How To Make A Chili Dip Bread Bowl Recipe By Alvin • Tasty

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    Tomorrow on Tasty: Andrew and Nikki make this exact same thing.

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    You said party food vegetables are not party food except french fries and the vegetables on pizza and the vegetables on Brothers
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  25. ChillyToes says:

    The chili dip looks delish! My mom used to substitute Velveeta cheese for the cream cheese but I'd like to try it with cream cheese. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Ezra Holcomb says:

    I love Alvin's recipes and tutorials!! I have made so many of his recipes, and I adore his desserts.

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  32. Steve Logan says:

    Very nice recipe young man. Even though i live in Ky. I like Cincinnati chili, especially for dips, bread bowls, etc…, & if you are not near there you can order from Amazon & comes to your front door. I recommend the brand " Skyline" with or without beans & it comes in cans. The only downside is it a love/ hate chili, you will either love it or hate it, never heard anyone say, oh it is ok. Try it, if you love it , you will be hooked & you can watch a few videos on youtube as it is also served on spaghetti with shredded cheese or chili dogs.

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    Alvin and Rie are the best thing to come out of Tasty

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    Been making this for years the best chili to use is the No Bean Hormel chili. 🤷‍♀️

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    My birthday is on December 14th then I would like to have a recipe on how to make a giant chocolate chip cookie if you have enough time maybe you could even make a video thank you it will be my 11 birthday

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    alvin's skin is soo glowing

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    Go Alvin you da man🤩

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    And you guysssss haven’t gained a pound! You guys throw this food out or what..?🤔 I’m hoping you guys don’t throw away the food

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  59. Irene S.O says:

    That looks so good!
    Can't wait to make this

  60. briannant says:

    I love a cheesy dip inside a bread bowl. -B

  61. feebeci says:

    Yum ! People just buy food from the local supermarket these days 😭

  62. Aries G. Raymundo says:

    That pantry dish was already done 3 years ago.

  63. Jen Klen says:

    I love Alvin, but I hate these vertical videos they’re SO ANNOYING!! 😩

  64. King Squirrel says:

    Just don't double dip you nasty bastards.

  65. ight imma head out again says:

    Alvin and the chipmunks

  66. Carlie Morgan says:

    Youre excited to try it? This is supposed to be your recipe.. you know what it tastes like.

  67. Mr. Presente says:

    I'm here for Alvin every Saturday.

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    Alvin is soo popping today. . . trending! 😄

  69. FarewelI says:

    Alvin should teach us how to make Jian Bing

  70. Joe Dany says:

    Who else thought he made a giant dip

  71. swadlol says:

    Step 1. Buy a bunch of processed ingredients from the grocery store.

  72. alexthegreat88 says:


  73. Ten Ways To Wear It says:

    I love all your videos and the story behind the dip was cool.

  74. Ashley Sams says:

    Wont somethings overcook since everything doesnt have the same cook time with the multi dessert dish

  75. Nylak Otter says:

    Never thought to dip veggies in chili dip, for some reason. Sounds good.

  76. King Ace says:

    2:17 yoda noise

  77. The Cook says:


  78. The Hyperplane says:

    He looks like the boot leg version of James Charles

  79. songbirdsxlambies says:

    Alvin is literally the cutest, I think I’m in love. 😍

  80. Modest Mind25 says:

    So he got a can of chili and just added cream.cheese? That's the whole recipe?

  81. Sebastian says:

    Hi Alvin!!!!!!

  82. Danny Purisima says:

    Alvin: I dip, you dip, we all can dip

    My “friends”: Dipped

  83. Minahil Zahid says:

    Alvin looks like zach choi

  84. Jizzus Christ says:

    very basic

  85. Rach Kate says:

    Shout out to John.

  86. Jessica De La Cruz Bravo says:

    Alvin, you totally missed the opportunity to sing, "I put my hand up on your hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip"


    Imagine someone call this dipsh*t

    This thing looks yummy

  88. Elsa Aita says:

    The bread dip is a cool idea

  89. Earl Armani says:

    Why is he suddenly turned into Sven from Frozen at 2:17

  90. IceKingBlox says:

    Ill have 2 number 9’s a number 9 large a 6 with extra DIP

  91. Taliq James says:

    I would make everything but it wouldn’t be for a party 😂😂

  92. Royalty B says:

    Ingenious Alvin!

  93. Lilith Martirosian says:

    Love Alvin’s art-food)))

  94. Anastasia Rubel says:

    oppositely to Adam from Worth It Alvin takes really tiny bites

  95. Jihye Lee says:

    I have a really bad morning sickness. but this one makes me drool……. god….

  96. Liszt Ferenc says:

    why is Alvin so charming, adorable and talented I love him so much and hope that tasty could produce more videos with his cute asian face
    thats what i wan and for more
    I hope to meet him in real life pleaseeee

  97. Lay Nicole says:

    I’m going to make that 😇

  98. Cake Junkie says:

    I wish I was you guys look at all of those designs there good wish I could do something like that😋❤❤

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  100. Mariana Jaffall says:

    With what can we replace th chilli??

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