How to Make Crispy Chicken Skin

How to Make Crispy Chicken Skin. When chicken is cooked at high temperature,
fat sautes the skin, causing it to become crisp. Here are some ways to make sure you get crispy
skin. You will need Chicken Melted butter And vegetable
oil Equipment: Ovenproof skillet Browning dish Marinade (optional) Dry towel (optional)
and salt (optional). Step 1. Place a whole chicken in a pan and pour melted
butter over it. If you marinate the chicken, thoroughly dry
and salt the bird before you bake it. This will eliminate skin moisture and promote
crispiness. Step 2. Bake the chicken uncovered at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit for one hour. Step 3. Use a combination of pan-frying and roasting. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. In a large ovenproof skillet, heat 2 tablespoons
of vegetable oil over medium high heat until it shimmers. Place drumsticks and breasts in the skillet
skin side down. Cook for 5 minutes, then turn the meat over. Cook for another five minutes, and then place
the skillet in the oven for 10 minutes. Step 4. Try broiling your chicken. Place chicken thighs in a greased baking pan. Coat with melted butter, and cook in a preheated
broiler for 20 minutes, until the juices run clear, turning the chicken once occasionally
and basting it with butter and its own juices. Step 5. Place separated chicken pieces in a microwave
browning dish as another option. Add butter or oil to the preheated dish. Follow the dish manufacturer’s instructions
and brown the pieces until they are crisp. Now enjoy crispy chicken that will make you
want to lick your fingers. Did you know One of the first marketed microwave
ovens weighed over 750 pounds and sold for about $5,000.

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    @Utsukushii that's what I thougt

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    A good howcast video? Isn't this supposed to be one of the signs of the apocalypse?

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    @palexo21 popeyes!

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    @videogamenostalgia WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE NOW!!!! LOL

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    hahaha oh howcast

  6. BriaKharisma AlexanderValentine says:

    i have that microwave

  7. Ciara Ashli says:

    microwaved chicken?? can you do that???

  8. elrul says:

    naaa! too many steps and dishes to wash.. I rather pay.

  9. Nikkiela says:

    Wow o.o you put lots of butter o.o

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  11. reviewloop says:

    There is so much wrong with this, I won't even bother.

  12. Mariam Hattab says:

    how to gain a few pounds: prepare this unhealthy meal often and until you gain the desired weight

  13. 1rosiestar1 says:

    @bluecharm08F yeah your right…..

  14. 1rosiestar1 says:

    @GoGreenBitchez i have no idea ! BUT i WOULd not do it if i were you….

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  16. josephseven says:

    i'm confused

  17. 2497iscool says:

    why can't i just go to kfc?

  18. Michael Desmond says:

    Who would have known to have a chicken to have crispy chicken skin?

  19. JJAB91 says:

    @josephseven why?

  20. lennybelardo says:

    I feel like a fatass watching this video

  21. jaziel tan says:

    Microwave is a big NONO…. and Marination of chicken is a must it helps tenderize the meat and give the meat good taste. the longer you marinate the better.

  22. SamIves85 says:

    I just put chicken pieces in a large baking dish, cover the dish with foil, cook and turn occasionally til the juices run clear then GRILL the chicken pieces for a few mins on both sides. This is the best way I find.

  23. # says:

    Good video after long time

  24. Edgar Vega says:

    i forgot the chicken.. -.-

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    @haoqh gee look at all those breasts 😛

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    Oh god I'm so hungry now.

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    @rockangelxxx1 Looks pretty crispy to me. Either you are hating or you don't know much about food.

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    I have that same microwave. Got it at Target.

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    No really you needed a chicken? I thought you needed a pig! (sacasm intended) Trying to make up feel stupid Howcast?

  30. ddrfreak7714 says:

    its not saute

  31. Arm Strange says:

    11 people are vegitarians

  32. qi says:

    Step 1: Buy KFC.
    No, Scratch that. That's unhealthy.
    Step 1: Get a roasted Chicken from your local Grocery Store.
    There, much healthier.

  33. Black Rose says:

    This video make me feel hungry, off to the kitchen oops KFC

  34. Josh Lastname says:

    make chicken skin crispy? put some jordans on it

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    @pinoyryu117 lol

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    @Utsukushii exactly.

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    Skip Step #5 That would be totally disgusting!!

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    i dont have any chicken

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    no cripsy !!! WTF

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    in 1:05 she said shimmers

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    Lol where is the seasoning on that chicken smh

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    i have all the ingredients needed except chicken

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    Microwave…Ba Bye.

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    I have a pet chicken will that work.

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    White folks don't use seasoning that looks bland, stick to making porridge.

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