How to make Egg Dumplings (Eiernockerln) – Recipe

VIENNA FOODTRIP: Egg Dumplings 150 ml milk 3 eggs Salt 300g flour 2 tbsps butter Bring salt water to boil Scrap strips of dough Quench in cold water Heat up the pan Melt butter Toss constantly Salt, nutmeg & pepper 4 scramble eggs Pour over the dumplings Cook up to 2 minutes VIENNA FOODTRIP: Egg Dumplings Discover further recipes & videos on VIENNA: Now. Forever

5 comments on “How to make Egg Dumplings (Eiernockerln) – Recipe”

  1. nehasree.s says:

    actually this is not a dumpling

  2. Mojito skurt says:

    Did… did this video just tell me.. I mean did it really, @00:40 REALLY tell me to toss constantly? :]

  3. PETMYCAT says:

    Not a Dumpling DUMBASS…

  4. jeanie gregory says:

    Easy breezy ! These can be dolupped right into the soup or cut as noodles. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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