How to make Fried Milk/ Susu Goreng Tersimple

Hai! Welcome to my youtube channel Today I will make fried milk Fried milk usually serves in the luxurious restaurant But this time we will make home version By easy ingredient And simple way Let’s see how to make it! 500ml milk 60 gram corn flour, Condensed milk for 180 gram Condensed milk you can change it into sugar Bread crumb for the outer of the fired milk efficiently 2 eggs and Dark cooking chocolate That we will melt it later Pour the milk For a half just slow down And pour the flour Stir it Just a low heat of fire After all the ingredient mixed We put The next half of milk Set the fire bigger Stir it again We will put Condesed milk Also the half of it Stir it again Untill all mixed up Pour it again Stir it again Then, next we pour all of it Okay stir untill all mixed up Now it’s already thicken But we need to still stir it Do not let it overflow Reduce the fire When it’s already thick Almost there When the thicken process It’s spend like Around 5 until 10 minutes Untill we get this texture You guys can see the texture Almost there we still stir it Okay turn the fire off The ticken milk We put it into the container Next we put it into freezer Wait around 3 hours This is the Forzen milk And we can cut it into Pour it Fried milk ready to cut For the thickness that we cut It’s up to you I think it’s already enough We cut it long side Make it half Before it I already heat the fry pan up This is the fried milk that I already covered with bread crumb Now it’s ready to fry Now we put it into the fry pan Into the hot oil One by one We will wait untill It turns into browny Flip it when it’s already yellowish Nahhh this is the result Fried milk we can serve with Melted chocolate Enjoy ! Don’t forget to subscribe, share, like and comment Bye!

5 comments on “How to make Fried Milk/ Susu Goreng Tersimple”

  1. Ronald Zulfikar says:

    Wahh kereen nihh mamah bervo. .detail banget ngasih tau bahan2nya.makasih mamah bervo.langsung dipraktekin dirumah🙏🙏

  2. Acih 22 says:

    Wah mantap
    Jadi nau nyoba nihhh

  3. Caesar Pratama says:

    wowwww aku udah nyobaaa lhoooo…rasanya endolseeee banget dan teksturenya juga lembutttt..trimakasih mamih Bervo resep susu gorengnya…yummmmmiiiiii

  4. Ira Sugito says:

    Wah mantep , bisa langsung di coba 😊
    Makasih resepnya👍

  5. แม่บ้านไทยในออสเตรเลีย Thai housewife in Australia says:

    Yummy yummy 😋😋😋

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