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Hey everybody welcome to my channel once again. Today I have a winner recipe that I want to
share with you. The name of it is Caribbean corn pie it is
really really nice I just had to share it with you. My daughter did this some time ago and got
the recipe for me today and I just had to try it
and wow its the bomb! Okay lets see how I do it! I am using 2 cans of whole corn I use two
cans of these and I am going to use three cans this is the
small cans of the cream style corn and again two cans of these
okay I have here 1 grated carot 1 finely chopped onion
4 sticks of chive finely chopped 4 garlic cloves finely chopped
4 seasoning peppers finely chopped you can use the pimentos if you can get those
1/2 cup of parsley finely chopped 1 cup of milk
we will be using some grated cheese and we will need some corn meal
so here is my iron pot I am going to add about 2 tablespoons of oil, that should be good
I will sauté the onions and stuff first, chive, parsley, garlic and the seasoning peppers
– this give it some nice color I will let these sauté for a few minutes
Okay so now we are going to add the carrots, whole corn cream style corn
I am going to add a teaspoon of salt and some black pepper
just mix up everything together lovely okay here we go again
so at this point you can taste this and make sure it has enough salt
I added a little more salt because you would get a sweetish saltish flavor yummy flavor
going on in here so I am going to add the milk
seems like my pot is too small okay
I will add the cheese I am using basically 1 3/4 cups of cheese
Mix that in I will turn off the stove at this point
I am going to add the corn meal starting with 1/2 cup
Mix in the corn meals which will give the pie a nice stiff consistency
You can use any type of corn meal that you wish This looks so pretty So I basically added about 1 cup of corn meal
and just keep on mixing put back on the stove and allow some more
of the liquid to dry up a bit and allow the corn meal to cook well
okay folks so here is the corn pie in my baking dish. I am going to sprinkle a little bit of grated cheese as a final touch If I didn’t say it before, you can use any type
of cheese that you like and you can also season any which way you
like this is a bit similar to a recipe that I know
growing up as a child, known as potato pie I will leave a link on the top right hand
of the screen we use the cream style corn and potato and
season it well this one is really really nice too as well
corn pie baby!! okay that should do it

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  1. Antonio Cardenas says:

    I always enjoy watching your videos, keep up the good work and put T&T on the map❤

  2. sandra kitwana says:

    Yummy I will definitely love this!! Thanks for sharing !! ☝👌😊😉

  3. Nadine says:

    what dish does this go with?

  4. suzy says:

    definitely a winner. can't resist a corn pie. ur dish looks absolutely yummy! how many should i use if I already have d cream style corn in d bigger can?

  5. suzy says:

    hi I just realized at the end of d video, d pic doesn't look like corn pie?

  6. Aggies All Natural says:

    Love that you are doing Caribbean Cuisine.. check out my link.

  7. Bernadette David says:

    All I have to say is yum yum yum this is the bomb. Good job. Will sure make this for Sunday Dinner. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mzgtnycgal says:

    Wow that looks delicious !! Thanks for sharing

  9. FitAngie says:

    Oh wow this corn pie looks amazing. I love this Hun. Really nice

  10. jacky stacey says:

    Excellent – the boys have got to try this one ! Love your recipes !!

  11. olenick 7734 says:

    Very Nice…oh yes I will be trying that…

  12. Ann Ann says:

    I didn't know this was the method for corn pie. I'm tempted to try it for my family

  13. Heema Jag says:

    This is a must try 😊 ..Thanks for the recipe!

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  15. Lisa Lisa says:

    I'll take a slice with stew chicken and calaloo please 😃

  16. Farida Ramdhanie says:

    Looks delicious ….am going to try this recipe… explained so well…thanks for sharing …

  17. Leah Alexander says:

    I absolutely love corn pie and I was so happy to to come across the video. I tried it last Sunday and it came out sooo good! I just added to much cheese to the top for my preference but it was really good. thanks

  18. yadira cumberbatch says:

    Too much salt

  19. WhaToCook Trini Recipes And More says:


  20. Shauna Rampersad says:

    hi what a great vid and i will try this recipe tomorrow.i've been searching the net for a basic trini scallopped potatoe pie and was unsuccessful.please post a recipe vid for this.thanks

  21. Indra's Kitchen says:

    Very nice recipe

  22. Jay Drews says:

    Very nice and tasty, but what I usually do is soak the cornmeal for anout 1hr and my corn pie is moist and delectable

  23. meilee44 says:

    Very interesting and yummy looking! I'm going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  24. rach her says:

    Will try this..looks so yummy

  25. mizkayzee says:

    yess tanty that is a rell nice pie

  26. mizzpoetrics says:

    Oh my lord, that pie looks so good, I had to subscribe!

  27. mano817 says:

    Looks delish!.How long did you bake it,and at what temperature?

  28. Drucilla Holder says:

    can I make this without the cornmeal?

  29. Cici Nails says:

    Anybody tried it? I'm kinda obsessed with corn pie atm and looking for a nice recipe

  30. Nandini Sandeep says:

    Yum yum 😋

  31. Easy recipes at home - your food addiction says:

    I’m going to try this one 👍🏽

  32. Alana Reid says:

    Can you please do a video to make fudge

  33. A Khan says:

    Thank u for the recipe…I'm trying this tomorrow. I'm from Trinidad too

  34. kings manhill says:

    What type of milk did you use

  35. Caribbean Paradise says:

    this is the best corn pie ever …I'm commenting from a different account because I commented before. ..everytime I make this it's sooooooo good…I'm making today again.

  36. Raynella Grant says:

    So today I tried you recipe and it came out perfect…I am now enjoying my corn pie…thanks so much for sharing…

  37. Natasha Ford says:

    This is real Trini cooking. My pots are just like this . And this is how real Trini talk. You look at some of the Trinidad abroad fighting to talk fake Yankee to make a simple video , and with every utensil brand new. That's so fake . I love you , Caribbean Pot and Renee. I love real Trini like you . You are just like me , and my family . True and Natural. Wonderful corn pie . Please do some more videos Soon.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Chitti Foods says:

    Wow super new frnd nice recipe

  39. Bezu Who says:

    Yum i love corn pie

  40. Views By Coco says:

    This is very interesting. Looks good. Let’s stay connected. 😊

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  42. Lystra Samuel says:

    Looks nice and kind of parsley did you used, and baked at what temperature and for how long?

  43. Sp Lol says:

    This is different to me but can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing

  44. Islands Of Fun says:

    When my wife makes this we eat it out the same day. Great job and love this recipe a lot.

  45. Wanda Andkiddos says:

    Very nice. Yummy. Can’t wait to try this but I’ll be using whole wheat flour instead of the corn meal or whole pastry flour. Thank you for your recipes. They are right on time for me as I’m looking for new foods to cook.

  46. Kary Menuau says:

    looks like a soup, there is no neeed for all this,

  47. islandgirl3330 says:

    Thanks for the video. I would kove to make this. What are the measurements of the two tins of corn and ceamstyle corn. Thanks.

  48. Bro MikeG says:

    Thank you for sharing your recipe my friend this is so delicious. ❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌😋😋😋😋

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