How To Make best SHREDDED CHICKEN in 8 min instapot power pressure cooker WRAPS SANDWICHES & SALADS

Ok so now, I am gonna use my Italian dressing
vinaigrette as a seasoning and I’m gonna add a couple of table spoon on top of the chicken
so that I can flavor it ahead of time and once you bite on every piece of the sandwich
the whole chicken has a great flavor. So now we have our pressure cooker here and
we are going to add……. to the pot and you can make a whole pot of these if you wanna
keep shredded chicken for months frozen. It is so simple to make and you can use it for
many, many recipes and all we have to do is cover the pot and cook it 10 minutes in low.
Ok 10 minutes later, this is what you have a juicy and delicious group of chicken breast
that only picking them up they come apart. Look at this just touching it, and you’re
gonna be able to prepare your sandwich in a minute. While you prepare, all of the other
ingredients, you can have this cooking and then you’ll see that there is some chicken
stock there. It’s gonna be helpful for any other recipe you want. They come apart even
as I pick them out of the pot. In just 10 minutes you don’t have to be looking at them
at all and you’ll see that in 1 minute, all of this is gonna be shredded and we can prepare
our delicious chicken sandwich. Look how easy it is to have an amazing and delicious shredded
chicken for so many recipes that we’re gonna prepare ahead, in the future videos. No we’re gonna try this chicken that we prepared
it’s so, so, soft that it came apart You can eat it on it’s own, It’s prefect.
Here we have served with a little fruit from this tree. You can have a combination with
rosemary and they are delicious.

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