How To Make Corned Beef Hash Recipe

welcome friends today in the kitchen
we’re going to make corned beef hash a couple of nights ago Jules and I had a
little piece of corned beef and there’s some left over so I’m gonna do this
recipe now this to me isn’t so much a recipe as it is a method because we
never have the exact same amount of corned beef leftover so my method is I
look at how much corned beef I have and then I do roughly the same amount of
potato and chopped white onion so the onions already chopped up the potato is
also chopped up and it’s been boiled already so it is is already cooked now
I’ve got a cast-iron frying pan I’ve got a pad of butter in there
the butter is melting in goes the onion and I’m just gonna start softening that
well the onion softens I’m gonna cut up the corned beef and this dish gets its
name from hash a which just means cut so you can dice this as finely or as
coarsely as you wish this time I’m gonna do it about the same side maybe just a
little bit smaller than potato pieces just to kind of keep everything on the
same scale okay keep an eye on the onions you don’t want them to brown or
burn okay so the onions have maybe got a little more color than I wanted but
we’re gonna throw in the potatoes at this point and start cooking those in as
well okay I started out with maybe just a little bit more than a tablespoon of
butter if the pan starts to dry out add more this is one of those things we just
have to watch what’s going on you have to roll with it make some decisions and
if you need more butter put more butter in now moving on to spices I like a
little bit of paprika and a little bit of dried mustard along with some freshly
cracked pepper I usually don’t add salt because I find
there’s enough salt in the corned beef and if you’re doing this with canned
corned beef there’s more than enough salt in there and I do enjoy it with
canned corned beef I know a lot of people say you can’t
make it with canned corned beef but I really do enjoy that version so take the
potatoes and the onions are looking pretty good in goes the corned beef and yeah I could have used a bigger frying
pan but you know this is what I started it with it’s gonna have to do so just
gonna mix that in now as the corned beef heats up it’s gonna release a lot of fat
so I’m tempted to put in another pad of butter but I’m gonna wait and just see
what happens and at this point it’s gonna Pat it down and I’m not gonna play
with it too much but I am going to sprinkle on a little bit of paprika and
a little bit of mustard and these are to taste totally to taste when you’re
cooking a savory dish like this for me to tell you to put in a tablespoon or a
tablespoon and a half it’s really up to you and there might be other spices that
you want to use don’t be afraid to experiment find what works for you now
we wait okay let’s give this a flip there we go nice and brown and crusty on
the bottom okay just flip it just a little bit more stir
it around Pat it down again so we can get a nice brown crispy crust on the
bottom and I gave it a little bit of taste I think just a tiny bit more
paprika and a little bit more mustard and I don’t worry too much about mixing
the spices in they will get mixed in in the next turn hey Joel hey that sounds
good we have some corned beef hash to taste this means we’re having eggs for supper
I started with good nice and salty yeah yeah so I didn’t add any salt the salt
just comes from the corned beef it was great and so a little bit of mustard a
little bit of paprika yeah I can put that with a for me put
that with a runny egg in yeah Bernie a piece of toast or I could just eat it
all on its own I can make a meal out of that all on its own okay
stop this is a winner we know it’s a winner stop eating you’ll ruin your
supper thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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