How to Make a Roast in an Instant Pot

Next up on pot roast in a pressure
cooker. Today we’re going to make a roast using a pressure cooker. Mine happens to be
an instant pot, but if you don’t have a pressure cooker go ahead and grab out your slow cooker.
You’re going to cook a roast in it for about six to eight hours on low. You’re going to
need to add a little broth to yours, but it’s all going to be quite good and tasty. We’re
going to go ahead and get started with this, I have about a four pound chuck roast. I like
using a chuck roast because it has nice marbling and they break down really well.
The first thing we’re going to do is simply season with a little bit of salt and pepper,
I’m going to be liberal in the salt. I’m using Kosher salt, I think you can use a little
bit less by weight compared to table salt and it tastes just as good. Now if you don’t
want to use salt and pepper you can use a dry rub such as this one right here. This
one is from I believe Adam’s it’s great on steaks and roast or you can use something
like Season All and just season your roast very simply. It’s gonna be great either way.
We’re going to go ahead and brown off this roast a little bit. One of the features I
love about the instant pot is that it can brown things for you. I’m going to pop this
in here and let it get brown on both sides and we’ll be back and we’ll continue this
recipe. While your roast is browning on one side, when I put the roast in I put it seasoned
side down and I’m just going to hit the top side right now with a little bit more seasoning.
Again we’re just going to brown this, so when it’s fully browned on both sides we’re going
to continue the recipe. The meat is browned on both sides, the next
thing I’m going to do; I chopped up an onion and I’m going to put that in. I’m also gonna
add three or four Bailey leaves. I have a Bailey bush in my yard, so I’m just gonna
put the fresh ones in, you can use dried ones. I’m going to put on the top and I’m going
to process this for about 70 minutes on the meat setting for the this. And I’m going to
let it do a natural release So once it finishes pressure cooking at the temperature it’s gonna
take about 20 minutes to go ahead and do a natural release. So we’ll be back when this
is done and I’ll show you what this looks like.
Our pot roast has finished cooking in the pressure cooker. Again I cooked it for 70
minutes and then I let it do a natural release, so it rested for about 20 minutes before I
just opened the lid. When I pulled this out it was just falling apart, so I think it’s
going to be fantastic. You can see that this meat is very tender and simply just shreds
apart, so we’re going to go ahead and give this a try. But before we do be sure to drop
me a comment down below of what recipes you’d like to see next. Let me know if you’d like
to see other great recipes to cook in a pressure cooker. Don’t forget to subscribe to this
channel so you won’t miss any of our recipes and also why not go over to my blog,
c-o-p-y-k-a-t dot com so you won’t miss any of our next upcoming recipes. So I’m going
to go ahead and give this a try. Very nice, very tender, well seasoned. This will make
a great Sunday night dinner. Now you could take the stock that’s left over and here you
can make a great gravy with it. Or you can simply hit it with a stick emersion blender,
blend it all up and drizzle it over the roast. So I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for

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    Nice video!! Roast looked scrumptious for real!!! I have an Instant Pot on the way to me and I cannot wait to make some great meals including the roast you just made!!!!

  2. materialgirl338 says:

    HI I had  power pressure xl I just got rid of it.  the not stick stuck everything.  My daughter in law has a insta pot and swears by it.  She explained to me that the stainless steal is much butter for us and doesn't leach out toxic chemicals in our food from the Teflon and other ingredients that they use.  Do you find that food sticks to your inner pot.  And do they make a 10 qt?

  3. Wendy Harkness says:

    Do you add water when cooking the roast?

  4. Georgia Spencer says:

    No broth or water, no pressure!!!!!

  5. Rhonda Carney says:

    did you add liquid, I didn't see you do it. I don't think you have to but I want to make sure. I have an Instant Pot 8 quart and would love to make a good roast in it but I always add broth to it and I just hate the texture of it. I think adding liquid to it ruins it.

  6. Quang B says:

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  9. A Serious Salamander says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. The roast too.

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    i was sceptic to make it without any liquid, but i have trusted you and did it yesterday and came amazing :)))

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  34. Michael Kessler says:

    I received my Instant Pot about ten days ago. I ran the water test and it worked perfectly. Next day I followed some YouTube videos and cooked a pot roast that came out wonderful. A few days later I prepared everything, seared and started a beef stew but the pot wouldn't pressurize. I tried everything including making sure the pressure valve was clean and the seal was properly seated but nothing worked. I ended up finishing the stew in the oven.

    I should mention that when I received the Instant Pot I noticed that the cover over the pressure valve I'd seen in the YouTube videos before I ordered mine was missing. So I eMailed the manufacturer who responded promptly and told me the design was changed and that cover was no longer needed. So it seems that problems with this pressure valve is not something new.

    Bottom line is the Instant Pot concept is very seductive and I'd really like to have one but it seems there is a lurking failure in the design that I'd rather not have to worry about. So I eMailed Amazon and they had UPS pick mine up today for a refund.

    I wonder how many others have had failures after initial success(es). Should I consider myself lucky that mine quit working early-on rather than after the warranty period expired.?

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  37. Phil V says:

    As she said in an earlier comment and I have also found it to be true, you don't need much water. Don't always put a cup or more of water in. Use less in some cases, water can lessen flavor. I also use chicken broth, beef broth, apple juice, orange juice…I get creative. Keep in mind that most meats and veggies/fruits already posses liquid of their own.

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