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everybody my name is chef Marcus Sampson and I’m gonna talk to you about one of my favorite things fried chicken what open Red Rooster it was clear to me we have to have New York’s best fried chicken to go about it was very personal to me I did not grow up with fried chicken it’s something I learned to love when I came to America I want to do something that was inspired by Harlem but also put my own accent to it one of the reasons why I became a chef is because my grandmother Helga she cook every meal for us growing up and Isis to her I was a little sous chef and the love and encouragement I got from my grandmother was really one of the reasons why I became a chef cooking is really my favorite thing to do anytime I finding new ingredients or get introduced to new flavor I go really crazy and I love it and nothing to lose to so many different cultures and each one really something I bring back a new technique and you mess it and I’m always trying to bring it into my kitchen and it’s one of my favorite things about cooking that you never quite stop learning we got two different recipes one is traditional and one is really inspired by a Mexican sauce so the first recipe it sort of goes back and forth between being super traditional but then there’s also some choices and some left turns that we do right it’s all about packing the birds with great flavors fried chicken for me it’s almost like a noise the sound that you want out of it should be super crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside fried chicken for me such an iconic recipe to speak sort of to American culture very often southern American culture I want to listen to some really good music sit outside eating with my hands and just shared with some friends you know that’s living that’s the life so I’m from Ethiopia and the main spice blend in Ethiopia is called better para so for my chicken shake the main ingredient is better bread it’s a beautiful sort of mild chili blend this is to make sure that the chicken gets this smoky beautiful spicy flavor that makes our fried chicken so very special this dish I was really intimidated by right you know I’m 50 yards away from Sylvia the most famous African arrested in the country and they have really good fried chicken so for me I really thought about how to do different and not serving the white meat serving dark meat bone-in helped me really sort of take a stand on what type of chicken we want to serve the other thing that was important for me was this crispy sound and when the skin is really crackling and super crispy that’s a happy sound to me it’s when your fried chicken at home you want to fry it twice not once but twice the second fry only fried for three minutes it’s gonna be super crispy supe delicious when I walk through the dining room and I hear that sound and I hear like people are really excited about gliding into the chicken you know they have the bib on the tie if there were ties probably on the side the hands are little bit messy they’re biting into the chicken that’s a party that’s eating fried chicken that’s red dirt so the second recipe gonna see is really taking my influences from Mexico and Latin cooking’s all about packing the bird with great flavors and in this sauce here there’s really inspired by a Mexican male so it’s chocolate we have beer we have chilies we have onions by the way this chocolate sauce is amazing you can use it with grilled lamb with grilled pork it’s an amazing sauce that would work with any type of protein but for me it’s perfection used with a fried chicken one of my secrets is our chicken shake it is delicious I put it on everything so this they should really come from I love for fried chicken you might have heard of it we have a place called Red Rooster where the bird is came [Music] now just give it a good old shake sometimes I call it chicken snow and you get it this is absolutely delicious so I got water gonna bring this to your board we solved and then when it’s cooled down we’re gonna pour it on top of the chicken I love to brine my chicken if you want to really do some bird there’s a couple of steps you want to do bone-in dark meat and brine the bird put a lid on let it sit minimum two hours or overnight so the marinade I love this marinade so I did this from my buddy James who actually did the sauce on a beef brisket it was so good and James he just loves Mexican food and I love Mexican food so we took the chocolate sauce up in love with Fried Chicken marry the two together toss toss there it is key step the chocolate sauce and this chocolate sauce is so rich and delicious and you’re gonna see why it’s all about the spices and flavor that we’re gonna add on to this dish food for me it’s all about flavor but making great flavors takes time got a little bit heat here I’m gonna add in the chillies and adding as much sure like it’s a rich song right so it’s beer chocolate spices all simmer together we’re gonna let this simmer and then it’s gonna add in chocolate and butter this sauce is good for any time you want to grill or you want to fry something I will brush the sauce on top it will be delicious so I’m gonna dredge it the same lean on the cornstarch all there for flour they’re all there to make it crunchy we’re just gonna whisk that I love decent oil I’m just flinging the garlic when I heat up the oil to put in big gulp close in and then I’m taking them out just for flavor right and it’s 12 minutes then let it rest a resting for the key so it stays nice and juicy we got a beautiful chocolate sauce in there right look at that nice this is so delicious now we’re just gonna have a little bit of heat finish to brighten up with a little bit of fresh herb I love eating this dish with my friends fry it because there’s a dish way talk about finger smacking finger licking good good it’s rich and delicious and it’s also something to do the spring and summer eyes you wait for those picnics you wait for those barbecues everyone in your family is gonna love this meal I guarantee you one of the reason why I love sharing my recipes like this is because I want people to get excited and have a recipe that really works well you know for me as a chef it’s all about sharing all about trust and have an experience that’s gonna be super delicious and creating memories with your friends and families and this recipe I guarantee you it’s fun if delicious it’s gonna be yours you can go and make it again and again again cooking for me is all about CD you own curiosity Fried Chicken is not something I grew up we have to learn it dolt it could be hard as a chef you’re stubborn but for me it was just quick like I never had fried chicken until I was like probably 22 23 I loved it and I was like I want to learn how to make this and I want to learn how to make a better version this is my better version these are two takes now that yours go out and cook it that promise you you will join [Music]

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