How to make cake in pressure cooker | Eggless vanilla cake recipe

Today i am going to share recipe of preparing cake in pressure cooker so let’s start Today i am going to prepare egg less vanilla cake ,so let’s have a look on ingredients required. 200gms of all purpose flour Approx 100 gms of powdered sugar Approx 50 gms of melted butter 1 cup curd(approx 100 gms ) 1 cup of milk 2 tbsp of vanilla custard powder 1 tsp baking soda 2 tsp baking powder 3-4 drops of vanilla essence And some dry fruits (optional) salt for baking process So let’s start Take a bowl In a bowl add curd melted butter and powdered sugar Add sugar as per your taste I am adding less sugar here ,add as per your taste Now cream the butter,sugar and curd ,just do this by your hand until butter,sugar and curd are well incorporated mix well and make sure that there will be no lump found Do this for 3-4 minutes Now this is almost done Now add all the dry mix all purpose flour custard powder I am adding this to get Vanilla flavor in my cake Now add baking soda baking powder Add milk and mix properly Now my batter is a bit thicker than the consistency i need for my cake ,so add milk to make proper consistency Mix properly until you don’t see the batter lump free We need the same consistency as shown in video Add vanilla essence 3-4 drops of vanilla essence is enough Give a good mix It is almost ready Preheat the pressure cooker by spreading salt at bottom You can take sand instead of salt ,both will serve the same purpose Now place a small container or stand I am placing small steel bowl because i don’t have small stand available in my kitchen I have already used this steel bowl for baking cake before , that’s why you can see burnt surface – Ignore that 😛 Do not forget to remove whistle and rubber from the lid . This is very important Now take another container / cake pan in which you are going to bake your cake, Grease this with oil or butter Add flour all over the inside of the bowl to make sure that the oil got spread evenly and everywhere in a proper manner I didn’t had a cake pan so i used a steel container it does not matter which container you have ,but make sure the container should not be very thick I am using butter paper just in one half of pan to show you that whether it is going to make any difference or not Now pour the batter in Tap the cake pan firmly a couple of times to remove any air bubbles in the batter It is almost ready to bake Now garnish with dry fruits . It is optional It is ready to go into the cooker Gently Put the cake pan carefully into the preheated pressure cooker And cover the lid keep the flame very low (simmer) Cook for about 40-45 minutes until a toothpick/knife inserted into the cake comes out clean Remove the lid and cool for 10 minutes in the cake pan Now with a help of knife check whether the cake leaves the side of pan or not ,if it leaves the sides of the pan then it is a good indication that it’s cooked Then, gently invert onto a plate and cool the cake completely before cutting and serving Any flavor you want to prepare you can it is very easy..and in my upcoming videos i will share the recipe Now i am going to show you is there any difference putting butter paper on bottom of pan No major difference found , if you don’t have butter paper then you can prepare your cake without putting butter paper Now cake is ready . Cut with a help of knife. Remember to cool the cake completely before cutting and serving Christmas is knocking the door.So why not make this special occasion much more special by making a cake for ourselves rather than buying one. Follow my recipe and believe me it’s gonna be real fun !!

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