How to Make Chili : How to Season Meat for Chili

Hi this is Dave for Expert Village and today
were making southwestern chili so now we got our meat in the pan we got the ground beef
the pork and the steak and we’re going to add some fresh ground pepper to it. You can
see it sizzling away beautifully as much as you like in here I like a lot of pepper with
the meat cause it adds all that flavor to it. We’re also going to add some more ingredients
later that you’ll see and then I have some salt you can go easy on that because we can
always add that later usually with salt you can’t take that out so only use as much as
you think you need. We’re going to add a teaspoon of ground cumin this is going to give that
earthy chili flavor into that so I use a generous teaspoon, and kind of mix that in there. And
then I just grab my tongs or spoon and kind of mix that around you get a nice earthy flavor
out of that cumin right away, you can smell this. What you want to do is cook all this
meat through you just want to get a nice brown on the outside a nice sere because it’s going
to cook for quit a while in liquid and cook all the way through.

14 comments on “How to Make Chili : How to Season Meat for Chili”

  1. sdashner7 says:

    I would really like the how to videos if they werent split into so many small bits

  2. Jeffmorgan83 says:

    I totally agree with you. There also not numbered.

  3. memadman says:

    Is there a part 2 ?

  4. W. Dearth says:

    Nice pan. I love flakes of teflon in my chili.

  5. Vivvy says:

    did he say human 0.o

  6. Breeze says:

    haha LeonAkiedo, i think you mean cumin, a seasoning usually found in taco seasoning mixes not chili seasoning mix

  7. Catarina Melo says:

    What a way to go. You love to introduce yourself, cut the crap, man.Next time me less egocentric. in the whole u have good ideas.

  8. TheRealtalk617 says:

    fuk expert village

  9. Harrison Liu says:

    at 1:16 said you can smell it lol

  10. MrCrazyAsshole says:

    @baddebt HAHAHAAAAAA

  11. TheVittleVlog says:

    Looks good!!

  12. Bradley Reynolds says:

    can anyone just upload a video to expertvillage?

  13. AugustusLarch says:

    Sucks so bad. What about the peppers? This should be called idiot village.

  14. godwillhunting2 says:

    what is up with that fry pan….looks like the teflon has all come off ..i dont think it could be seasoning. Possibly an aluminum pan with burned on grease ? …

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