How to make Cowboy Buffalo Chili ~ Ground Bison Recipe

Tonight I’m making a big pot of chili
but i’m using a different meat, a healthier meat, a delicious meat, ground
bison. I’ll show you how to make this bison chili from start to finish. I’m Tess and welcome to my kitchen. Ground bison can be found in most
grocery store chains including Walmart, Sam’s and Wegmans, that i know of. This is one pound of ground bison or buffalo meat. Bison is a leaner meat than beef,
healthier and becoming more and more popular. I’m using the ground bison tonight for
chili using the ground bison. I’m not going to be able to taste much of a
difference from beef but it is a different and healthier option than beef. Besides, the ground buffalo will make
this chili more authentic! It will make it more of a cowboy chili! In my pan on medium heat I’m adding a
couple tablespoons of oil, some diced onions, bell peppers, celery and a little
salt and black pepper. Giving that a stir and cooking for a couple minutes. Next is a good serving of minced garlic!
I love lots of garlic! Giving that a stir, stirring constantly and cooking for another minute. You can find this recipe and the list of
ingredients in the description box below. I’m turning up my heat to medium-high
and i’m adding in the ground bison. Stirring and chopping until ground. Next I’m adding some spices. I’m adding
some Sazon. This is my homemade Sazon and i will
leave a link for that recipe HERE and in the description box below. You can use
one packet of the Goya. Adding in some chili powder, oregano and a little
Chipotle powder for some smokiness and heat, and this is optional. Stirring and
cooking for another minute to get all those flavors started. The smell just
keeps getting better and better! Now for some liquid. I have one large can
of crushed tomatoes and you can use tomato sauce if you wish. One large can of kidney beans going in
and some people don’t like beans in their chili and that is OK. Giving that a stir to get everything
well combined. If you like this bison chili recipe
please remember to hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and leave a comment
below. You can also find me and more of what I’m cooking on Facebook. Please feel free to share this recipe with your friends and family Bringing the chili up to a simmer. Giving
it a taste test for any seasonings and I’m also adding some beef broth to thin
out the chili. Once up to a simmer, reducing the heat to
low , covering and cooking for 30 minutes occasionally stirring. It’s been 30 minutes and you can see the chili is
reduced and thickened a little from the beans. Now I’m adding my second round of spices.
Chili always seems to benefit with two to three spice deposits throughout the
cooking. I’m adding a little sugar to balance out
the tomato acidity, some garlic powder and another boost of oregano for some
freshness! Can’t forget to add a little more chili powder. After all, that is what this bison chili
is all about ! Giving that a stir. Covering and cooking for another 15
minutes and we are ready to eat! I think the ground bison gave this
chili a great rich taste! You can see the meat was lean and did not produce a
lot of liquid or fat. Ground bison is another healthier alternative meat. Serving the bison chili tonight with
some grated cheddar cheese and some fresh chopped green onions on top. You
could serve with some pasta, rice or mashed potatoes! You can add sour cream or whatever you like in your chili! Hope you give this cowboy bison chili a try! Until next time, enjoy. And Thanks so much for joining me here
in my kitchen. You can subscribe here for my future
video recipes and remember to come visit me on Facebook. You never know what I might be cooking!
Until next time… Much Love!

28 comments on “How to make Cowboy Buffalo Chili ~ Ground Bison Recipe”

  1. MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

    That chili looks really delicious Tess 🙂 A "BIG" thumbs up 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  2. lemoncrinckles says:

    Although I've never had (or seen in this area) bison, this is exactly how I make chili. The only thing I add are Frito-Lay corn chips. Even on this hot, hot day, that chili looks mouth-watering! (:

  3. The Spice Of Life With Ali says:

    Oohh my!!!! this looks Divine!! never heard of Bison gonna have to buy n try gonna check our your home made sazon that sound intriguing i use it on almost all my meals n never would have though of a home made version thanks for all your videos n recipes 🙂

  4. Day with Ousumi says:

    Looks yummy 👌 great video

  5. Cecilia Cruz says:

    Hi Tess
    Your recipe seems delicious, I wish I could find some bison meat where I live. NW Ar. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I would like to ask you, for how long do you recommend to brown ground beef? Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  6. Juanelo1946 says:

    Tess, I've watched dozens of chili recipes being made, but this one has to go to the top of the list! The ground bison looked as luscious as any ground beef I've seen, without all the grease! I thought your use of sazón was amazingly creative. I've never heard of it being used in chili before but why not? Chipotle and oregano were terrific seasoning choices too! What a rich, flavorful chili! Thanks for sharing it with us my friend!

  7. jreynolds21 says:

    should have strained the kidney beans

  8. Michael's Home Cooking says:

    That looks fabulous, ver very nice! I will take 1/2 that pot for my serving 🙂
    Wegmans? Isn't that the best grocery store chain ever? I wish we had those around here.

  9. Tri says:

    Gosh, I'm vegetarian but if you were to put this in front of me I'd be seriously tempted!!! I've finally started my own channel teaching french patisserie; eclairs, macarons, tarts, croissants etc. I've just uploaded a marshmallows video, i'd love you to come and have a little look when you get a minute! Tri x

  10. OldManCooking says:

    Tess that Chili looks so good…. My mouth is watering big time…. Yum.. Thanks 🙂

  11. r harris says:

    this chili looks so incredible Tess– I would love to try some. This would be so perfect with some cornbread

  12. The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

    Oh yeah! Bison Rocks! So do you Tess! Rock On!

  13. Janine Gober says:

    This looks delicious! I'm not crazy about chipotle but I always add cumin for the smokey flavor.

  14. FitAngie says:

    That looks hearty and delicious Tess. Never tried bison before.

  15. Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) says:

    This looks wonderful, Tess.

  16. BensBQ says:

    What a great chili Tess, delicious!! 😀

  17. joed596 says:

    Hey, Tess 🙂 mmm-MMM . . . I really love chili and it's one of my very favorite comfort foods! Your take on this classic dish looks very interesting, also. 😉 ( I always used beans & tomatoes in mine, but never tried adding sugar). One of these years, I'm gonna have to try Bison . . . still keeping an eye out for it. Thanks and thumbs up as always, your more-southerly buddy, Norfolk Joe xox

  18. Tango Joe says:

    What a wonderful batch of chili Tess, excellent choice with the bison.
    There are so many ways to whip up chili and I want to try them all.

  19. Spoon Fork Heart says:

    I love this chili recipe Tess. I am going to give it a try for sure!

  20. TosTinMan EasyCooking says:

    Looks great Tess! I haven't seen bison at Walmart around here yet.

  21. Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

    I would so love to get bison easier oh man…hafta drive over an hour away for it..this was fabulous Tess! Wonderful!

  22. Rivet Gardener says:

    Delicious looking chili Tess! Love the idea of using bison, that's good meat but out-of-this-world expensive around here. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Laurice's Kitchen says:

    Woohoo! Wegmans!! We love chili here. I'll have to find the bison at our local Wegmans. And I'm gonna try this over mashed potatoes. I don't think I've ever done that before, but it sounds good!!

  24. says:

    Bison is awesome. Great chili recipe Tess. I can eat chili anytime of year. Now, I have to go learn about Sazon.

  25. Howlin' Smoke BBQ says:

    Now that is some fine chili Tess, I have made chili with about everything except bison, and now that is priority one. You showed me a few new twists while cooking and adding ingredients – thanks and a great chili cook !!! Thumbs Up

  26. Cheryl K says:

    This chili looks amazing Tess….I bet it was very tasty too..YUM YUM

  27. elrabbitsbbq says:

    great version of Cowboy chili Tess. it looks absolutely delicious. Happy New Year's! Wishing you and yours the #2017

  28. 4lottisintellect says:

    OMG that horrible voice.

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