How to Make Crock Pot Beef Stew : Add Meat & Broth to Crock Pot Beef Stew

Hi this is Dave for Expert Village today were
going to make some crock pot beef stew. Now that all of our prep work is done it’s time
to put this thing together so what you want to do is go ahead and plug in the crock pot
I did this just a few minutes ago. You want to turn it on for this application low because
if you want to do go overnight while your sleeping maybe while your at work and you
can do that. If you want to do it a little bit high you can do that to it will cook it
quicker it’ll be more like 6-8 hours instead of 12-15 hours. Depends on what you need to
do so what you want to do now we put it on low were going to take our lid off and put
that aside so go ahead and just pour that right into the crock pot. Just like that and
what we want to do to add a more beef flavor to it were going to add some beef broth and
before we do that were going to add that great seasoning that we made earlier with all those
great flavors in there. So you can just pinch them in like that if you like or you can pour
the whole thing this is going to dispurse it as you go ahead and stir this. Try to get
it coated as much as you can all these great flavors in there you can see this and this
is a great step to take too. Now that we got the seasonings in there were
going to put in our beef broth this can beef broth you can make your own if you like it
would be great. This is full strength this is made to dilute down to half but I like
it to full strength it really brings out a lot of beef flavor all ready in here. So just
go ahead and move that around in here this is going to be a great medium for the liquid
for the crock pot for that slow cooking so I just use a whole thing in there. As you
see the liquid comes up almost to the top and then what you can do is get your tongs
or your spoon and just kind of move those down right into the liquid like that. This
is going to create a lot of steam once you put the lid back on and this is going to come
out just beautiful.

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  1. bigedkc 01 says:

    15 hrs for beef stew wow

  2. bigedkc 01 says:

    lol sux

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