How To Make Delicious Sweet Potato Chili

– [Girl in Red] Oh, I just cut myself. – [Girl in Tan] No, I don’t think so. – [Girl in Red] Oh no!
– [Girl in Tan] Yeah. (guy in cap gasping) (lighthearted violin music) – Here we have all the ingredients for our Sweet Potato Chili. If you guys want to cut
up the sweet potatoes, you’re just going to
chop them into squares. So I’m gonna hand her an onion. The onion just needs to be diced up. The recipe also calls for
three cloves of garlic, so you just chop that
up as small as possible. Now that all the veggies are chopped, basically the next thing to do is grab the cock… Oh, jeez! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – The next thing to do– – Grab the cock. – Okay. – And here it is. – [Guy] How does it work? – That’s a good question. You plug it in (laughing) and then there’s a knob on the front that you can do low, high, or warm. The first thing we’re
gonna put in the Crock-Pot is the ground turkey. – Ooh! I love ground turkey. – (laughing) And now we’re going to dump the onions and the garlic in. – Just like this? – Yeah, just like that. – It’s just like a magical hole that you throw stuff in. – It is like a magician’s hat. And now we’re going to
put in all the spices. Two tablespoons of chili powder. – So this is the key? – Cooking is all about spices. – For me, cooking’s all about hot sauce. – Frank’s hot sauce is my favorite. – Oh, that’s my favorite too. I love Frank’s. This is cumin, one teaspoon of this, a 1/2 teaspoon of dried oregano. I loosely follow the spice instructions. A lot of that stuff is just to taste. I’m not even going to measure the salt, I’m just gonna kind of do that. So now we’re gonna break up the turkey and kind of mix it all together, and make sure the spices kind of get evenly distributed. – [Guy] Looks like Spam. – What? – K loves Spam. – You like Spam?
– [K] I love Spam. – [Jordan] I’ve never had
Spam, I’m gonna be honest. – K loves Spam, so when he
says it looks like Spam, he means it looks good. So for everyone out there, it
doesn’t look like Spam at all. – The next step is to
dump in the potatoes. – Do you put juice to make it– – That’s what the tomato sauce is for. – [K] Oh! – Yeah, so we’re going to dump in this whole thing of tomato sauce. – What? – Yeah. – Ooh, I love tomato sauce. I love ketchup; I love marinara sauce. – [Jordan] I’m the same way. – But what’s tomato paste? – It’s just like thicker tomato sauce, but it’s used a lot in cooking. – And do you eat this with rice? – No, but that’s just
’cause I don’t eat rice. I just eat it by itself. Just like chili, yeah. And then we’re just gonna kinda
like mix this a little bit. So now we just close it up and we’re gonna put this one on high, and then hopefully in six hours, it will be done.
(bell rings) – [Girl in Tan] The Sweet
Potato Chili is done. – All right, let’s open it. It smells really good, by the way. – Don’t get hot steam in your face. – [Girl in Tan] It’s
like a Crock-Pot facial. It smells crazy good;
it smells really good. – All right, all right, let’s have a bite. Um good. – This is like down-home food. I can taste all the ingredients
which is pretty cool. The turkey is pretty bomb. – Cool, as a surprise– – Here are our friends. – [Everyone] Yay, friends! – (laughing) Have a bite. – Who made this? – We all did. – It tastes like something I
want to have when I’m sick. – You know what? This actually is amazing. – Something like your mom would make you, someone who loves you. – Totally a mom dish. – Cool, thank you guys
for checking out our– – Yeah, Sweet Potato Chili. Go make it yourself. – It’s so easy, we could do it. – Cool! Well, thank you for joining us, guys. – Do we have to go back in our hole? – Yeah, you have to– – (laughing) You have to
climb back under there. – Back in the cabinets. – Bye. (laughing)

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  13. vivek bankapur says:

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