How to Make Chili : How to Serve Chili

Hi this is Dave for Expert Village and today
were making southwestern chili okay guys now it’s pay off time all your hard work is going
to come to you we’re going to have a nice bowl of chili so I like to scoop out a nice
bunch of chili there. Add it to the bowl I like to go back and get a little of that broth
here to and just pour it right over like that and then we’ll add a couple of garnishes to
it. We can add a little bit of chopped onion go ahead and sprinkle that around, totally
optional but this is something I alway grew up with and something that I always like and
then get a little piece of cheddar cheese. I like sharp if possible and then you just
go ahead and shred that right down into your chili just like that, it’s going to melt perfectly
right in just like that. As a nice little finish I like to get to keep southwestern
with it I like to get a nice soft corn tortilla just kind of roll it up. This will be almost
like your crackers and just put it right there just like that just get a couple of them and
this will be your bread and now you got a great great bowl of chili great comfort food.

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  1. Brenda Tee says:

    that was great i loved it

  2. Bjarmi92 says:

    looks soooooooooooooooooo goooooood!!!!

  3. Suertsje says:

    @oceanhawk9 ahahaha, I KNOW, it's so funny!

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