How to Make Crab Cakes : Frying the Garlic for Crab Cakes Sauce

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Andrea
Spano and I’m going to show you how to make crab cakes from my new book Not Just Desserts.
Okay as you can see the garlic is starting to brown, I like to swirl it around a little
bit it evenly distributes the heat in the pan so everything browns altogether and you
get more consistency in our flavors and how they develop with the other ingredients. Now
as pay very particular attention to the garlic I don’t want it to brown because it does create
a more bitter flavor to you ingredients you really want to avoid that. Now my next step
when I add the cherry to it which is the cream cherry it is actually going to stop the cooking
process so I can wait until the garlic is fairly brown. I like to do things by eye because
I have done this receipt so much that I know that. I don’t like to make this to brown because
it is going to add a brown color to my sauce so I see right here that it is perfect where
I want it. I’m going to add my cream cherry, we are going to cook that off.

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