How To Make Beef And Biscuits Recipe

so one night a week Jules and I throw
axes in the backyard ax throwing lead so we need something that’s easy to cook
delicious easy to eat and will give us the fuel we need to win welcome friends
welcome back to the kitchen today we’re gonna do a riff on a beef pot pie that I
like to call beef and biscuits so the first thing we need to do is make the
biscuits and it’s just a simple whipped cream biscuit so into this bowl I’m
gonna put flour a little bit sugar a little bit of salt and a little bit of
baking powder and I’m just gonna give that a stir to mix it up don’t have to
give it much of a mix just a little bit to get everything in there next in is
some whipping cream this is 35% cream and I need more than that so let’s get
another container of cream so this is this is a riff on a recipe from our
channel I don’t know maybe three or four years ago it was a chicken pot pie with
this same topping I really like it and it works just as well with beef so there
we go there’s the cream now it’s pretty easy for the cream into the flour and
mix it until you’ve got a dough and that’s it it doesn’t really need
much so I’ve got a little bit of flour here that I’m gonna use later in the
stew part I’m just gonna put a little bit on the bench just a little bit turn
this out then we’re just gonna Pat it down into a round and put it on this
baking sheet and you want it not too thin but not too thick and here’s the
pan that I’m using to make the stew in or the beef part and so I want it to
fill kind of around a good part of the top so try to keep it round try to keep
it do your best really really when it comes down to
let’s just do your best it doesn’t look too bad okay so I have a baking sheet
with a piece of parchment paper bring that in and I’m going to take a pizza
wheel and cut this into eight and the oven is preheated so I’m just gonna
stick this into the oven and bake that off okay so the biscuits in the oven
cooking we can move on to the beef stew part so I’ve got a heavy cast-iron it’s
it’s a brazier you can use anything that you can put in the oven got this on sort
of medium-high heat it’s almost up to temperature so I’m
gonna put in a little bit of oil now you need stewing beef and here’s the deal I
went to the grocery store this morning to get stewing beef and Canadian
Thanksgiving just happened so I go to the butcher and say it’s doing beef and
he says to me I’ve got these rib steaks that I need to blow out today I’ll sell
you the rib steaks for half the cost of this doing beef so I said yeah sure I’ll
take the rib steaks so I’ve got a couple of rib steaks that I’ve chopped up and
I’ve got the bones so I’m gonna throw the bones in as well just to build that
beef flavor okay I think we’re ready to go we’re gonna put this in and brown it
off okay in goes the beef we just want to brown that on all sides
we’re not looking to cook it through just get a little bit of color and build
some fond on the bottom of the pan okay I’m gonna hit this with a little
bit of salt and pepper you need to be careful with your salt content right off
the top you still need to season it but we’re gonna add beef broth to this and
depending on where you get your beef broth from you may not want to add a
whole lot of salt early on because it may get really salty
later and this is freshly ground black pepper
I just grind it ahead of time because I find it so much easier to do it off
camera then stand here and grind with a pepper grinder okay a really good going
here nice and brown off so that this doesn’t burn because the timers also
going to tell me that I need to pull the biscuits out of the oven don’t be afraid
to stop everything if you’re in the middle of a recipe and things start to
overwhelm you just pull it off the heat stop take a breath figure it out don’t
burn anything it’s pretty simple so pull this out I’m gonna say the biscuits need
probably another two or three minutes so while they continue to cook I’m gonna
pull the meat out of the frying pan okay I’m gonna pull the bones out too I’m
gonna put the bones back in when we cook the rest and we got a really good base
going here now okay set this aside put the pan back on the heat now what I have
here is a mix of vegetables I’ve got onion mushrooms carrots and celery and
I’m using a mix of mushrooms don’t just use the white button mushrooms if you go
to the grocery store and you see different funky looking mushrooms pick
them up they add a whole bunch of other flavors and textures and they really
bring depth to what you’re cooking but mushrooms are great if that’s all
you can get fine use them but if you see other ones don’t be afraid pick them up
give them a try and they may smell a little bit funky before you put them in
but the flavor later is gonna be amazing so the pans back up to heat and go the
veg straight in and we just want to fry this down
get the onions nice and translucent and you want the mushrooms to lose most of
their moisture and that’s gonna take few minutes so while that cooks I think it’s
time to take the biscuit out of the oven oh yeah here we go okay looking good
next in is some tomato paste so just get a little spoon and I’ve cleared a little
spot in the middle of the pan so I can drop the tomato paste right on the
bottom of the pan and start that cooking process and there we go with the tomato
paste stir that around and then bring everything else in next in is some flour
somewhere between one and two tablespoons depending on how thick or
thin you like your potpie so I’m just gonna sprinkle in a little bit I can
adjust it later if I need to now I just want to stir this in and cook it for one
or two minutes until it Browns but certainly I want it to cook into the
vegetables now next in is some wine to deglaze the bottom of the pan and this
is where people get really hung up on what they believe is convention
everyone’s going to say because we’re using beef I should be using a red wine
and that’s simply not the case you can use a red wine if you want to use a red
wine if you want to use a white wine use a white wine if you happen to have a
third of a bottle of white wine in the fridge that you want to use on something
use it in this dish really what you’re looking for
are two things you want a little bit of the acid from the wine but you also want
the alcohol from the wine to unbind a lot of the flavonoids that are in the
other ingredients and we’re going to cook off most of the alcohol it’s not
going to be there because we’ve still got probably 45 minutes of cooking over
that time it will mostly cook out but what that alcohol is going to do is
releasing rattle number of other flavors that you
just wouldn’t get if you didn’t put it in so we’re not necessarily looking for
the flavor from the wine we’re looking for the flavors that the wine unlocks
does that make sense anyway back to the dish and once the wine has mostly cooked
off it’s time for the last two ingredients and that’s some beef stock
and start out with a couple of cups and see where that gets you if it’s too
thick add a little more stock if you need it and if it’s too thin then I
guess you just cook it a little bit longer to get it to the thickness that
you like Marmite we’re in Canada so I’m gonna use Marmite because that’s the one
that’s available if you’re in Vegemite country use Vegemite and if you’re in a
country that says that’s horrible I don’t want any of that in my meal I say
give them our mighty chance you’re not going to taste the Marmite at all I mean
it smells and tastes horrible on its own but what it does do again just like the
wine unlocking flavors this sort of melts into the background and unlocks a
whole pile of other flavors and pushes them all to the front and just makes the
whole thing taste better so give a shot maybe just buy a little jar and and try
it out in your next beef stew this dish chili any soup it’s just amazing and I
need another jar so we’re gonna give this a stir just to incorporate it all
now we add the beef back in get the beef all nestled in there put the lid on and we stick this in the
oven for about an hour okay when the beef and everything is cooked you pull
it out of the oven and stir in the frozen peas and corn and the stew will
pretty much cook them straight through what you’re looking for Glenn I’m
looking for the bones I’m gonna gnaw on these later these beets are not part of
this do I went to the grocery store and rib steaks were less than half the price
of stewing beef so you made a stew so I I used the rib steaks and head that
works too okay so it is a beef pot pie with a biscuit topping it looks good
I’ll get us a couple spoons I see some carrots from the garden some peas and
carrots looks good mushrooms onion and celery the best is the biscuit and the
biscuit the whole idea is that you put the biscuit on top of here and take this
to the table and serve the biscuit and the stew at the same time okay but you
could also just put the biscuit on the side put the biscuit on the side which
is what I’m gonna do of course my grandmother always bake the biscuits
more like a dumpling go on like it like a dumpling right on the top I love
because they’re kind of gooey and soak up the gravy on the bottom yeah I and
that is definitely an option to you could you could do that and put it in
for the hour that it takes to cook and the biscuit would cook through and that
would be fine as well okay a little bit like every recipe that is a a kind of
traditional stuff in a bowl recipes stuffing apart hey let’s do soup you can
do with it whatever you want yeah matter 5 – is a hot sauce if you want well
that’s the thing you know yes you could definitely change the spicing um there’s
not you watched me make this there’s not a whole lot of spicing in here it really
is building the flavors of the beef and the mushrooms then putting in a whole
lot of other spices but you could play with it and do whatever you want with it
I don’t know whether to try the biscuit of the students because I love
I’m going in for the stew mm-hmm big beef yeah and then dip the biscuit in
the gravy so the biscuits really soft lovely but
it’s not that rolled folded layered biscuit like an American southern
biscuit it’s more like a drop biscuit yeah yeah but the flavor is incredible
and it soaks up definitely so that’s it so there you have it this was some this
is pretty easy to make you saw me pretty much in real time goes into the oven for
an hour you’re really only working for about 45 minutes to make this a really
simple play with the beef you probably do this with a bunch of different flavor
combinations thanks for stopping by so you can soon you

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