How to Make Classic Pad Thai | Cooking with Poo

Hi FoodTubey I am Poo, pad thai from Thailand The pad thai, number one stir fry noodle in Thailand Sometime you can do chicken We have noodle Before dry one you can soak with warm water, allow ten minutes, easy when you cook Crushed peanut you have that Now we cut tofu Tofu you can cut Red onion Easy when you have the prawn, I show for you Here you can squeeze in the head and squeeze here Your prawn head really good for the noodle have colour Here, you pull out Place onion in Stir fry red onion to smell You have a look the prawn head have beautiful colour The prawn not cooked too long time The rice noodle cook allow 1 to 2 minute Then 2 spoon fish sauce Sugar Thai people in Bangkok love sweet and then you don’t like sweet too much you can add a little bit Sweet radish in, allow one tablespoon And then I use water for cooking And you cook noodle How you know the noodle are ready, you can use long handle Check the noodle, the noodles sticky? Not yet cook allow few minutes And then the egg in The egg you can cook outside in the fry pan Someone not understand put in the egg, mix together, now sticky not beautiful Looking for the egg right, mix everything now Spring onion And then beansprout Someone not like cook a little bit, someone loves the beansprout cook this long time And serve And then you can add Sugar And Chilli powder, be careful not add a lot, a little bit squeeze lime And mix everything Really yummy

75 comments on “How to Make Classic Pad Thai | Cooking with Poo”

  1. Kamil Rafuson says:

    anyone tell me why pad thai tastes like peanut sauce but she didnt put any peanut in it

  2. Andrew L says:

    Although it took me a while to understand what she meant by "less onion", but I love the fact that she used only one of each. One pan, one spatula, one knife… She even deveined the shrimp using that huge chef's knife. This is truly real life cooking and not some show where they need to use 5 different spoons and 7 little bowls for all the spices.

  3. iiking_cringe says:

    lol who came here from that video that made fun of peoplesโ€™ names

  4. Ryan Posen says:

    Making this now .Yasss

  5. Charlie B. says:

    I cam from dangmattsmith

  6. Kimpten says:

    The poo must taste so good

  7. Hugh S. Hay says:

    I love Poo!

  8. First Name Last Name says:

    Is this real

  9. Adam Sobczak says:

    wooow awesome!

  10. Good Bye says:

    Cooking with poop… name change needed?

  11. Flying Nimbus says:

    If I don't have poo can I use pee?

  12. Kanzee says:

    Way better than Italian Spaghetti

  13. irene paz says:

    No hay otro como kathy . Delicioso

  14. Albert Walter says:

    I had the beat pad Thai in Khao San road, blew my mind

  15. C L says:

    I want her shirt

  16. James Thomas says:


  17. G Honda says:

    Drip shrimp juices on other ingredients. Don't wash hands when done working with shrimp.

  18. G Honda says:

    Add palm sugar not refined sugar

  19. MB Games says:

    Cooking with poo

  20. Poe Food says:

    Love this. definitely, need to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Samurii YT says:

    I feel bad for her cos her name

  22. Lex Cub says:

    Nice shirt… Hahaha

  23. D Noss says:

    Never seen a prawn pealed like that! Fantastic.

  24. Felix Bedard says:

    what is your buurner ??

  25. socorro feliciano says:

    I love your kitchen!

  26. Jordan Rockwell says:

    im half mast right now

  27. Radonated says:

    Love you Poo, you're the best! <3

  28. MG Sparky says:

    Whenever I'm stuck for recipe ideas I always turn to poo.

  29. Following Phan says:

    Tamarin sauce wasnโ€™t included

  30. Pepe Silva says:

    I thought the video title was funny enough and then I saw her shirt and laughed more.

  31. Ed M says:

    621 thai people who think they can make it better disliked this video …thanks poo great recipe

  32. sugar issweet says:

    I came here to make a joke about cooking with poo… then I saw the comment section.

  33. Anthony Scheeren says:

    This baffles me – If you're having someone do an instructional video, please let them speak their native tongue and put subtitles on… She could explain things much more thoroughly for those actually interested in cooking

  34. moon star shine says:

    wow! looks delicious can i have a bit pls. craving since i coming back here in the philippines.

  35. Ive ASMR says:

    Who else came here from dang Matt Smith when he was looking up with her name is for example cooking with poo LOL

  36. Jon Clare says:

    She did sugar to be simple but itโ€™s usually with palm sugar

  37. teh gringe says:

    no tamarind?

  38. NoteAndroid says:

    I love Pad Thai. Poo make easy. cook fast, delicious. "Chilly powder, be careful, not add a lot"~!!! I thank you~!!!

  39. Hibiscus Angel says:


  40. ComboverSoul tig says:

    I lup cook wit poo

  41. Ben Lloyd-Jones says:

    Cooking with Poo? That would ruin it.

  42. Lisa Casey says:

    Love this!!! Thanks!!!!!

  43. Carlos Wazny says:

    No tamarind?

  44. Kent Kirkwood says:

    I would watch her cooking show

  45. last time says:

    Been to Thailand 7 months ago loved this dish. Hope I could make. Where I come from I don't think we have some of the ingredients

  46. saigwan sagemini says:

    Love the tshirt xD

  47. riverice7 says:

    My Eggs too close mine a mess ๐Ÿ™

  48. praisethesun says:

    Anyone else think she is sexy? ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Man's not Bot says:

    'Cooking with poo' gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "waste not, want not".

  50. Alan Stead says:

    I love Pad Thai

  51. distoricass says:

    I met her at one of her cooking classes. I knew nothing of her on the show before that

  52. Kerry Boland says:

    Love the shirt

  53. Michael Anthony says:

    cooking with poop

  54. Moo Poo says:

    It makes to understand your English better if you can include English subtitle! – thanks!

  55. Si Filey says:

    She has a brother called Poo Poo

  56. beenflicker1 says:

    I love to cook with poo sometimes I cook with piss too

  57. Alyssa Thomas says:

    Cooking with "Poo"….๐Ÿค”

  58. B222K says:

    Imagine wearing that shirt at the mall or something โ€œi cooked with poo and i liked itโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚ dont nobody coming near ur nastyass. But the recipe looks great.

  59. Aleesha M says:

    Reading that t shirt out of context is pretty hilarious

  60. K Schep says:

    I LOVE everything about your kitchen and that brick wall is a dream

  61. fuse9 says:

    I understood almost zero of this but I'd eat it. Definitely not an instructional video

  62. Safal Pun says:

    Lol I clicked for classic than I saw poo I was like whattt but anyway big respect for food.

  63. eqlzr2 says:

    She was fantastic! What a pro! Thx!

  64. King Bora Beats says:


  65. Turkssh Tool says:

    does she know what her shirt says

  66. Wallace says:

    I dont trust her cooking.. her shirt says it all

  67. Rose Rodriguez says:


  68. Robin Blitzblum says:

    What is the name of that pan, what kind of pan is it and where can I buy it? Tnx!

  69. Ning Nam says:

    I love your pad thai. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ‘seems so delicious. I'm a filipina but i love thai food here in japan. How i wish i can cook too ๐Ÿ˜

  70. Sasha Anzulovich says:


  71. kessi S says:

    Somebody give her subtitles
    She is good at cooking Iโ€™m sure
    But itโ€™s not easy to think about what to do next , look at the camera , and do narrative job.

    Maybe saying in Gordon style would help lolprawn noodle sauce perfect!

  72. Lex Castillo says:

    Eww what did I walk into? (Reading the title)

  73. Eddie Carrico says:

    Thankyou for make it look simple demonstration poo!

  74. Gabby Cuvin says:

    what if i don't have the fermented radish and tamarind paste as well?

  75. An Tran says:

    I found already made pad thai sauce

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