How to Make a Middle Eastern Dinner : Frying Falafel Balls

Hi I’m Rachel Dayan for Expert Village now
we’re going to start frying the falafel balls you put it very gently of course you don’t
touch the oil but your going to put very gently you don’t throw the balls inside. Be careful
cause once you put them in the oil is going to bubble up a little bit so make sure it
doesn’t go over, can turn the flame a little lower, if it’s to bubbly you fill the pot
until there’s no room for anymore. The falafel balls shouldn’t be on top of each other and
we’re going to wait for them to be nice and a nice color golden brown color, make sure
that you check the falafel balls didn’t stick to the bottom. Sometimes when the oil is very
hot they just stick to the bottom and they don’t float, float up so we make sure that
none of them stuck there. And we’re going to wait for a few more minutes until the falafel
balls will be ready. As you can see they have a nice golden brown color it took about 4
to 5 minutes but you should just see by the color. You shouldn’t look at the time really
you can see there nice falafel balls, you can make it in any size its actually if you
like it bigger, smaller, of course it makes difference in the cooking time if you make
them smaller or bigger. But the main thing is to look at the color that’s how you know
if there ready.

2 comments on “How to Make a Middle Eastern Dinner : Frying Falafel Balls”

  1. fjonkiboy says:

    That looks like some salty and nice and ferm falafels I can imagine they taste good in my mouth when I cook them later this evening. I was looking around for some falfels deepfryings secrets and this was very informative and shit man DANK as fuck xD

  2. Michael Nelson says:

    Expert Village maintains their spotless record of useless Youtube posts.

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