How To Griddle Veg | 1 Minute Tips | Jamie Oliver – AD

Hi guys, let me show you how to make the
most amazing, healthy, delicious grilled veg. So guys, it couldn’t be simpler. Get
you gas on a high heat, then place a really good quality griddle pan on there and
preheat it for about four minutes to get it nice and hot. Finely sliced, chop, half
or slither any vegetables that are beautiful and in season without any oil. Put them
dry into a pan too lightly charred on both sides. When you cook veggies without
oil you get the most incredible nutty natural flavor. You don’t have to cook it
all the way through it’s really about just taking the raw edge of the veggies
applying a little bit of char for added flavor and then when you remove it from
the pan, we’re gonna dress it in gorgeous homemade dressing. So veggies cooked like
this are as fantastic as any side dish. It’s wonderful in an antipasti or tapas
table. So they go guys- delicious. I hope you like that if he did give it a thumbs
up and also if you want more information click the box up here and give us a
comment in the comments box below. Bye!

66 comments on “How To Griddle Veg | 1 Minute Tips | Jamie Oliver – AD”

  1. IKS Exploration says:

    That's looks amazing 🙂

  2. Ai Im RiX Keanu says:

    Nice ! Jamie such a nice & lovely person

  3. Noura Bout says:

    I love these videos

  4. Julio Vasquez says:

    Thnx Jamie! Looks Nice en delicious 🙂

  5. Arash Darakhsh says:

    Mouthwateringly delicious!!

  6. سامي الغامدي says:

    How to griddle veg?
    Griddle veg DONE

  7. Chuck Mark says:

    That pepper really looks a bit burnt though

  8. Marcel says:

    That was a paid ad? In the television? Man i wish i had ads like this in my country :/

  9. Patch Jeffa says:

    I don't mind the paid Ads at all, but they could at least disable adverts on the video itself.

  10. Random Roamer says:


  11. graefx says:

    I need to get one of those pans. It's time.

  12. Don Pablo says:

    Love you Jamie

  13. PaulTurbo says:

    Don't the veggies stick to the griddle?

  14. Lolr0 says:

    How to griddle veg

    step 1: griddle veg

  15. Washington Guerrero says:

    Is Genaro Cotaldo not longer a Foodtube member?

  16. yaomaster says:

    Always like these quick tips. Small simple things matter the most. Thumbs up

  17. TRCizzle says:

    Gas on high heat ? Can't cause I live in a dorm with and electric stove.
    Get your gridle pan ? Can't afford one.
    Put vegetables in pan ? Can't afford quality vegetabels.
    But thanks anyway 😀

  18. BeerBiceps says:

    wow 😍

  19. Small ears says:

    all that cancer

  20. Touran S says:

    Thank you! Please show us how to choose a good quality grill pan, so we can make this heaven blessing veggies! Thanks again

  21. spv5268 says:

    What was the sauce?!

  22. Going Merry says:

    Love the videos and learning a lot. Thank you!

    A question, what do you think about the suspicion that burnt foods might cause cancer? (In this case, I'm worried about the charred bits on the vegetables)

  23. James Dillinger says:

    Jamie, what was that dressing you applied? Lemon, brown vinegar and?

  24. Dannaz TV says:

    great video!

  25. The4thLaw says:

    Man I fucking hate it when he squeezes the lemon through his hands. Not only does it get the juice all gross but he probably wastes a lot that ends up sticking to his hands :/

  26. Debbie Gourley Bellinger says:

    yummy! you are amazing!

  27. Amy Wardle says:

    Cool, a different way to cook the veggies. must give it a whirl sometime 🙂

  28. Marlene Dietrich says:

    Ciao Jamie!

  29. Deb Beroff says:

    dressings please?

  30. Andréanne Pinard says:

    Looks so gooooood

  31. Nad Kudo says:

    How to griddle veggies

    Step 1: cut veggies however you want
    Step 2: Grill them

  32. Danielle Levy says:


  33. Bennie Vargas says:

    Thank you! It makes cooking and eating veggies a lot simpler for me now! 😀

  34. 꺼북이 says:


  35. Zessa says:

    pls make a video for different salad dressings please!!!!!!!!

  36. coralinealgae says:

    This was a really useful tip. Well done. Can't wait to give it a shot without oil.

  37. Ti Co says:

    Oo 😍

  38. Silvercloud Last Homely House says:

    But what was in the sauce besides, lemon juice, and what looked like sea salt and olive oil?

  39. Vi Heyman says:

    Why grill it oil-free, only to dress it in oil after? o.o

  40. Anh Ly says:

    quality video as always. but may i ask why the frequency of uploads has decreased recently? usually there would be a video at least once every other day. i guess everyone is busy working on their own channels?

  41. Jeramiah Barney says:

    Can you do an Ep where you look for random ingredients in a cupboard and make something amazing??

  42. saidthestarlingg says:

    Hey Food Tube,
    For some reason whenever I try to griddle anything, it sticks! I have tried haloumi, tofu, courgettes and countless other vegetables and for some reason I always end up scraping off of the pan and into the bin 🙁 Any idea where I might be going wrong?
    Thanks 🙂

  43. yosoyalbertico says:

    Great ideas!! Always is quite interesting visit this foot tube channel. 🙂

  44. chuyaxXX says:

    I like eating Vag.

  45. Keith Lee says:

    Great tips Jamie ! One Question , where is Genaro? We all miss him !

  46. Životić J says:

    Almost every nonstick pan manual says, do not preheat empty pan… Durability? Release of toxic substances?

  47. Victor Weinberger says:

    Is a new live show being planned? I'd really love to see one of those again!!

  48. サトシユサフ says:

    can you make it 60 fps, I mean the video

  49. Charles Bukowski says:

    Jamie is no longer a chef, he's a salesman with a fake smile.
    I look at him and can tell his soul has been bought and sold long ago….

  50. Mongis Lort says:

    I'M GOING NUTS! What's so special about this pan?!

  51. Nav Kaur says:

    Looks amazing <3

  52. HerrWiebitte says:

    Hey Jamie and Foodtube Team! Thanks thanks for your recepies! Iwould like to ask for a lot of potatoe recepies, and there are already some on the channel – but I would love to see more! Just anything without gluten and sugar would be amazing! All the best and thank you again – Laura from Germany

  53. gary daniels says:

    Great tip, still pressure cooking our veg, like the dressing on the plate idea, Thank You Jamie.

  54. Israel Thomas says:

    Oooh.. a tap ass table

  55. The Kneady Homemaker says:

    I know mine would never turn out that good LOL.

  56. Dalila Bajoudi says:

    i love the simplicity of Jaimie Oliver it makes his recipes so interesting .

  57. ShikiKaze says:

    Dressing : Olive oil, balsamic vinegar +lemon juice( balsamic vinaigrette). Dunno if I got that right but it looks like it and I always use that sort of light dressing if I'm eating vegs or salads cause I can't stand ranch. ( Sorry for all the ranch lovers)

  58. MSP fit says:

    So eine Pfanne brauch ich auch. Eigentlich einfach und simpel thanks Jamie =)

  59. Jay John says:

    Can you do this with just an ordinary frying pan?

  60. Mari-Jô Zilveti says:

    Hi Jamie, it is a pity we don't have those pans by Jamie avaiable to buy here in Brazil. And thanks fir this wonderful tip.

  61. nealkinevil says:

    that looks good.

  62. menamgamg says:

    Is this possible to do in a normal pan?

  63. Amber Kelley says:

    Thanks for the tip Jamie! I have got to try this one!

  64. Tom Bonello says:

    Link to the pan is broken.

  65. WW Suwannee says:

    grilled veg is brilliant…..grilled over charcoal is awesome.

  66. gg uu says:

    I've had several Foreman Brand Grills over the years.>>> I was tired of replacing them and thought I would try something new. So glad I did! The sensor cooking works great (not perfect with everything, still working on fish) and I love the removeable plates. No complaints!

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