How to Make a Black Bean Salsa : How to Slow Cook Black Beans

Hi, my name is Sheryl with
and we are talking about black bean salsa. Now the beans that I’m holding are just a
raw black bean and in my hand I have just these little black beans and that is how they
are when they come in bulk. Now we have soaked them over night and I showed you how to do
it with pinto beans. Well this is basically what they would look like with black beans.
By morning 8 hours later after you soaked them for any 8 hour period that you soak them
they would start to grow. When they have got bigger like this then this is my other secret
to saving a lot of money I really like these slow cookers. This is 2 different types of
slow cookers, a crock pot is actually a brand name but the name of what these are really
are are slow cookers. We are just going to take our soaked beans and we are going to
actually rinse out the water from the night before. Then put in new water into the pan
along with our black beans. So now we have fresh water and the beans that have now gotten
bigger. We are going to put the lid on and we are going to leave these for about 4-6
hours. That is our new black bean that would be cooked.

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  1. Jennifer Araiza says:

    You didnt even say the water to bean ratio

  2. Si Fi says:

    utter rubbish click bait

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