How to make a tealight candle slow cooker.

hey y’all I’ve been experimenting as you
know with a different means of cooking boiling water what I’m gonna try now
something called a tea light slow cooker and these are a hundreds of tea lights I
got them at Walmart for I think it was like 3 or 4 bucks it was pretty cheap
this is the pipe I’m gonna use that is the hole I’m gonna cut to set that pop
down into and then I’m gonna build a little frame around it and put tea light
candles up underneath the pot I really want to see a fill of boil water let me
get it built and we’ll give that a try okay let me get that cut out and then
four sides and we’ll go from there put it together all right that’s the basic
idea you gotta get a little piece of sheet
metal that I can light the candles on and then slide them up under here that’ll be the next thing I do I’ve got
to find a little piece of tin somewhere I think I got someone to there what okay that’s what we got I got eight
candles there and my new test standard for smaller stuff like this is going to
be two cups that’s over teacups isn’t it well don’t
belittle off but here’s one to do dump two cups of water in there slide this
apana there and time it and see if eight candles will get two cups of water to
boil now this is not the tea light oven I think I may have said oven
accidentally a mint tea light slow cooker and basically you could
supposedly like make a stew in here you know these candles are good for
about four hours that’s what the package says so I want to dump a little bit of
out of this what am i yeah just a little over two I’m gonna dump just a tiny bit
out come down to two cups put it in there slide these in we’ll be right back hmm looks like two of them we know damn
it let me let me see if there’s something wrong with the candle I think
what I did was raised this up about 3/8 of an inch
I just set him on the nuts and because I think the bottom of that pan was too
close to the flames anyway let me dump my and this is very cold water out of my
tap because I got I’m out here in the shop so wish I knew what time it was
give me two seconds so I’m gonna come right back I shut this off but look at
my yeah okay 240 right 240 so uh well see it and how long demon
what is going on I may have to you know what stop the clock
these are the Dollar Tree candles they were a dollar for 50 of them and maybe
that’s why let me try the Walmart brand and see if they stay running be right
back well even this is a nice little discovery
these are Dollar Tree tea light candles and uh since they’ve been out here since
I pulled them out I’ve had a light then two or three times and they will not
stay lit here are the Walmart look at the difference in how bright and how
well-lit they are here’s one it’s just fixing to go out here and that one in
the middle and these are really doing doing good so I guess your choice of tea
light candles is important too well I’m gonna set these to the side over here
and just see if they’ll you know maybe do better later on I’m gonna put these
on here slide it in we’ll be back let me do that all right they’re all they all
appear to be standing it and now these are staying lit but they’re not doing
very well I mean they’re just barely going and let’s redo the time here 247
247 all right I’m gonna watch the pot and see if it boils seeing a little bit
or a lot I don’t know I’ve had three more go out and these
have not gone out so obviously the problem is not the candles the problem
is being under here and it has to be oxygen I can’t imagine them burning that
looks oxygen up I just can’t imagine with with with this thing wide open like
that huh I’m totally stuck and there’s more
than far enough away from the bottom there a good inch away from the bottom
of the pan tell you what I’m gonna do I thought about this I’m gonna drilled
some holes down through here around the outer edge of the pot probably going to
use an eighth inch bit and maybe just drill holes Oh but every inch or so
around here and see if that doesn’t the heat rising may suck air and underneath
this that’s what this is all about it’s not getting enough oxygen I don’t know
how but anyway yeah that’s got to be it all right let me let me drill them holes
we’ll be right back so scratch that time all right
here’s what our done I used a 5/32 bit now let’s put this pan down in there
this pan still got water in it won’t make you watch this but sure is
curious I did have two of these go out now my door is open but it’s not windy
in here well let me go ahead and check the time 350 let’s call it 358 still dead all of
them going yeah let me put my hand up here see if I can feel any heat coming
around here I actually do I actually do so maybe that was it maybe it was oxygen
alright 358 Oh what am i doing not 3 its 354 354 you got it look I’m not
I can’t tell time 354 will be back ok I have had 3 more go out and I’m pretty
sure what’s happening is that the candles are depleting the oxygen as it
warms the air and the warm air is not moving away quick enough to suck fresh
oxygen in meaning there’s not enough oxygen to keep the candles lit so let me
pull them back out and all them holes are drilled I’m going to a larger them
to order inch all the way around and we’ll try that
we’ll be back alright I got 1/4 inch holes drilled about every inch and eight
or so around here they’re all lit it is 303 I’ll tell you what when I took this
off in the last clip I put my finger in that water and you know what it was hot
probably I got about maybe 90 seconds of candle under it altogether so that’s
pretty impressive check one more time they all go in they’re all going and
I’ll tell you what I think that quarter-inch was that there are they
seem to be burning brighter and if this does boil water that is a really cool
thing to know and then the next thing I want to know is if I can take these down
off the the nuts I’ve got them set up on whether this gap here is enough to suck
fresh fresh oxygen in so if I go out again I will let you know 303 see when
we’re boiling or the candles go out okay it’s been 12 minutes and they’re all
still lit so I guess that was the trick and it’s really hot and I’m just kind of
open I just I can’t resist oh my goodness I believe won’t that be cool okay yeah when it
boils I’ll let you know that’ll be the next clip if it does or doesn’t come on
the candles you know these are for our candles and probably screw it around 20
minutes with them things trying to get them to stay lit so you know when it
blows we’ll be back okay it’s 333 it’s exactly half an hour I do have three
that have gone out but what it is is the wicks have fallen over so what I’m gonna
do is pick this up remove those three and I’m going to put three of these want
these uh Dollar Tree ones back in there that we’re going I blew them out and
keep on going because man it is so close to it really wants to boil and what I’m
gonna do also whoa I must still leave the clock go on but
I’m gonna drill a hole in here just one small hole so I can put my thermometer
in here I’m really curious just how hot that water is getting so I’m going to
replace these candles go get my thermometer and uh drill a hole we’ll be
back okay scratch that I’m back already I didn’t
go this really has been an interesting learning experience look what’s happened
to these candles which is why the wicks are falling over it’s so hot in there
that the candles are completely melting all the wax and the wicks are fallen
over that’s that’s very interesting so hmm what to do what to do I don’t
know you know they make these other candles that are well you know the same
thing what happened then huh I think what I’m gonna do is put these
candles back in there and space them much further apart I kind of think this
won’t won’t come to a boil I think we’re I think we get close but I don’t think
we’re quite to 212 degrees is a lot to ask but let me get some new candles in
there get this thing fired back up again get my thermometer in there and we’ll
see how close we are to boiling which is 212 all right I got them spread out a
little bit more away from each other although I don’t think that’s gonna make
much difference got a little hole drilled there and I’ve got this now I
just got all this don’t you think it’s in the water no we’ll see I just got it back together I mean I
just got the candles put under there and I went in and I like the time it took me
to go in and get this and come back so that’s what it’s up to
I tell ya it’s close and I don’t know what other kind of candles I could use
hmm but 175 and look at the bottom of the supersoul by mineral water
yeah it’s wet you know you could cook with that Mary
don’t let this sit in there for a little while I’m gonna give this ten more
minutes I I’m kind of thinking it won’t come to a boil it’s close but with eight
candles you could definitely cook and that is more than enough to uh you know
heat up a stew or we’ll see you know I have some chili that would be a cool
thing to do make some chili let’s see I’m not gonna do that in this video I’m
gonna give this about 10 more minutes take a final temperature just to see how
close to boiling that we are and I’ll put this video up it’s been an
interesting experiment including you know even including these things getting
so hot that they completely melted and tip the little wicks over which is why
they went out so that’s a good thing to know the fact that they kept going out
from lack of oxygen and it and it finally fixed it when I put big enough
holes around here which was quarter-inch so that’s a good thing though I kind of
think if I drop the if I see these you’re setting on nuts otherwise it
would just the only gap would be this one right here I think that’s not enough
and I don’t want to test that right now in fact what I may do is make these
permanent because when I do lower it down the 3/8 of an inch those flames are
very very close to the bottom of that pot you see when the pot is right now
the flames are about 1/2 an inch away so yeah that’s not enough space so I may
just add something permanent but so far what I’ve figured out has been very very
interesting underneath yeah 32 degrees from boiling alright well we’ll give it
a few more minutes I swear I hear boiling oh well let’s see what this
temperature says it can’t be boiling okay folks learn a
few more minutes we’re done you know
oh yeah thanks Shane at Sulphur City design for that sticker Franken grill by
BC truck I haven’t really gotten my money’s worth
well actually it was free cuz everything here was scrapped including the tank but
uh man I love this stove I probably have
cooked on it 40 times maybe 50 times and I just loving it it’s just the perfect
size for 2 or 3 people and that’s a 30 pound propane tank they’re not a 20 I
have a couple of 40 pounds not not this one but that’s a 40 pound and 40 pounds
I think would just be too long and not wide enough it would really I mean you’d
have to lay a long stream a charcoal down in there and I have two more 30
pound tanks left and I I have a couple plans nothing like the Franken grill
here and not exactly like Bev’s they want to make for Bev but similar anyway
I just thought I’d I know I show my grill a lot but I really like it it’s
been a great grill perfect size is what it is the last clip you saw of me
bragging about bragging about my grill that was not supposed to be there the
clip that was supposed to be there was of this achieving 200 degrees that was
as high as I could get it and I ended the video but that clip I
can’t find it and somehow the clip of my grill got in there so anyway this is the
next morning and what I’ve done is glue these little pieces
this is 5/8 plywood so that’s 5/8 thick is what that is
this morning I have got 8 cups of water in there and what I’m gonna try to cook
is this Bear Creek minestrone soup mix let me tell you this if you haven’t
tried it the best minestrone soup I have ever had
it’s all freeze-dried that Walmart it’s not it’s you know omelets
oh crap on the soup aisle they also have what do they have that I like good lord
I eat at old time huh chili is it chili yeah it is chilly and
uh they got good chili mix just add water and heat are you supposed to be
able to bring it to a boil well I can’t quite reach a boil and this time I’m
actually only going to use five candles instead of eight and I’m gonna just let
this simmer for a couple hours and see what happens so let me get this poured
in there and I’ll show you when we get the lid on and the candles under it
all right five candles got my soup mix in there
8 quart 8 cups of water and will I’m gonna be checking on this but I’m
probably going to let it set simmer for I’m gonna try two or three hours these
are supposedly for our tea lights I’ve got a couple of backups here in case
these the problem I was encountering yesterday was that they were completely
melting and the wicks were tipping over and I want to be checking on this often
enough where if that happens I’m just gonna take that one out and slide
another one in so all right we’ll be checking on this throughout the next
couple hours all right all the candles are lit it’s
been about Oh 25 30 minutes I had a cup of coffee so uh probably 25 to 30
minutes and I’ve got this metal rod here to hold the lid down because when I put
this thermometer in there it kind of moves the lid we’re not quite up to 120
so that would probably be right now you know 110 degrees and I started with
very cold tap water so far so good
oh when I started yes coming up it’s probably been 45
minutes I do believe this is gonna work you know what I’m just gonna give that
like let’s look at the clock here give me just secondly it’s uh I’m call
five after ten at 11:15 I’ll I’ll give it a taste and see if all that
dehydrated stuff is soft enough but a macaroni is soft enough to eat 11:15
we’ll be back all right I got my bowl ten more minutes what lassie did Timmy fall in the well
ten more minutes we’ll be back none of the candles went out this that’s about
its maximum time right there it almost touched 170 a time or two I’m very happy
with this I tell you would a-come these tea light candles come in a
package of 100 at Walmart and I got it figured out to about 4 cents apiece for
tea light candles I do not bring the soup ladle so what I’m gonna do get a
little bit of that juice in there okay so four cents apiece
five of them so it cost me 20 cents to to heat this up for two hours and they
supposedly will run for four hours so actually if I wanted to do this twice
that would be about 10 cents worth of candles to reconstitute dehydrated soup
and I’m certain I’m absolutely positive based on this heat that I could cook a
small stew in this and I’m gonna do that in the future I just want to get if you
have sat through this very long video I appreciate it and I don’t want to make
it any longer but rest assured there will be stoom aching and this you’ll get
to see it now I just want to make sure that everything is soft enough you know
reconstituted absolutely you try the noodles yep without a doubt that is the that is
a a positive experiment I’m happy with this with the results of this so we’re
going to continue experimenting with different means of cooking this was just
one I like this so much that I’m going to clean this up stain it and
polyurethane it I don’t know what else to say about this this was just scrap
wood I’ll give you a look around I cut these three and a half and you know your
height will differ based on the height of your pan but what I but you follow
the video you know I trial an error and I finally figured out that these holes
had to be quarter-inch about an inch apart the gap here as the hot air comes
up these holes it’s replaced with fresh air underneath these so the gap is
necessary and that is just there to hold the heat in around the pan but high
enough where you can slide the this in an hour
and what that metal is that’s just a bottom of you know those pies you get
for Christmas or actually that was a fruitcake so I just cut the bottom out
of it so that’s what that was alright I’m gonna finish eating this
thanks for watching and I hope you got something out of this I know it’s long
but it’s been a very interesting experiment for me and I hope you found
it interesting and if you decide to make one of these and you’ve made it better
you know feel free to put a link in a comment and it will go spam but I’ll
approve it if it’s about this and making it better
thanks for watching y’all what’s doing boy you won’t play give me just a minute
y’all know I’ve been losing some weight forex way too big 3x too big I’ve never worn this I bought it an
anticipation of some day getting into this I’m fixin try it on
yep got a little room in there 2x I it’s been probably 20 years since I’ve seen
two excellent it’s a little bit snug when I sit I bet
you another month and these will be perfect so I’m going to Walmart today I
may pick up another 2x or two

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