How to Make Empanadas : Frying Empanadas

Hi on behalf of Expert Village my name is
Andrea Spano and I’m going to be showing you how to make empandas from my new book Not
Just Desserts. Now that the oil is nice and hot we are going to put in the empandas. I
like to use a sloped spoon I’m going to put this face down. This is called presentation
side that is the side that is always going to be shown and it is typically put in first.
If this was a piece of chicken it would be the same thing but we are going to put this
face down like that. Okay you see that it is sizzling. I kind of move it around a little
bit so that it initially cause that the dough doesn’t stick to the bottom so it is nice
and hot. You see that it is not sticking good. Now that I know that I would put in my second
one which I took the liberally of rolling a second one when you guys weren’t looking.
Now I’m going to put the round one this is face down okay. It doesn’t take to long because
you really don’t have to cook anything everything is cooked inside all we are doing is browning
the dough.

5 comments on “How to Make Empanadas : Frying Empanadas”

  1. nedzet says:

    Doesn't say anything about type of oil, how much is necessary, how long… that's the information we need.

  2. Sarah Korn says:

    no dough recipe???

  3. SouljaLos says:

    pretty much just told us how to put them inside the pan or pot lol. not useful at all.

  4. Logic Liker says:

    i am a male who has some empanadas that a friend gave me … how do i fry them? (duration, oil type, etc.) was hoping this video would tell me all the details i need but all it did was leave me with blue balls. thanks!

  5. steve garces says:

    This is useless

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