How To Make Chili-Cheese Dogs By Rachael

Chili dogs! (audience cheering) I’ve got ground beef, 80-20, so 80% lean, and then we’re going to brown that in a little bit of olive oil. And I added some onion and garlic and jalapeno pepper, that’s the base, okay? And I cooked it up just in my little old, my best buddy here, my cast iron skillet. Now we’re gonna season it up. We’re gonna do some smoked paprika, a big ol’ palmful of chili powder, of course, smoked sweet paprika, and cumin. Cumin loves to hang out with coriander, they go everywhere together. Little salt and pepper. Oh, and I don’t think they put the garlic in yet, we just have the onions cooking out in there. So I’m gonna add the garlic now. I’m gonna add a little ground ginger. Give this a stir. Oh man, that smells good! We’re gonna toast up our spices a bit. We’re gonna add a little tomato paste or sun-dried tomato paste. Then we’re gonna add some Worcestershire sauce, some hot sauce, cayenne pepper sauce, big ol’ turn of the pan. And, to help it cook out, about a cup of water. Now we’re gonna let that simmer. We’re gonna talk about the dog when we come back. (audience cheering) We are making chili dogs tonight. We made our chili with the ground beef and onions and garlic and jalapeno peppers. Our dogs, I love this technique. I keep them warm and heat them through in a little water bath at a low simmer, then right before I serve them so they have a good snap to them, I throw them onto a hot griddle and get the casings all nice and super crispy. What we do with the cut sides of the top split rolls is baste them with butter and throw them on the griddle so it tastes like you’re eating buttered toast with your chili dog.
(audience oohing) I know! (audience laughing) So I’ve got half the griddle covered with the dogs, I mean with the rolls for the dogs. I’m gonna take the dogs outta the hot tub and put ’em on the sauna, I guess, on the griddle. When we come back, once these get nice and crispy, we’ll stack our dogs, right after this! (audience cheering) This is how we do it. We’ve got our freshly griddled toasted buttered roll. While the roll’s nice and hot, I put the cheese right down in there. (audience oohing) Then we’re gonna take our nice snappy-casing hot dog, then we’re gonna take a ton of our homemade chili sauce. (audience oohing) Put that down over there like that. Mustard. Relish. Onions! (audience laughing) Bring it! Oh! (audience cheering) (chimes tinkling)

4 comments on “How To Make Chili-Cheese Dogs By Rachael”

  1. Matthew Meditz says:

    Lmao 3:09 is totally a Rachel move lol

  2. john foy says:

    Cant find split top buns or casing dogs in the south like u can up

  3. To Be Honest says:

    Gratuitous! Meat on top of meat

    Thanks for teaching your million of viewers how to be obese, and immobile 3:13

  4. vanlife 123s says:

    Just made these for everybody at a NBA playoff party only thing I added was a pickle spear on the side and beer👍🏽🏀🍺

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