How to Flip Food in a Pan

– Here’s how to flip food in a pan. (sizzling) Push the pan forward and draw it back, kind of in this shape of a C, forward and back. You want it to roll up
the side of the pan, and then the food just comes like this. Now if you’re worried about getting food all over your floor, what you can do is take some dried beans or some dried pasta. So you’re gonna put those into your pan and practice with that. So same technique, pushing it forward and drawing it back. As soon as it gets to the end there, you pull it back. And you can also try
a different sized pan. Some may fall out, you pick those up. So to reiterate, you just
want to move the food forward and then jerk it back. You can do this flat here. So as soon as it gets to
the edge, you pull it back. It’s not like this, you don’t go up. That’s asking for a bad time. I’m Marlon Doll of Bachelor on a Budget. If this is your first time here, please hit that “Subscribe” button and check out some more of these videos. Thanks for watching.

15 comments on “How to Flip Food in a Pan”

  1. beth f says:

    Thanks for trying to "school me"! I'll stick to my wooden spoon or spatula! 😉

  2. Doug Cooking says:

    Luv the slow-mo effects…nice!

  3. Goblin King says:

    Bless you Marlon… been practicing this a little bit and I'm going ok, was gonna request u make this video but was too embarrassed LMAO

  4. secondlastdance says:

    thanks! That is actually very interesting skill to learn) especially after the popcorn video

  5. לאנה סליים - Lana's Slime says:

    Thanksa looooot! =)

  6. edjucat says:

    Music is WAY too loud. I could barely hear you.

  7. Richard Richardsen says:

    Learning the toss is like learning a lot of things. First thing to do is get over the fear of doing it. Everyone can do it. But not until they learn they can. I like the beans technique but I learned with a pan of sauteed zucchini and yellow squash. I had some funky ones in the frig so I cut them up oiled them and went outside. No fear. I could sling that squash all over the place ( and I did ) without cleanup concerns or food loss concerns. I started right out with a vigorous toss. And kept doing so until I had it. Perhaps 10 minutes or so. Took a while longer to refine it but it's a skill once gained you'll use daily and never forget.

  8. dora g says:

    Wowza it worked the first time! I've always wanted to do that 🙂 …thanks!

  9. catpaws says:

    tries it
    food splatters all over the wall

  10. Jiane 1203 says:

    The thumbnail made me initially think: This looks like HowtoBasic for some reason…

  11. Diana21692 says:

    Thank you! This is a really helpful video

  12. Todd T says:

    Thanks ,I've been trying with eggs and half goes on stove and half in pan,I'm gonna practice with this technique

  13. Regina Bolsonaro #SIM says:

    kkkk to perdida….

  14. Weeb Yeeter says:

    Yesss i can flip eggs now

  15. Meh meth says:

    Its hard to do it with a big bowl pan so heavy, and i see alot of chef do it so easily

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