How to Make Breakfast in a Rice Cooker | French Toast, Sausages & Ham Hash

hi everyone quantumness and welcome back and today we are making such such a cool recipe we are going to cook in a full breakfast in a rice cooker so for this video i have partnered with tiger and they have generously generously provided me with an adorable pink rice cooker to use if you guys watch my cook miss recipes and you’ll know that i worked with them twice before to make some other rice space dishes but i thought that it would be so so cool to be able to make a full breakfast in a rice cooker so this recipe was a bit of trial and error if you guys follow me on snapchat then you will know the amount of times that i tried and failed to do this but i have found a recipe that works as amazing and I’m so excited to show you guys so what’s this breakfast consist of its homemade french toast of the blueberry maple syrup syrup some breakfast sausages some steamed cherry tomatoes and a ham hash which is made with potatoes sweet potato um two different colors of bell pepper pan and some egg and so if you’re having a busy morning or you just don’t feel like fussing with breakfast but you want a nice full breakfast this is the perfect recipe for you it is so easy and a ton of this can actually be prepped the night before the French toast might not look exactly like french toast but it tastes almost even better than french toast so let’s get started okay so first we are going to making the French toast portion and you can do this whole step the night before if you like so what you want to do is chop some egg bread into cubes and then place the bread in the rice portion of the rice cooker in a separate bowl combine some melted butter egg milk cinnamon vanilla extract and salt then pro-us on top of the bread and mix until the mixture is fully absorbed and so the French toast goes in the area of the rice cooker where you usually put the Reich and then everything else that we’re going to making is going to be placed in there to cook plate in this rice cooker so this is what is amazing about this rice cooker because it allows you to cook side dishes as well as the main dish so first we’re going to make the blueberry syrup super simple all you need to do is mash up some blueberries and mix them with maple syrup then you want to pour them into a small shallow ramekin or you can make a little dish with some aluminum foil and then place it onto the to cook plates then to make the ham hash play some potato and sweet potato in a shallow bowl and cover it with plastic wrap and microwave them for about 45 seconds to one minute and so you want this to be slightly cooked not cooked the whole way through but just begin the cooking process so that they can cook the rest of the way while they’re in the rice cooker then add some diced red and yellow bell pepper some ham and some parsley then season with some garlic salt and pepper then drizzle some olive oil on top and mix well add 1/2 of a beaten egg and start to fully coat the mixture and so what this bean egg does is it adds the eggy flavor without being like this huge amount of egg so it’s still kind of tastes like scrambled egg but it’s a little bit more balanced in flavor then you want to place this in the to cook plate along with some breakfast sausages and some cherry tomatoes so to cook this set the rice cooker to the cake function and set the time to 45 minutes then press Start the once rice cooker has Spanish cooking remove the took tray and then place the plate on top of the rice cooker pot and using a dish towel because the replica pot is going to be so hot flip the French toast upside down onto your plate and then remove the rest of your pot to reveal your French toast underneath top with the blueberry syrup and serve with some ham hash breakfast sausages and blistered cherry tomatoes and you are done so thank you guys so much for watching I really hope that you liked this recipe I love that you can make something kind of unexpected like this in a rice cooker as well this video is sponsored by Tiger but I genuinely love this rice cooker so much I use it all the time and it’s just it’s so it’s so cool like number one it’s pink and number two you can click things like breakfast in it it’s so versatile and you can also make cake you can make you can use as a slow cooker even you can make risotto in it there’s just so many other possibilities so if you would like me to make some other things in this rice cooker definitely comment below and I can definitely make those and I love you guys so much and I said cookies and a Valentine’s Day theme week is actually starting up next week so make sure to check back on Monday for a whole week of Valentine’s dippin videos and I love you guys so much and yeah I will see you on Monday bye

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