How to Make Baked Potatoes In your Slow Cooker

hi everyone it’s stephanie manley with today I’m going to show you how to make baked potatoes in your slow
cooker and guess what they’re really easy to do so on the in placing for
medium size potatoes in my slow cooker now when I say medium size they’re
actually 6 ounces so that’s about the size potato it fits in the palm of your
hand your potatoes are much larger your cooking time may vary
alright so potatoes are in there I’ve just drizzled a little bit of olive oil
on them this is gonna help protect the skin a little bit then I’m gonna season
this up which is some simple kosher salt you had seasoned salt or garlic salt
those are great options to add and guess what we’re just gonna put the lid on
them and cook them it’s really easy to do there you can cook these on high for
about four to four and a half hours and on low for six to seven hours and that’s
it you are gonna get wonderful baked potatoes that are tender and moist and
they seem like they just came out of the oven you can also turn these into mashed
potatoes if you like so there you go baked potatoes in your slow cooker I
hope you give this a try drop me a comment down below what you’d like to
see next thanks so much for watching

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  1. Stacy Beltran says:


  2. XxLocustBanexXx says:

    Ayy I'm second

  3. Slow Cooker Ideas says:

    love doing potatoes in my slow cooker πŸ™‚

  4. Kathryn Doyle says:

    This is a great idea and will free up my oven, especially during the holidays!

  5. Rosa Rubio says:

    Yummy & save a/c bill in summer

  6. Rosie Kelly says:

    How about stove top Rice Pudding a recipe

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