. Now, I can almost
hear you asking the question from here. Yes, Marmite is pretty salty so if you’re on
a low-sodium diet my advice is.. honestly we’re all gonna die eventually, so you
might as well die of something this delicious. Go out with a bang, a mouth-watering salty Marmite bang. As I said at the start,
this isn’t a cooking channel, I paint miniatures so don’t go hitting that subscribe button if you’re looking for more food
videos you greedy little piglet. If you like pretty chill entertaining hobby and
craft videos though I’ve probably got you covered. So catch you next time maybe,
bye for now

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    Deeply. Suspect.

  3. Operation Mad Dog says:

    okay now I got it… using marmite on bread is like painting a mini: thin coats

  4. Green Tree says:

    You had it spot on right at the start. Lightly spread on toast.

  5. Stewart Cope says:

    Brill…going to give that glaze ago👍

  6. earlster1 says:

    Spin off channel time….

  7. Another Primaris Lieutenant says:

    The way of spreading marmite is it first get the knife, spread the marmite on toast

    And in true British fashion colonise some countries

  8. Ardmanuk says:

    Well done 👍 no more burnt mouths for our over seas friends 😁

  9. Vengeance161 says:

    I’m absolutely shocked you didn’t include marmite on cream crackers! What would the Queen think!

  10. Danielle Goldman says:

    How do you make runny honey, do you just mix honey with glaze medium? Is Vallejo a good brand for that?

    Also can Vegemite serve as a replacement for Marmite?

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    Cute but Delicious Dead Things for the Win.

  13. Colin G. says:

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  14. Dark Matter Workshop says:

    And you know how to cook too ?! Are you my brother from another mother ? Do you like Belgian stuff ?

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    If they want to make something they do no fuss about it.

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    Edit: throw some chocolate into that spaghetti for the ultimate depth of taste.

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    enjoy it lol
    its tastes like cats piss

  25. lyle torok says:

    Dammit , why is our toaster , already packed away to move house now i have the Marmunchies

    Optional for extra British bonus points , eschew the bread for a crumpet , and follow the method described for toast or cheese and marmite toast.

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    A public service announcement brought to you by Midwinter Minis.

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    Being sophisticated Australians we have perfected your Marmite, which was was on the right track we will admit.

    However we discovered the secret ingredient, the yeast waste from making beer.

    😫👌 Vegemite; perfection!

  41. Wolfgangtheseal says:

    a similar idea to idea 4, but melt some marmite with butter in a microwave, roasts some small cubed potatoes and 5-10 minutes before the end drizzle you marmite butter mix over them, taste fantastic

  42. Ironclad Lad says:

    British heretics using thin amounts of yeast extract, the australian way is to apply with a spoon.

  43. Nikos says:

    A great video!! Just great!!

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    Also there is now a low salt option. look for the blue label rather than the yellow.

  48. Reise Bus says:

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  67. Euan Smith says:

    Marmite: one thin coat.

    I tend to put down a blob of butter on to the hot toast, so it starts to melt a little. Then I take a bit of Marmite and mix it in to the butter to produce an even spread. I then smooth this across the surface of the toast. This way you can avoid those startling taste explosions you can get when taking a bite of pure Marmite.

    Remember, kids, you can't say "Marmite" without saying "Mmmmmm-Cultural-Imperialism!"

  68. Jsh Pk says:

    My grocery store here in NC has Marmite, I have become a fan!

  69. Luke McDonladson says:

    Marmite .. "You Sick Bastards" .. nobody likes Marmite !!! are you being held hostage by the league of Marmite men? .. why are they making you say such horrible things .. Vegemite is King .. Accept no Substitutes 🤣😂😁

  70. james johnson says:

    Was a good channel just got worse n worse unsubbed

  71. DrawnSteelHero says:

    Couple of others:

    Similar to the stock, fat-free chips. Cut your potatoes into chips and part-boil them for about 20 minutes with a couple of teaspoons of Marmite in the water. Then drain the water, spread them onto a tray, and put them in the oven till they're your preferred level of brown. Great guilt-free chips, with a hint of that not-meaty flavour.

    Second, put a teaspoon of Marmite into a mug and fill with boiling water and stir. That's the recipe. A lovely savoury drink, especially good for that last mug before bed. I also tend to favour it when I'm feeling ill…

    EDIT: Just remembered my twist on Marmite on toast; use cream cheese instead of butter. 😉

  72. Beyond Hope says:

    Sorry Midwinter Minis, this is the first of your videos that I almost downvoted. There is literally NO delicious way of eating Marmite. And the only easy thing to do with it is throw it in the bin 😀

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    Marmite on top of Peanut Butter on toast.
    Try it smooth or nutty

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    Best video ever. I used to hate Marmite, until I met my partner. She used to sit on the sofa eating marmite with a tea spoon!! I gave it a few more tries and now I love it. It is especially amazing when you are ill or have a cold.
    Lovely salty snack 🙂

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