How to Make Brick Chicken with Liza Queen

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  1. it me says:

    so why does this cost so much

  2. Rico Teo says:

    she looks like she is drunk

  3. Cesar. M says:

    That chicken doesn't even looked fully cooked bruh omg

  4. Gustavo De Mira says:

    She is the definition of hip.

  5. DickOswald says:

    one buttercube fell XD

  6. lisarenee3505 says:

    I've done this before using a basic cinder block-style paving stone wrapped in foil, worked great. You can also use a foil-wrapped brick, which I believe is where the name comes from. Anything heavy will work, and if you use a pre-heated cast iron pan as a weight you can get a nice sear on both sides at once while reducing your cook time.

  7. Tom Ivanaj says:

    Liza Queen is a douche

  8. Davis Yang says:

    this lady is so savage o.o

  9. Yo Shane TUBE TV says:

    I'd flip it OVER and do the other side

  10. prashant bisht says:

    is she running on weed energy

  11. Samer Houssein says:

    Why on earth is the director changing cams while she is cutting…you wasted the information to the viewer and confused them just to get a shot while she is talking?!

  12. paperchasin23 says:

    She's fuckin obnoxious. And sexy as hell.

  13. zurC Gaming says:

    its raw!! lol

  14. Dolores Renee says:

    Looked raw still

  15. Wayne Landry says:

    Take me home my dear!

  16. Aj Ochoa says:

    someone needs to tell her okay "so go ahead and eat it"

  17. Mondo Prime says:

    She's cool.

  18. Chris Keo says:

    smooshed chicken

  19. hafiz adruce says:

    I love my chicken with pits sweats

  20. zooboy2323 says:

    Ha, what a bunch of nerds

  21. adi jaya says:

    Still raw..

  22. Kiedy Silniejsza says:

    This chick is awesome on many fronts. My kinda peep, and the recipe is dope, too

  23. Matt Young says:

    beautiful cooking

  24. st3v3nc455 says:

    if i wanted my butcher to sort the chicken out for me what would i ask for??

  25. Mian Habib says:

    Really Knowledgeable Chef.

  26. gavin zhu says:

    I wish my knife was that sharp

  27. BeastGuy8Acake says:

    who wants medium cooked chicken!

  28. Jaxon1127 says:

    I like how you keepin it realGreat video thanks!

  29. Paul Castro says:

    so hungry now

  30. Tharx Slimes says:

    The other side is still raw

  31. partykrew666 says:

    literally eating some i just made as im typing this comment. dont snooze on this shit, make it and make the sauce. SO fucking good.

  32. John B says:

    Just made this for the fam. It was excellent! Great idea to debone the chicken. Never done that before – and it really wasn't too hard. Only took a about 15 minutes to prep and 20 to cook. The family loved it!

  33. warisover says:

    More from her please.

  34. Deryn Ryan says:

    Cool chick

  35. NickR says:

    This channel is nothing without matty matheson

  36. Samman nightmare says:

    Eewwww you ugly duck!!!!!

  37. Quetzy Banda says:

    Tried this and it was pretty fucking good. I used maple whiskey instead of stock.

  38. Diego Cadei says:

    6:10 , we'll miss you butter cube

  39. Gr3nee _ says:

    2:38 that was so to the beat!!!

  40. Code/Hypertext Noob says:

    It's raw

  41. Ε imon Pinkas says:

    Is it just me, or did she slightly undercooked the chicken?

  42. Wayne Landry says:

    Excellent Chef!

  43. Michael Cera says:

    why wouldn't you crisp up the other side?

  44. amit verma says:

    slide the knife underneath the bone and slice your fucking finger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  45. Ryan Liu says:

    not as good as Marc forgione

  46. Jermaine Jennings says:


  47. Jermaine Jennings says:

    I'm going my new visit to NY. She is so raw, I would love to join her for a beer.

  48. [ o b s i d i a n d r e a m e r ] says:

    She kinda reminds me of Anita Sarkeesian

  49. summer says:

    can i do it with 12 bricks

  50. Corb4n says:

    more of/with her please

  51. Vic Coh says:

    all you tripping , it's pink on one side man like wtf 'munchies I wouldn't eat that shit I'd be in hospital!!πŸ˜‚πŸŽ£

  52. Kenyatta Knox says:

    That chicken ain't done 🀒

  53. Dalkarl says:

    Sure, the dish came out nice and all, but she has to remove that nail polish. Disgusting..

  54. erwin arias says:

    That shit still pink

  55. BeauLove22 says:

    You can't tell me that chicken was done all the way through

  56. veteranraider 062 says:

    she refers to the chicken as a he all the way through but a male chicken is a rooster………

  57. Samuel Lafferty says:

    I want her to teach me everything

  58. JFbabe says:

    Whenever time comes to take a break from the kitchen, this lady could be a terrific teacher.

  59. Nur La grande says:

    She called them nerds with a mic onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  60. Mburns18 O6 says:

    1:26 who the foook is that guy

  61. Eviscerate says:

    I tried this, It was great. To anyone who thinks it's not cooked. you'd be surprised when you cut into it. Anyways it was amazing, Try it out!

  62. Coffeepup says:

    This recipe was so good holy shit

  63. jcjcjcjcjcjcful says:

    must be on adderall

  64. Minecraft Nigga says:

    Action, is that fucking you?

  65. Max Halley says:

    She knows her sh*t

  66. Abhijith Rajeev says:

    That's not how you put a piece of meat into a pan! You "lay away"! πŸ˜‚
    Thank you Gordon Ramsay!!😊

  67. thowmaz says:

    Omg she’s awesome xD

  68. a b says:

    I eat my chicken medium rare just like my steaks so i think this is "overcooked" as the chef would say it

  69. Brian Ramnath says:

    She's fantastic

  70. thisisyaren says:

    her de boning is quite fucked up to be honest.

  71. thisisyaren says:

    She's very cool though

  72. thisisyaren says:

    what is she saying about the burners? boost …. burners??? anyone know?

  73. thisisyaren says:

    around the 2:40 mark

  74. Andrew Winoto says:

    raw chicken? DISLIKED.

  75. Dan Jones says:

    It looks kinda different… I'd probably caramelize the other side a bit, but it's probably good

  76. LewieBot says:

    Notice on how a bunch of videos with female cooks you get hateful comments and people trying to call them out as sexists. Now notice how you don't have either here. Yeah.

  77. Hammerhead Eagle I Thrust aka Geoff says:

    Thats some seriously flavourless chicken

  78. Neville de Conceicao says:

    Umm, isn't that a tad underdone? The topside still had hues of pink!

  79. Andrew Stephen Espiritu says:

    I feel like an egg im tried making this but like every aspiring cook I OVERSEASONED THE CHICKEN and a pool formed while I pressed down. Soon I had fibreglass skin chicken with salt on a sauce of salt and side dish of salt with chicken. it had nice crispy slim tho thanks :))

  80. Travis Kopet says:

    how to make brick chicken, fry a piece of chicken….. great video……

  81. Tom Haflinger says:

    I'd never survive in a restaurant kitchen (read "Kitchen Confidential" [RIP Anthony Bourdain]), but I love hearing from real chefs. They know what tastes good, and they know how to get it done without a lot of unnecessary effort or concern.

    I never would have thought you could cook a piece of chicken all the way through without flipping, especially with a large conductive block on the top side, and not have one side be completely overcooked.

  82. FerrisFlyer says:

    Now that's a real chef. Quality. Id love to learn from her.

  83. Red Yumi says:

    I made this dish and it was amazing!

  84. lulutileguy says:

    fridge pot plate no b s

  85. Jackwhoknows says:

    this sound mixing is hot garbage

  86. Robert Black says:

    Mmmmm. Burnt pepper

  87. theghostmachine says:

    Are there more videos of her?

  88. jonny c says:

    Pretty sure that's jenny from the block

  89. HomersIlliad says:

    I came here expecting to learn how to cook a chicken, but I wound up learning how to debone it.

  90. Gabriel Martins says:

    If you break the sauce, it means you over reduced the liquid. Add a splash of water or stock, a few drops of lemon juice, and it will emulsify again. Do NOT throw it away.

  91. John Flanagan says:

    Finally…a real chef acting like a real chef.

  92. Jordan Yruegas says:

    I'd probably turn it over and go for at least 30 seconds, maybe a minute on the other side at a lower heat, I'm paranoid, sometimes even in my own cooking ability.

  93. Rudy Ruiz says:

    More of her please… she's awesome!

  94. MetalizedButt says:

    Her name sounds like a pornstar and the restaurant is like a porn film.
    Liza Queen in Potlikker

  95. MetalizedButt says:

    4:10 place down away from you darling but ok. And I’d cook the other side of the chicken too… but ok.

  96. Mohamed Ansar says:

    White people – salt and pepper seasoning… Wtf u guys got taste buds for??

  97. jjtc says:

    How can a sauce that is 98 percent butter not taste good.

  98. trini13archer says:

    This at like 0.5 speed is fuckkin trippy

  99. Eric Sun says:


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